Changing Malaysians' Diet with Every Bowl We Serve



Cauli & Rice is both an online and offline restaurant that uses food, technology and data to solve a pressing issue in Malaysia – an obese nation, with our Cauliflower Rice. We are the 1st and only business in Malaysia that specialises in preparing and retailing cauliflower rice in Malaysia with Malaysian flavours since 2020.

Our business model is scalable that harnesses the power of technology and digitalisation to offer meals that not only do good for the society, taste good, but at the same time maximise productivity and efficiency of both our physical assets and human capital with 2 other in-house virtual brands.

Our company is currently at a growth stage :

  • Quality Sales CAGR at 55% in 2020 – 2022E
  • Served nearly 40,000 bowls/year vs 15,000 bowls/year before
  • Above average repeat ordering rate at 29% vs industry average of 24.5%

We are excited to offer an opportunity to investors and customers who share the same vision as us, who believes in both healthier physical and mental living is the way to go and to be part of our growth story. We are seeking to raise RM1.5mn in exchange of 12.5% of our company’s equity. We seek to use the investment to expand our geographical footprint so that we can be part of the solution to reverse the obesity trend in Malaysia, 1 bowl at a time.

  • Minimum investment of RM2,100/block with 40 shares
  • Valuation of RM10.5mn - 50% discount to EBITDA multiple valuation at RM20.8mn and 25% discount to our intrinsic value of RM14.1mn as valued by Equidam

Schedule to speak privately via Google Meet or face to face with our CEO & co-founder, Kenneth Lai directly if there are further questions.




There are 3 pressing problems that we are looking to solve :

Problem No. 1

Our nation is fat - Exessive sugar intake is taking a toll on our nation's health. There are more than 50% of Malaysian adults that are obese and obesity has reached an 'alarming level', as warned by Ministry of Health in March 2022. When a nation is unhealthy, it increase the healthcare bill the government is footing on the rakyat through various forms of expenditure and subsidies. Source : TheStar

Problem No. 2

Traditional F&B restaurant has high risk - Social media helps, but huge investment cost and underutilisation of assets and human capital is a common issue faced by business owners. 

Problem No. 3

Malaysian food identity is little known internationally. Malaysia has extremely good flavours but the flavour identity is incomparable to Thailand, South Korea or India, for example. There is so much potential but the pride and identity to Malaysian flavours can be made stronger internationally. 












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