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U-Me Production Sdn Bhd is a Halal Certified Centralised Kitchen and Procurement for F&B café.  It prepares semi processed food so that cafés can prepare food in their kitchens easily, conveniently and fast.  It intends to expand its business segments into frozen food, ready to eat meal and ready to cook meal for convenience stores taken into account this pandemic.

U-Me also intends to develop an integrated operations system with App technology for supply chain management systems connecting consumers to convenience stores through U-Me.

U-Me's  vision is to become a Halal Hub for all kind of packaged food catering for the Malaysian tastebuds.  



Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic which has changed consumers’ habits as more of decide to eat at home with the movement control order (“MCO”) imposed by the Government.  There is also the rising of people to work from home in the world.

According to a study conducted by Nielsen, the trend will continue once the pandemic passes, potentially reshaping food service. Eating at home will remain the new reality for consumers post COVID-19.  The rising demand for healthy and tasty food towards convenience foods as they require less time and effort to prepare.



Ume foresees the opportunities in halal frozen food business whereby ready-to-eat packaged food, ready-to-cook packaged food have become more convenient for the majority of people especially in the urban area. Ume supplies both frozen food and room temperature ready meals.  Our ready meals are stored in room temperature and can be ordered online and delivered without cold chain infrastructure. 




We are providing 4 types of products and logistics services:

  • READY TO COOK - marinated food with sauce with side dishes ... that you may fry or grill it before eating
  • READY TO EAT - simple get ready the ingredients in one packet purposes
  • Frozen Food - raw material for food preparation
  • Logistics - in order to serve the freshness and just in time solution retailer and customer we provide our logistics service.



UME's processing factory


The founder & CEO of UME, Mr Jason Ng is an experienced businessman with a representable track record. Jason established Station One Cafe Franchise in 2003, which grew to 50 outlets during its peak time. At the moment, he owns the restaurant brands One De Land and Chicking and Hakata. 

UME's existing core business is the delivery of frozen food to restaurants and cafes throughout Malaysia.

It utilises 13 temperature-controlled delivery trucks to deliver to approx. 50 regular customers peninsular-wide. Part of the business is the packaging process at the source. 

The no. of products delivered per month regularly exceeds 100 SKU. UME is operational since 2004 and became a well-established brand name in the sector of frozen-food delivery.  The intended business expansion will serve convenience stores like 7-11 and Family Mart besides the restaurants.

Additionally, UME plans to build their own logistics system with a holistic stock replenishment order system, which even connects to auto-invoicing.  In order to achieve the ambitious growth and expansion, UME has contracted Ng Su Kong as an advisor with strong connection to the franchise convenience store business. He has past professional work experience at Berjaya, McDonald's, 7-11, GAB and others.

  • Ume is incorporated since 2004 with quality management team, cooking facilities and equipment, home made recipe, logistics trucks that supply to many well known café and food catering.
  • With the experience in managing the quality of the products and taste buds, Ume designed series of products for the large market.
  • Ume has strong marketing team for designing and developing the market.
  • Ume also has team up with convenience stores for the products.


  • End Consumer - Family or young individual
  • Grocery - Convinience store, Mini markets 
  • F&B retails - supplying raw material and ingrediants 

Our business model is mainly an intergrated product supply chain

  • F&B hub - as a foods pre processing and provide a hyginate and fress to Malaysia F&B retailer
  • Halal Food hub - is a halal friendly foods by the official halal certification 
  • Ecommerce Online ordering / APP - this is one of the option to direct shoppe online
  • Supply Chain Channel Markting - with the backend system able to track and trace the products movement
  • Logistics - Provided a direct product delivery service  
  • The ready meal segment is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period in the frozen food market.
  • Factors such as changing lifestyles and increasing population of working women are driving the growth of ready meal frozen food, globally.  In viewing for Europe and USA, the market size is growing 10% every year.
  • Back to Malaysia, this segment is just a start-up. The frozen food industry in Malaysia is forecasted to expand at a CAGR of more than 10% for the next five years. 
  • Leading player Kawan Food Mfg Sdn Bhd introduced ready meals back in 1980’s and export to the whole world.  Adabi ready to eat canned food is very popular.
  • Ready to eat meal also available in Family Mart, my news.com with variety and suitable for all Malaysian.
  • Many restaurants also start their own household frozen food for online delivery.

UME is looking for funding with the minimum target of RM 1,000,000 and with the maximum target of RM3,000,000 through this ECF round.

The funding will be used as illustrated below.

UME Milestone and exit plan


Our VISION is to become the recognized food solution provider. We will delight our Customers with products and  services of uncompromising quality, great taste and value, and are easily within their reach.


The founder, Mr Ng Chve Poh is a well known brand builder for the established Station One Leisure Café in 2003 and it has since been well recognized as one of the leading café chains in Malaysia. Under Jason’s leadership, the Group has grown significantly over more than 15 years and now owns, manages and franchises for few brands like Station One, OneDeLand, Chicking, Hakata.

An early investor is Mr Lok Kok Khong, who is Venture Capitalist



JASON NG  - CEO & Found of the group
•Built/ owned/ operated more than 100 F&B outlets with multiple brands and segments to date.
•Highly recognised for his foresight and keen business acumen. He is an established and well-respected leader in the F&B industry.
•With sharp business acumen and a passion for revolutionizing the food and beverage industry, Jason has further created a positive image for Malaysia as a destination on the world gourmet map.

Jason established Station One Leisure Café in 2003 and it has since been well recognized as one of the leading café chains in Malaysia. Under Jason’s leadership, the Group has grown significantly over more than 15 years and now owns, manages and franchises for few brands like Station One, OneDeLand Chicking. In recognition of his success, he has received several accolades.


Ivy Yong - CFO CA(M)
•Who is a Chartered Accountant (CA), member of Malaysia Institute of Accountant (MIA). With her background as a hand-on personality, she had experience in due diligence, M&A, setup SOP, setup E-commerce and ERP system, consolidated accounts, corporate restructure, tax planning, franchise system, retail management, fund raising and cross border experience for Asia Pacific.
She started her career in Hong Leong Group after graduation.   She had held the position as CFO with few well known retail companies for more than 10 years.


Francis Lim - Group Executive Chef
•Knowledgeable F&B with over 15 years’ experience in multiple F&B brands local and international operations manager and  executive chef.
•Experience in Food & Beverage Processing establishments and Research and Development,  Managing outlets, Create Menu Recipe, SOP & Costing.

Ng Su Onn - Advisor

• Former Managing Director of
7-Eleven Malaysia and Executive Vice-President of McDonald’s Malaysia
•2009 - Berjaya Retail BHD
•2007 - 7-Eleven Inc
•2011 - Berjaya Assets BHD
•1995 - Mcdonald
•1991 - Guinness Anchor BHD


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