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Who are we? Tripviss is the “Travel Experts On Demand Service” platform for global travellers to connect to the local travel experts to plan a holiday. It’s a travel platform where travellers can 'Discovery, 'Personalise' and 'Book' holidays directly with our hand-picked selection of outstanding travel experts worldwide. No intermediaries, curated travel advice, hassle-free, convenient and 24 hours on call! For many, travel planning has become a painful experience; spending countless hours researching online and are left with too many uncertain choices. According to research done by Expedia, a person visits 38 different sites and spends more than 10 hours to plan a holiday! Tripviss is a dedicated travel platform connects you directly with local travel experts which not only saves you time and money but it also puts you in contact with the right people who know your holiday destination best. So now with Tripviss, sit back and relax, travel experts will do the travel and accommodation arrangements and set forth a well-planned itinerary to provide you a worry-free holiday. Vision To improve each country’s tourism access and optimise human capital. Mission To enable true travel experts to offer outstanding trips to a worldwide audience. Our mission is to bring a worldwide audience to the true travel experts. For us, the true travel experts are those that build extraordinary itineraries for their clients, informed by a deep knowledge and passion for the country they’re selling. We want to level the playing field between these smaller businesses and large, international tour operators by giving them the tools to effectively plan, publish and sell their trips to clients without intermediaries. We want to keep prices down, keep profit where it belongs, and avoid middlemen that hinder access to our true travel experts’ unrivalled pool of knowledge. How it works for Travellers Travellers submit a travel request and the request will be automatically forwarded to multiple 'Most Qualified' travel experts from the 'Local' for quotation! Multiple local travel experts will bid for you and to work out a perfect travel plan, based on your travel references, with quotation within 48. Why travellers choose Tripviss * The seamless way of personalising a holiday in seconds with the help of local travel experts. One request, Multiple quotations! Ease of compare and choose the best tour. Travellers get the well-planned itinerary exactly of how they wish to travel. * We provide ‘Discovery feature’ (10,000+ attractions & activities worldwide) for travellers to discover and plan their holiday easily at one place without the need of researching from fragmented sources. People are now looking for hidden gems to visit and unique activities to experience; Here - Tripviss is the right travel platform for you to discover, so you can get the most memorable experience of a lifetime on earth. * Travellers save about 30% in costs compared to purchasing their ready-made tours & personalised tours from local outbound travel agencies. * We provides ‘Best Price Guarantee’ to travellers. We will refund the price differences if the same tour from the particular travel agency are found cheaper at any other channels both online and offline. * We do the hard work of researching local tour providers, to guarantee that they are the best-of-the-best agencies in the world for our customers to plan their holidays with. Travellers can directly connect and communicate with the right local travel experts - no intermediaries and more curated travel advice. * Travellers don’t need to make wire transfers to local agencies around the world, but instead can pay by credit card without any hidden costs. Why travel agencies choose Tripviss * Local agencies receive quality leads with ZERO effort, no time & cost involved. * We help local agencies build brand awareness by displaying their brand logo on its dedicated profile with detail company background. We also help them to build customers database for FREE through social media & website integration at Tripviss platform. * We enable them to sell directly to the travellers, which then enables them to have a higher profit margin. * Local agencies are not able to compete with the marketing of global tour operators, while tripviss.com can compete with them. By partnering with us, we allow local agencies to focus on what they do the best, organising memorable trips, while we make sure our customers find them. * Local agencies have no risk of signing up. Once they pass our extensive quality check, we enable them to publish trips on our platform and receive quality leads for free. Cost to an agency is applicable only when a sale happens. There is a whole world to discover, now it's all within everyone's reach with Tripviss. If you love travelling, join us now to build a travel platform by travellers for travellers!

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