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The global pandemic of COVID 19 has cast an unprecedented speed of change onto how we go about our daily life with social distancing, mask-wearing, and personal hygiene. This changing consumer behavior and stringent government regulations have created a huge impact on how a business operates. Food service businesses are one of the hardest-hit industries witnessing large scale business closure and layoffs due to depressing demand, additional investment for regulatory compliance, and limitation of dine-in, which simply makes the business model not viable anymore. On the other hand, digital food delivery services have risen to the occasion and seized on the opportunity by providing the last mile food delivery services between food outlets and consumers. 


The problem with the food delivery services is that it is confined to the operation hours of the restaurant, the concern on the food delivery hygiene practice, and the affordability of the food. The vending machine which is traditionally placed near the customer needing it, serving snacks and drinks is not able to address the working person's need for protein, calories, fiber through a proper meal. This thus presents itself as an opportunity for an innovative solution to address this demand.




Timbre Snatch A Bite Smart Vending is the solution to address this gap. Timbre’s unique vending machines with build-in microwave helps to serve hot tasty healthy meals 24 hours without any dependencies on the food outlet and kitchen. This self-service food service solution can be deployed anywhere near the demand population such as 24 hours call centers, hospitals, campus hostels, care centers and many more, serving a huge variety of chilled frozen meal from local delights, western, desserts to sushi, vegetarian and even specially designed healthy lifestyle meals.

The core values of our smart vending concept are Convenient, Safety, Assurance and Tasty. Each of this represent a very important aspect of our goals in food services which is also what our consumers today cares about. These 4 core values are our guiding principles and our in-house Research and Development goal is to better perfect our solution so we can deliver these values to our customers.




There are a few factors in our vending machine design that caters to the core value of Convenient. The most important factor is our vending machine has a built-in microwave and chilled storage that can reheat a meal in less than a minute. It also supports total cashless payments as well as innovative touchless purchase for hygiene concerns which is a novel online to offline order at the tip of the finger.

Food safety is the most important aspect when it comes to heating meals because of the demand for stringent cold chain integrity to ensure meals are delivered within the safe time zone, in a cold chain proof insulation box with temperature monitoring. The build-in microwave assures that no other items can be reheated in the oven except those that are refilled by the company thereby providing confidence to the consumer on hygiene and halal assurance.

As part of the food safety assurance program, Timbre only works with ready to eat meal (RTE) manufacturers who have attained Halal certification as well as are HACCP certified. All the meals come in the original sealed packaging and are loaded onto a microwave container box for ease of handling.

Ultimately, Timbre Smart Vending is akin to a mobile food kiosk, and the food offering is the most important aspect of this business model. In order to meet the various food safety criteria, Timbre vending is compatible with the Ready to Eat meal packaging. A Ready to Eat (RTE) meal is basically a meal that has been thoroughly cooked, assembled into a microwaveable package, sealed before going through a blast freezer process to rapidly bring the temperature to negative 20 deg Celcius for prolonged storage. RTE meal concept has been around for some time and globally the RTE demand is on the rise because of its convenience and this has attracted many food businesses to venture into this.



Timbre smart vending machine is a purposed build smart vending machine. It has a unique build-in industrial high-power microwave and a 60 pax capacity chilled compartment. The machine supports the cashless transaction and is also IoT enabled whereby it is connected to the monitoring backend via a 4G network. It can monitor the temperature, the inventory level, and also control the 32” LCD signage.





Timbre will perform preventative maintenance as well as service and repair with our maintenance crew ensuring the machines are always up.

Timbre IS IR4 Platform

One of the competitive edges for Timbre is our in-house Timbre IS IR4 platform that connects and monitors all the system components. This is a very crucial platform as a RTE meal is a temperature-sensitive product and requires tight cold chain integrity as well as a seamless replenish operation for each of the vending machines in the market. The picture below depicts the major functions of the business model that is supported by the Timbre IS platform.




Ready to Eat Meal Offerings




The origin of the modern ready to eat meal goes back to 1950s America and a food company called Swansons. Left with a huge surplus of turkey after Thanksgiving in 1953, Swansons hit upon the idea of packaging it up with all the other components of the traditional American dinner. But the stroke of genius was packing it all into the aluminum trays used to serve food by airlines. The containers acted as both baking trays to cook the frozen meal and a plate off which to eat it.


In Malaysia and South East Asia, RTE meals are gaining momentum and popularity among youngsters and busy couples who have no time to cook. This can be seen at all the major convenience store chains which now have some type of RTE meals on offer. The huge demand for RTE meals has in turn attracted more local food manufacturers to venture into RTE meals and are creating varieties of local flavors.

Timbre has the privilege of working with some of the most renowned and innovative local food manufacturers in coming up with new products designed to meet various market demands including vegetarian and low GI meals for diabetic patients.



We have 2 types of customers;

  • Consumer who purchases the food from our vending machines

  • Businesses that bought our ready to serve meal and acquired our professional catering services. 



Timbre has undertake the strategic move to develop and market in house Snatch A Bite brand for all our product and services. Timbre will become the Snatch A Bite smart vending network operator. In this model, Timbre will be able to create our brand value and develop our ideas of Snatch A Bite AI Cafe or Snatch a Bite Convenient store to tap into the growing demand of groceries and fresh produces, personal protective care.  

The second model is franchise model whereby we will be seeking regional partner that value our solution, branding and business model to undertake the franchise arrangement. Under the franchise arrangement, the machines will bear Snatch A Bite branding and regional customer will be transfer the know how to operate the machines on Timbre IR4.0 platform.  

The third model is the Strategic partner OEM arrangement where a potential customer intends to have its branding on the machine and having a requirement of more than 10 machines. Under this program, the OEM customer will enter into a 5 years auto-renewable operation supply and service agreement where Timbre will continue to supply food, replenishment, and service maintenance. 






Timbre focuses on the captive market where the food services are limited by choice and operating hours.




The ready to eat meal is conventionally available at convenient stores, petrol kiosks and hypermarkets. The consumer has to go to the store, which is typically 15 to 30 minutes of traveling time. It is therefore dependent on whether the person has suitable transport at hand and further there is no guarantee that the meal will be available as these are hot selling items.

The other more popular last mile solution is the online food delivery services where the user will place an order on a popular platform and the product is delivered by a rider. This service solves the last mile solution effectively but it comes with some disadvantages, most notably from food temperature which is a typical food safety concern, the hygiene factor of the carrying box, and lastly, it is extremely subject to the operation hours of the kitchen or food outlet concerned.

Timbre smart vending resolves all the above issues as the vending machine can be located within walking distance, serving 24 hours a day, 7 days. The build-in microwave and chilled storage ensure food is safe, stored in a chilled condition, and only reheated on demand, as well as halal assured. Using our smart mobile app, users can pre-book the meal from the vending machine.

Below is a table illustrating the various competitive parameters among the four models of food services.



In summary, Timbre smart vending has the following unique selling points as illustrated in the figure below.


Timbre Smart Vending Unique Offerings




Go to Market Strategy

The food service market has been traditionally a labor intensive industry in which aside from food quality, services also play a major role. This is especially true for a food service business that has a kitchen serving a hot meal on the spot. However during the COVID pandemic lock down, dine in restaurants have suffered the greatest casualties. 

We foresee the market post COVID will be very focus on convenience, hygiene and safety while working from home will be one of the major trend in the corporate offices. In this respect, Timbre has identified that health care industry which operates 24 hours will be our priority market. We have recently placed our first hot meal vending machine at KPJ Damansara Specialist Center and the response has been very good despite the lack of publicity due to COVID SOP restrictions. Moving forward, we would like to establish our vending outlet on all the major hospitals and clinics.  Timbre has an extensive connections with the health care chain and participated in the past the Malaysian Dietitian Association Annual Event at the Hotel Istana 2019. We believes this focus will help us to establish as the leading hot meal vending provider in the most needed work place. 








On strategy 2, Timbre has engaged key reputable establishments such as major universities and prominent investor groups to our office to demonstrate the machine and explain our healthy lifestyle vending concepts. We will continue to pursue this for our professional food services solution. 




Timbre has earmarked a potential deployment of 150 machines as our key business goal. This figure is a conservative figure in view of the large potential sites available, in particular 24 hours call service centers, hospitals, university campuses as well as factories.

The revenue is derived based on the assumption that each machine is able to serve 80 meals per day with an average price of RM8.50 per meal.

The potential success of Timbre business model is high due to the following factors

  1. Low cost of entry – the cost of the machine is much lower as compared to setting up a convenient store

  2. Scalability – the machine deployment takes only a day whereas a convenience store will take weeks to renovate. There is also the fact that our machines are unmanned compared to the need for hiring for the convenience store.

  3. Proximity– Timbre smart vending machines can be deployed very near to the target consumer base whereas the convenience store has to be in a shop lot and require a much larger space.

  4. Menu varieties – Timbre is able to offer multiple carefully selected menu catering for a wide range of audiences from Local delights, Western to Japanese, or even dessert. This helps us to keep attracting our loyal customer base and offers a rebate on the frequency of consumption with our in-house mobile app.

  5. Mobility – the machines can be easily redeployed to other sites in order to meet our target sales with minimal cost. This is not the case for convenient store investment where the sunken cost is much higher.



                                                                                        Fig 13 .  5 years business projection





The snapshot above shows that our target machines deployment on a five-year planning basis with the potential revenue. We expect the first year of operation to be in the red due to the various CAPEX investments, operating expenditures in personnel requisitions, as well as the time taken to ramp up the sales to the target volume and average selling price of each machine.

In the second year onwards, we foresee we will start to make a small profit on the back of rising volume from our 1st 30 machines deployments as well as the addition of new machines. This trend would continue as we further add the machines due to the fact that there are many underserves sites that require our machines.





As part of the business development strategy, Timbre has set a vision that we will spend our initial years in developing the Malaysian market. Additionally, we have also set our sights on the global stage where the demand for such machines is much higher. Today we are embarking on our initial fundraising series A in which we will use the fund to commercialize and speed up our deployment. We foresee that not too long in the future, we will be expanding onto another stage where we may go public or go through series B funding to help us expand to the overseas markets as well as to further develop our business intelligence with the amount of big data we gather from the initial years of operation. Our valuation as a company will grow due to the following factors that make us different from any other similar vending startup:

  1. We model our business growth on food supplies and operation service

  2. We have intellectual properties on big data which allows us to further analyze our market in bettering our services and consumer behavior

  3. We develop and license our Timbre IR4.0 platform for our own use as well as our OEM customer

  4. We develop our machine software and our market-leading unique contact-free purchase model on smart vending machines




The main purpose of the fundraising is to gather the necessary capital for commercialization. The RM1.2 Million raised will be used for the first 30 machine procurement, cold room and freezer truck which will be under the category of capital expenditure, a further RM250k will be used for the continued development of the Timbre IR4.0 platform and lastly, the remaining RM397k will be utilized for working capital for hiring the necessary operation staff.





The market of RTE hot food vending is a global demand spurred by the tech-savvy younger generation as well as the changing working culture environment. The COVID 19 pandemic has also influenced greatly the habit of eating out in restaurants amid hygiene concerns. Timbre strongly believes this huge global demand will potentially allow us to grow the business beyond our borders.

Riding on the Malaysia Halal brand, Timbre strives to work with our local RTE meal providers to be the global player in the Halal Hot Meal Vending market. While we set our vision on the global stage, we will remain practical in our approach where we will spend the initial years in perfecting our operations and expanding our business beyond the Klang Valley. At the same time, we will be actively pursuing our neighboring ASEAN market as a start where the demand for Halal food is very strong. One of the key markets is in Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. Our ultimate goal is to be the global player on the growing Halal food market which is expected to reach USD739.59 Billion by 2025 according to one of the research house reports.




Timbre is a 100% local owned startup founded by a group of technopreneurs and F&B business operators passionate in transforming food services to be efficient, safe, compliance assurance driven by Industrial 4,0 principles with our inhouse IR4.0 Digital Platform that covers machine remote management, food traceability, cold chain management, mobile loyalty, and digital advertisement.


Management team



Brian Lew, Managing Director

A trained electrical and electronics engineer who graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Brian has been involved in electronics and IT for the past 25 years having a career spanning research and development, sales and marketing, business operation, and manufacturing. He is part of the pioneer team that developed the MyKAD and Electronic Passport under IRIS Corporation. He also plays an instrumental role in developing the National Edible Nest Swiftlet Track and Trace Database and System. Brian is also currently the Director of GD Innovations, a technology startup that specializes in RFID and supply chain traceability solutions.


Bernard Gerald Reincastle, Chief Executive Officer

Bernard brings with him more than 40 years of experience in F&B, food catering services, business network local and international partners, food factories, and ingredient suppliers. One of his past assignments is as the Head of F&B at Prince Court Hospital where he lead the hospital in achieving the prestigious JCI accreditations. Bernard is a well know industrial consultant in the local and international F&B industry and founding President of the Malaysian Association of Coffee and Tea Innovations, Vice President of Malaysia Tuna Association.

Ng Kar Chai, Technical Director

Graduated as an electrical and electronic engineer, Kar Chai has been involved in software and technology development for the past 22 years serving the various public listed companies as well as the university. He is the chief architect of the vending system and its backend design. He is the key designer for the National Edible Nest Swiftlet Track and Trace Database and System.

Jimmy Loong, Business Development Director

Jimmy is a well-known industry figure in the retail F&B solution, one of the early pioneers in deploying the intelligence point of the sales system in early 2000. He is also the speaker on the property certification training for Malaysia Shopping Mall Association. Jimmy will be responsible for soliciting potential sites for our vending network.

Other key team members

Timbre organization is designed around 6 key departments where the Operation Department and Technical Development department carries the major functions in the business. The Finance and Human Resources department report directly to the managing director to serve as a check and balance. The Chief Executive Officer manages and operates the business according to the plan and budget. The Managing Director oversees the operation as well as provides guidance and leadership in areas such as technology development, funding needs and strategic collaborations.




First Snatch A Bite Hot Food Vending debut on KPJ Damansara Specialist Center Hospital

about 1 year ago by BRIAN LEW


Timbre Innovative Solutions Sdn Bhd is proud to announced that our First Snatch a Bite hot meal vending machine has been successfully deployed at KPJ Damansara Specialist Center Hospital since  early May 2021. The machine is located at the ground floor near the emergency room and has been busy serving hot meal to the visitors, staff and patients with range of local delicacies such as the popular Nasi Dagang Kelantan with Ikan Gulai and Nasi Lemak Ayam Royale amongs others. 

In the wee hours or early morning when all food outlets are closed, the machine faithfully serve the busy working staffs and visitors, and this is even more so during the MCO3.0 lock down period. The contactless purchase method introduce allows consumer to purchase the meal without the need to touch the machine as it can be done via their mobile phone. 

Timbre is very excited on the strong take off of the machine and we look forward for more deployments onto other healthcare facilities. 




New Snatch a Bite Logo

almost 2 years ago by BRIAN LEW

Timbre IS is proud to unveil new logo for Snatch A Bite branding. 

The logo represents the vision of Timbre IS in leading the transformation of food services industry with tomorrow’s industrial 4.0 and healthy lifestyle approach.

The maroon color represents the passion in pioneering tomorrow food services with industrial 4.0 and unmanned service.

The green color represents the healthy lifestyle values we uphold.

Snatch a Bite with the tag line Eat On The Go represents the convenient values in our offerings.


MOU between Timbre and RFX Innovative on OEM arrangement

almost 2 years ago by BRIAN LEW

RFX Innovative Sdn Bhd (RFX), a local incorporated bumiputra company specialised in industrial 4,0 solution marketing has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Timbre Innovative Solution on 17 Sept 2020 to acquire minimum 5 smart vending machines with OEM RFX brand from Timbre Innovative. Under the arrangement, Timbre will provide RTE meals and operation services to faciliate the vending machine replenishment, epayment, backend services and maintenance.  RFX will market the RFX branded smart hot food vending solution to domestic market under RFX brand.

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