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Muse Advisory is a consultancy firm that focuses on assisting SMEs in planning their future. We assist SMEs regarding how much capital they need, how to structure their company to best suit their future goals.

This year, we plan to expand our services online. This is why we are raising funds. We plan to launch a mobile application called Muse Advisory Super App. This mobile application will be useful in reviewing applications or submissions, scheduling online consultations, and sharing free resources. Our clients can also access the results of the consultation through the application after subscribing to the professional services. In the field of consultancy, consultation services are always being provided offline. The idea of providing online consultation is a new challenge to Muse Advisory but it is also an opportunity to be the first consultancy firm to provide online business consultation. 


Muse Advisory found that there are some common problems faced by SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise)

1) Not clear with their business future planning

Most of SMEs do not have a clear future plan for their business. Some of them even do not know how their business can be scaled or expanded. One of the reasons they are struggling in this problem is they are lacking knowledge about business planning.

2) Not familiar with their business corporate structure

Another problem that is commonly faced by SMEs is the owners are new on how to structure their company. The division of work among the management team in SMEs may not be clear and this will affect the working efficiency of the company.

3) No idea how to finance their company

The owners also do not know how to handle the financial problems faced by their companies. This is because most of them have not updated with the financial information such as loans updates and investors’ information.


After listing down the most common problem faced by SMEs owners, we come out with an application called Muse Advisory Super Apps.

This application can help most of the SMEs owners in the following ways:

1) Capital Budgeting Service

The SME owners can evaluate their investments or important projects before implementation to reduce cost and manpower. They can upload the documents as required to be analyzed by Muse Advisory through the mobile application.

2) Corporate Structure Management

The application will guide the SME owners to review their company structure and make restructuring if needed. Since corporate structure is vital in managing a business, this service is very helpful to the SME owners.

3) Working Capital Management

Muse Advisory also provides working capital management services. We advise SME owners in managing their companies’ assets and liabilities to coordinate with their business goals.

Products and Services

The services provided by The Muse Advisory are:

1) One-to-one consultation

The Muse Advisory provides one-to-one consultation on a company's financial health and growth.

2) Personalized business plan

We also provide personalized business plans for each client. The planning will consider all financial aspects including increasing the business’s value, generating a return on investment, finding funding sources and generating financial reports.

3) Re-evaluation on a monthly basis

After consultation and business planning, we will continuously evaluate the financial condition of the business. This service is to make sure that the personalized business planning runs smoothly and also to help the owners in solving problems faced during the whole process of implementing the business plan.

Market Size

The size of the targeted market by Muse Advisory is quite huge.

Do you know this fact?

Among all registered companies in Malaysia, 97.2% of them are SMEs. This is surprising and advantageous to us. The fact means that there are more than 1 billion SME companies in Malaysia that are targeted to be our clients.

Market Potential

After providing services to SMEs, Muse Advisory plans to expand its market to all registered companies in Malaysia. Then, it also includes the individuals between 18 to 64 years old in Malaysia in its potential market in future.

Business Model

The business model for Muse Advisory is very simple. The model involves SME owners, the Super App and Muse Advisory. The SME owners or we called clients are able to access the enquiries about the professional services provided through the Super App. After analyzing the business condition for the clients, we will proceed to have one-to-one consultation.

Why invest in us?

Here are three reasons to invest in us:

1) Easy access online

All information or enquiries about the professional services provided by Muse Advisory will be accessible 24/7 in the Super App. The only thing SMEs owners need to do is login to the Super App and they can access all the resources anytime and anywhere.

2) Free Application

The Muse Advisory Super App is free for installation and there is no extra fee in accessing the resources in the Super App. The resources in the Super App includes loans’ updates, investors’ information and other financial related knowledge.

3) Experienced team

The Muse Advisory team has more than 4 years experience in corporate finance. All of the members in the team will be prepared to serve their clients. We will utilize our knowledge, experience and resources to assist clients in business planning.


In the past 2 years, the Muse Advisory has advised more than 55 SMEs. Currently, we serve 7 new clients every month. From the feedback from these clients, all of them rated above 95% for the satisfaction of the services provided by Muse Advisory. Currently, we acquire an average of 7 new businesses every month.

Future Plan

Currently, the Muse Advisory focuses on serving SMEs owners. The first step in our future plan is expanding our services to all registered companies in Malaysia. After that, we will upgrade the Super App to cope with more data and users. This step is a preparation step for our next step in the plan which is expanding to all individuals. In the previous stage, the application served only around 1 billion users. To serve more individual users in Malaysia, the development of the application is a must to prevent any interruption in application due to overloaded users. In this step, we plan to serve every individual aged between 18 to 64 in Malaysia with personalized individual financial solutions. The financial solution can be personal financial planning which includes their life target such as buying a house or a dream car.

Marketing Strategy

We have a plan for our marketing strategy. We decided to make it a combination of offline and online.


The Muse Advisory will do advertising on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This strategy is aimed to build our brand awareness and attract clients.


The Muse Advisory plan to collaborate with our business partners and our clients to run affiliate marketing. By the recommendation of current clients or existing clients, new clients will com and there will be a discount for the referral by existing clients.

Vision & Mission
Our Team

Muse Advisory are raising RM3,000,000 in exchange for 20.00% equity.

The usage of fund is mainly structured as below:

  1. Set up (47.1%)
  2. COGS (7.0%)
  3. Operation (7.2%)
  4. Salary (14.7%)
  5. Marketing (24%)

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