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Education Investment is Value Investment

We now present you the opportunity to join the expansion of Translife Education into Malaysia’s leading live streaming education platform.

Translife Education was established during the Movement Control Order (MCO) when the pandemic disrupted students’ learning. Translife Education focuses on helping the apprehensive Form 4 and Form 5 students better prepare for their major exams. The positive responses from students and encouraging results achieved in the past 6 months give Translife Education the confidence to dream bigger - transform how teaching and learning have been happening for decades. Translife Education will gradually offer comprehensive online tuition classes to Malaysian students aged between 13 to 18 (Form 1 to A-Level) by combining top-notch teachers, engaging content and superior technology.

The KL-based startup generates revenue from selling subscriptions to interactive live sessions, pre-recorded learning materials and stationeries to equip students to prepare for their competitive exams each year. With a startup capital of RM1000, Translife Education has served more than 700 paid customers since May 2020 and generated over RM500k in revenue.

Translife Education’s decision to venture into this business is underpinned by strong market demand, meaningful market size, industry’s evergreen nature, and significant market gap.

The potential success of Translife Education is due to the following merits:

Right Thing

Venturing into the education business is not just the right thing to do; it is also smart economics. Education can put people on a path towards good health, empowerment and employment. It can help to build more peaceful societies.

Translife Education is conducting the classes in an interactive manner using the live streaming method, which is superior to other online learning methods.  

Right Time

The online education sector is of positive relevance during this crisis. At its peak in mid-April, the virus caused nationwide school closures in 190 countries, impacting 90% of total enrolled learners, or almost 1.6 billion people globally. Online learning has since been brought to the forefront, helping students, parents and teachers experience and understand its value. That’s been a significant learning curve for students, parents and teachers moving their teaching online. But it is also been a boon for one of the world’s fastest-growing industries: education technology (EdTech).

Right Place

EdTech has been proven feasible and highly lucrative in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and India. We foresee Malaysia, an untapped market, to catch up and grow exponentially soon.

Right Strategies

Translife Education will implement concrete growth strategies involving digital marketing and KOL marketing.

As Translife Education’s main objective is to improve Malaysian students’ academic performance – rather than just eyeing huge profits, they will direct the efforts towards working with parents and teachers to create the best learning experience for each student.

As a matter of fact, all lessons on Translife Education are FOC (free of charge) for all orphanages and OKU students in Malaysia.

Right People

The founder and CEO of Translife Education, Aery Goh, is a successful serial entrepreneur who runs the largest translation company in Malaysia. Being a top academic achiever who scored 11A’s in the SPM and was offered a full scholarship by the Japanese government to study psychology at Tokyo University, Aery Goh understands the education system’s multiple inefficiencies. After thorough consideration, Aery was determined to do something about it.

Aery then convened a competent operation team, 13 reputable teachers and 1 advisor with vital track records in digital marketing and high familiarity with the Malaysian education system to execute the game plan and deliver the desired results.

Bright Future Prospects

Translife Education will use the fresh capital to broaden their product offerings, acquire more customers and gather valuable customer information while keeping the team as lean as possible. If Translate Education starts establishing the brand name and expanding aggressively, they stand an excellent chance to become the leading live streaming education platform in Malaysia.


Pain Point #1: COVID-19 Poses Health Risks

COVID-19 is not just a test of health systems; it attacks the way children access education. Parents dare not send their kids to physical classes as COVID-19 mutates and becomes more dangerous by the day. Parents do not know if their children practice physical distancing and other safety measures. Moreover, the classroom's small size is not suitable for practicing social distancing measures. Driving students to and fro tuition classes becomes a risky and tiring activity.

Five schools in Kedah were ordered to close with immediate effect until Aug 29 in an effort to contain the Sivagangga cluster which recorded 11 new cases today. The schools will be closed for 14 days for a quarantine period, and another 14 days for an observation period. All teaching and learning activities will instead be done online using modules.

-- Malay Mail (2 August 2020)

"I would feel extremely nervous and anxious for my child's safety and health at school and also the risk that my child might bring the virus to the family and infect everyone."

— Raymus Yu Wing Fatt, father of 2 children, New Straits Times (21 May 2020)

Pain Point #2: Exams Are Still Relevant, Alternatives to Learning In Demand

Despite the safety concerns, parents are still worried about their children's exam results. In Malaysia, examination scores remain central in assessing school students' learning progress and indicate their prospects. Having good results, especially in SPM, is crucial because it will help the students secure a spot in colleges or get a scholarship.

Examinations may be stressful, but they are not all that bad. Studying and sitting for exams deepen the learning process. It is said that it is comparable to exercising. When a person exercises, the muscles in use grow stronger. When sitting for an exam, the process of searching through one's memory to retrieve the relevant information strengthens the memory pathway. Rather than passively reading, students need to form critical questions and knit their knowledge into appropriate, logical answers.

Many conventional brick-and-mortar tuition centers are slow to adapt to the online teaching method and affect their teaching quality. Some tuition centers completely closed down, leaving students stranded.

"I really have a lot of admin work. We have to send out worksheets and follow up with calls to the parents. What is your arrangement? What is your alternate method? Every parent is asking."

– Tuition center owner who would like to remain anonymous

Pain Point #3: Inherent Weakness of the Traditional Education System

Most schools had been focusing on getting more students to score straight As in major exams. Extra focus was given to those students who showed potential in scoring for exams. Students who performed well during exams were grouped in a class and taught by more experienced teachers while the rest were usually left behind, sometimes coping on their own. As a result, students who are slower in learning academically tend to enter into a vicious cycle.

Besides, the students' learning experience is affected by the disadvantages of a traditional classroom environment,

  1. Lack of attention from the teacher, or poor teaching in general
  2. Uncomfortable classroom furniture
  3. Inappropriate temperature
  4. Poor sound insulation
  5. Distraction from other students


The Life-Transforming Solution

Translife Education enables live interactive learning between a teacher and one’s students. Teachers on Translife Education use two-way audio, video and whiteboard tools, allowing students to see, hear and interact with the teacher in real-time.

By going online entirely, Translife Education can achieve significant economies of scale and higher profit margins. They then channel their profits into developing their better-quality in-house digital solutions, which add massive value to parents, students and conventional tuition centers.

Unprecedented Convenience and Peace of Mind for Parents:
Ample time could be saved as there is no need to rush from place to place and fewer reasons for students to miss a class.

Engaging Content and Teaching Methodology for Students of the 21st Century:
Students appreciate the flexibility to absorb knowledge in the comfort of their homes. Based on Translife Education’s observation, students who are usually shy are more proactive in asking questions during the live-streamed classes. Moreover, it can also be a very cost-effective way to do revision.

Turning Competitions Into Collaborations:
Conventional tuition centers that are not interested in continuing their business but have the parents’ and students’ database can become long- term affiliates of Translife Education.



Translife Education is selling SPM subject classes at RM60-100 per subject. There are bundle packages of 3 subjects and 5 subjects. If customers need to customize their own subjects, they can contact Translife Education via WhatsApp.

Currently, there are 13 teachers providing classes to 20 classes on the platform. (To copy and paste teachers’ profiles from the website)

Besides, Translife Education also sells reference books, stationeries, past year exam papers and unique pre-recorded content (eg. Tips by Straight A’s Student).

Launch of Online Language Lessons (the Real Differentiator!)
During end of October 2020, Translife Education successfully launched its online language lessons. The first 3 language lessons available on the platform are Japanese, Korean and English.

Translife Education stands to benefit from its founder, Aery Goh’s translation business (Malaysia’s no.1 translation company) with close ties to many foreign language specialists. Aery has onboarded the native teachers to teach so students get to learn from native speakers.


Translife Education expects the number of classes and teachers to double in 2021 once they offer classes to all secondary school students from Form 1 to A-Level.

Besides, there will be a broader range of reference books, stationeries and pre-recorded content to enrich the students’ learning journey.

In the near future, Translife Education would offer more customised online tutoring services to students with various needs. By then, the current batch of students who would be studying elite universities can become the part-time young tutors for the business segment.

Translife Education will also gradually make more language lessons available in 2021.


Committing to Quality Control
One of the critical success factors of running an education business is quality control. Every teacher has their preferred teaching style and personal charisma, which can be subjective in students’ eyes. Besides, the teachers are tasked with clarifying the students’ doubts on specific topics.

To prevent the teachers from becoming overwhelmed and ensure maximum customer satisfaction level, Translife Education has the following healthy support system in place:

  • There is administrative staff helping the teachers to manage the tedious paperwork and keep the teaching materials up-to-date before the teachers review and use them in the class. 
  • There is customer service staff equipped with the FAQ sheet to handle the parents or students’ general queries. 
  • Every class’s content is structured and vetted by education industry experts regularly to cover the essential topics and meet the learning objectives. 
  • Discerning customers can alert Translife Education to any decline in quality through online feedback forms. Internal discussions will be held among the top management team, HR staff and the teacher to discover the root cause and solve the problems at the soonest. 
  • There is a dedicated IT staff who works relentlessly and provides on-demand technical support to ensure the smoothest webinar experience for both the teachers and students. 


  • Over 22k Facebook followers, 860k post engagements and 25k post shares within 6 months (from May 2020 to Oct 2020)
  • Organized 2 online SPM talks with 17k and 13k student participants respectively, making them the largest online talks for SPM candidates in Malaysia
  • Organized a Form 4 revision seminar with 2.5k student participants
  • Total Paid Students (Accumulative)
    • June 2020: 543
    • July 2020: 523
    • Aug 2020: 720
    • Sep 2020: 722
    • Oct 2020: 673
    • Nov 2020: 639
  • Monthly Revenue:
    • June 2020: RM 100,528
    • July 2020: RM 104,309
    • Aug 2020: RM 102,735
    • Sep 2020: RM 106,965
    • Oct 2020: RM106,430
    • Nov 2020: RM97,046

Collaboration with Key Industry Players and the Education Ministry
Since Translife Education’s business sustainability and growth depends on having a sizable customer base, they will embark on strategic partnerships to take advantage of the collaboration partners’ massive databases and established marketing channels. Besides, working with renowned brands will increase Translife Education’s visibility and credibility in the public’s eyes, making the public even more likely to recommend Translife Education.

  • Collaboration with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka to co-organize Kuiz Cakna Bahasa, a weekly live quiz program for secondary school students to improve their Malay language 
  • Sponsored by a Telco company, Digi, to promote online learning among secondary school students 
  • Sponsored by a book publisher, Ilmu Bakti, to promote reference books among students 
  • Sponsored by tertiary studies consultancy firms, SCS Education and Edulink, to encourage further studies in local universities and colleges
  • Collaboration with SCS Education to organize the first-ever online SPM seminar and education fair 
  • In discussion with Minister and Deputy Minister of Education Malaysia on providing quality education for all Malaysians


Move Upstream with Book Publishing License
Translife Education already has a book publishing license. They will leverage their familiarity with the Malaysian syllabus to publish reference books for Malaysian students nationwide. The book publishing segment will further increase Translife Education’s customer leads, profit margin and brand value.



Translife Education’s customers are government secondary school parents and students of all races. This is a market with long customer lifetime value (if a student attends classes with Translife from Form 1 through A-Level).

Translife Education is confident that its comprehensive products and services will attract parents and students who want convenience, high standards, and value for money.



Translife Education generates revenue from selling subscriptions to interactive live sessions, pre-recorded learning materials and stationeries to equip students to prepare for their competitive exams each year.

Asset-Light Business Model Leaves Investors with Little to Lose 

Like other education technology startups, Translife Education’s business owns relatively few capital assets, thus giving us greater flexibility, lower profit volatility, more savings, and better returns on investments. Without needing to worry about disposing of irrelevant assets, Translife Education has more freedom to adjust their business model to adapt to market demand and user feedback. 

Every Teacher Shares 50% of the Tuition Fees

Share the wealth. It’s a simple phrase, but it means so much. Translife Education lets all teachers share in the company’s success, knowing that they would pay back that investment with greater loyalty, higher work satisfaction, and expanded creative energy.


Meaningful Market Size and Evergreen Industry

Translife Education’s business is backed by a steadily increasing demand from secondary school students as they require firm support in their education.

Based on the Ministry of Education statistics as of 31st July 2020, there are 2,440 secondary schools with 2,037,433 secondary school students. If we conservatively assume one student registering one subject each, capturing a mere 1% market share would translate into monthly revenue of:

20,000 students x RM60/ month = RM1.2mil/ month

Learning Goes On by Going Remote Across Asia

Through the crisis, millions of students across Asia have been learning and studying using new collaborative digital tools and resources on a massive scale.

According to Microsoft, 2.5 million students and 200,000 teachers in Taiwan have kept up with their school lessons via Microsoft Teams. Education ministries in Malaysia and the Philippines have also turned Teams to conduct training sessions and share information with thousands of teachers who have made the rapid transition to remote lessons. In South Korea, Microsoft Azure helped authorities expand the country’s remote learning capacity by 500 times within two weeks so that more than 3 million students could access its online resources.

Hong Kong switched to online remote learning within days after the territory’s students were ordered to stay home. Its teachers conducted lessons in empty classrooms via their laptops while students remained safe in lockdown, watching, listening, interacting, and learning on their devices.

As seen above, the level of e-learning adoption will continue to rise with the government’s support. Translife Education’s business is built on the unwavering belief that online education is the future.

Utilization of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Boosts Students’ Learning

According to a research conducted by the Faculty of Education, University Malaya, students showed self-directed learning values when they used ICT to support their learning. ICT usage can enhance students’ innovative and creative skills in dealing with their daily task as a school student. The finding of this study also discovered the same phenomena. The students used ICT tools such as computer and the internet to bolster up their learning. ICT utilization helps students figure out the way to learn something they are interested in.

In another research conducted by the Faculty of Languages and Communication, University Sultan Zainal Abidin, students revealed that e-learning helped them to promote their computer skills and motivated them to learn better because it supported them with better opportunities to use different technological tools to conduct research, obtain knowledge and to interact more effectively with their peers and teachers.

Institutional Investors value EdTech's Proven-Lucrative Business Model

Vedantu raised USD42mil in August 2019 to expand its live and interactive online tutoring platform. There are currently more than 1.5 million students consuming free educational videos on Vedantu each month, of which 30,000 are paying subscribers, translating into annual revenue of USD219mil.

Another Indian education technology unicorn Byju's has raised USD500 million in a fresh round of funding led by US-based private equity company Silver Lake. The latest round pushed the valuation of the online education company to $10.8 billion. As of May 2020, Byju has over 3.5mil paid customers and generated USD370mil in the financial year ending March 2020.

In February 2020, Snapask Inc, a Hong Kong-based operator of an online learning platform that offers tutoring services, received a US$35 million Series B funding from investors led by Asia Partner (a Singapore-based private equity firm) and Intervest (a South Korea-based fund). The company now has over 3 million users and 350,000 tutors and annual revenue of USD6.2mil.



On top of the physical tuition classes nationwide, a quick google search with the keywords “Malaysia Online Tuition” will show us around 10 websites that promise quality tuition classes by qualified tutors. However, on a deeper look, the websites are marketplaces of private tutors. They act as the facilitators or agents who take a cut from every transaction in the marketplace. Besides, with limited customer reviews, it is hard to assess the tutors’ quality or decide from the long list of tutors who come from all walks of life.

This makes Translife Education the only live streaming education provider that

  • Handpicks some of the best teachers in Malaysia
  • Sells the classes to customers directly
  • Conducts classes in a live webinar setting
  • Closely monitors the quality of every class
  • Provides strong support to every teacher
  • Manages the elite group community
  • Invests in own digital infrastructure

More competition is expected in the future, but the pie is big enough. Translife Education, being the first mover, is poised to grab the lion’s share due to Translife Education’s unfair advantages and unparalleled business development, branding, and digital marketing capabilities.



To transform the remote teaching and learning experience in Malaysia by leveraging superior technology with worthy content and proficient teachers.



We are raising a maximum of RM3m for 11.77% equity at a pre money valuation of RM22.5m - The funds will be utilised as follows:



Vince Tan

Vince Tan is the Investor and Advisor of Translife Education. He is known to be the leading authority in Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship. Vince is the founder of Shock Media Studio, one of Malaysia’s fastest growing digital agencies. While scaling Shock Media Studio up, Vince also launched other notable start-ups, such as eduPOW. eduPOW was built to help people to pursue their dreams by learning what they love today. More recently, Vince ventured into fashion with Oxwhite, a lifestyle brand; and education with World Masterclass, which organises workshops for entrepreneurs.

Vince believes entrepreneurship is the best way to make a sustainable, massive, positive impact to the society. With his great 18 years digital marketing experience, he will be an influential figure to Aery and the management team as Translife Education continues to embark their expansion journey.



Aery Goh, Founder & CEO

Translife Education is Aery Goh’s brainchild. Education is something that is close to Aery’s heart. It is Aery’s passion and burning desire to transform the way knowledge is transferred to impact as many students and parents as possible. Having grown his translation business into the leading translation company in Malaysia with sustainable demand and defensible moat, Aery is ready to commit to Translife Education for the next decade.

As the Founder and CEO, Aery sets the overarching vision of the company and leads the entire company towards achieving them. He regularly assesses the work of other core team members, so Translife Education is operating efficiently. At the same time, he maintains awareness of the competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities and industry developments to stay ahead of the game. Aery also identifies risks to the company and ensures they are monitored and minimized. Besides, Aery communicates with all collaboration partners transparently. Aery ensures that the company maintains high social responsibility.



Regina Khoo, Finance Manager
Regina is in charge of developing a comprehensive financial reporting system to support decision-making and performance review. She will also set the company budget, prepare management reports, and create business projections. Regina has 10 years of finance experience in her family business. Her knowledge will enable her to successfully manage Translife Education’s finances and in turn realize the company vision in the future.


Sunny Chong, Business Development Manager
Sunny Chong possesses a real knack for building rapport with parents, students, collaboration partners and the public. She is responsible for Translife Education’s sales growth and market expansion due to her ability to build win-win relationships. She is also one of Translife Education’s most dedicated and loyal team members, having served the Translife Group for 3 years.


Evelyn Goh, Event Manager
Translife Education’s explosive growth over the last few months was largely due to our virtual events. The interactive, well-run events are indispensable when it comes to maintaining Translife Education’s good reputation. Evelyn is the detailed-oriented event manager who makes sure all Translife Education events are memorable to the attendees.


Wendy Tiew, Operation Executive
Wendy, a superb multi-tasker, implements SOPs and figures out effective methods to accomplish Translife Education’s objectives. She is a diligent and dependable team player who is instrumental in facilitating the company’s daily administrative tasks and solid expansion to the whole Malaysia. Translife Education’s business operation has been running smoothly due to her skill in planning and execution.


Xena Ku, Customer Service Executive
Xena provides excellent customer service to every single customer to maintain maximum customer satisfaction towards all classes and products. She is a gifted communicator who can easily explain processes and solve customers’ problems step by step.


William Khoo, Community Builder 
William is helping Translife Education facilitate their community’s healthy interactions in order to thrive together. William is an advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from Brickfields Asia College.


Siti Syahirah, Creative Designer
Siti develops optimal creative strategies for Translife Education by translating the grand vision into attractive graphics and catchy taglines. She also manages Translife’s Education social media channels to increase the company’s followers.



Aery Goh, the founder of Translife Education, was featured on Sin Chew Daily, TEDx Petaling Street and MalaysiaKini to share his experience in navigating the business amidst the pandemic.

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