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  • Virtual Level Up Sdn. Bhd. which organizes all kinds of virtual events on behalf of corporations and consumers worldwide. We specialize in minimizing costs, effort, and health risks while maximizing outreach and engagement.
  • We support clients through all steps of the process, from the initial consultation to the post-mortem. We will be especially helpful when it comes to targeted marketing as we can leverage our extensive database (from our founder’s network of companies) to achieve high conversion rates.
  • Virtual Level Up differs from other event planning businesses in that we exclusively focus on virtual events, making us specialists who are better qualified to solve clients’ problems compared to conventional event planners with little related expertise. With the exception of content preparation, which is our clients’ sole responsibility, we take care of everything, including marketing, upselling, and participant feedback analysis.
  • Within the last few months, we have organized events involving more than 30,000 participants on a lean staff of only 2 permanent employees, earning over RM1.1 million in revenue and around RM750k in profits. We expect to be organizing one event per week within the next 6-12 months.
  • Our journey to success will be led by our founder Vince, a savvy entrepreneur who has founded many companies over the last two decades, which are still active and profitable to this day. He also possesses an extensive network of international business contacts who will be responsible for funneling clients and event participants our way.
  • We are confident about our future as the pandemic-induced boom in virtual events is projected to last throughout the decade. Market researchers have predicted that the industry will grow at a CAGR of over 20% from 2020-2027, with the Asia-Pacific region forecast to record the fastest growth.
  • Our success will raise the bar for not only virtual events, but also events in general. In turn, our peers will be forced to innovate and improve to compete with us, resulting in better service for all clients and event participants. With this in mind, I cordially invite you to join my quest to transform this industry for the better now, to enjoy a higher standard of service in the future.


The Covid-19 pandemic, which began spreading in early 2020 and still shows no signs of subsiding, has definitely upended our lives in many ways. For one, fear of contracting the virus has convinced large population to minimize social contact – they cut down on grocery visits, cancel birthday parties, and think twice about eating out. This abundance of caution has been disastrous for the business community, which has been forced to postpone corporate meetings, industry conferences, and trade exhibitions to protect their staff and stakeholders. With no other choice, many companies have been moving events online to keep operations running as smoothly as possible.

While virtual events are unquestionably the better choice for current times, most conventional event planners are not equipped with the right skills to handle virtual events. For example, organizing a virtual event involves implementing digital privacy and security protocols to protect sensitive data from malicious third parties – an area a typical event planning company would have no experience in.


High Costs for Physical Event Organisers and Attendees Alike. Among other expenses, renting a venue, securing catering services, purchasing items for goody bags, and printing handout materials all contribute to the substantial cost of organising a conventional event – a sum that can easily run into hundreds of thousands, if not millions. For paid events, the high costs are then passed on to attendees in the form of expensive ticket fees, deterring budget-conscious potential participants who may balk at spending their hard-earned cash on pricey travel and event tickets.

Limited Pool of Participants. Due to two main factors – the fixed size of the venue and the time and expense associated with travelling to an event – attendance at in-person events is usually limited to participants who can afford the ticket and travel expenses, do not mind spending time on travel, and sign up early before space runs out. Many would-be attendees who do not fulfill all three of these criteria never make it to the event, representing a missed opportunity for event organizers to influence potential leads.

Covid-19 Has Revealed Conventional Events to be Infection Hotspots

Using real-world examples such as business meetings, funerals, and religious ceremonies, a June 2020 article on Scientific American magazine has noted that large gatherings of people create the perfect conditions for infections to spread. Understandably, 87% of event professionals have cancelled events to prevent further transmission, with 66% postponing events indefinitely until the virus is under control. However, with the director of the World Health Organisation expecting the pandemic to rage on for around two more years, corporations desperately need a platform to reach out to stakeholders.



We are stepping in to fill the massive gap caused by the near-absence of in-person events with Virtual Level Up, our virtual event planning initiative that is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Despite lacking the human touch typically associated with face-to-face meetings, virtual events boast many advantages over their in-person counterparts that make them attractive to cost-conscious, results-focused clients.

Zero Risk of Infections Ensures Peace of Mind for Everyone.
To state the obvious, a virtual event with zero human-to-human physical contact completely removes the risk of infection – a top priority for most in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. This will undoubtedly allay the fears of potential participants who are concerned about their health, leading to higher attendance numbers and lead generation. Event organisers will also feel more secure knowing that they will not be exposed to negligence lawsuits in the event that a participant becomes infected.

Reduces Unnecessary Expenditure, Freeing Up Funds for Creating Quality Content and Enhancing Audience Engagement.
Unlike conventional gatherings where organizers must acquire a variety of goods and services e.g. logistics, decorations, food for the event to be held in the first place, organizers of virtual events need only focus on three main items: marketing, the digital platform used to host the event, and speakers’ fees. By eliminating all these extra expenses, virtual event organizers can inject funds into what truly matters: investing in talented speakers and hosts who can create engaging content that keeps the audience interested throughout.

Vastly Expands Participation Opportunities, Making Outreach Simpler and More Effective.
Advanced digital platforms can host millions of users at a time, boosting outreach efforts for very little additional cost. At the same time, the virtual location ensures that participants can attend from anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection, doing away with the need to spend time and money on transport to the event.

Software Facilitates the Collection of Attendee Feedback and Engagement Statistics.
Hosting software can be programmed to send frequent survey reminders to participants on behalf of the organizers. Aside from collecting feedback, organizers may also employ tracking software to gather useful data such as total attendance, content views and download volume, and audience-speaker interactions. Analysis of the data will give organizers valuable insights into areas that need improvement, helping them to create a better experience for all at future events.


Our team of experts support our clients from planning to post-mortem, guiding them through a process they may have never experienced prior to the pandemic.


Setting Targets and Determining How to Achieve Them. The process always begins with a consultation where clients brief us on their goals and expectations. To market and execute the event successfully, we will also request important details such as their target audience, their budget, and the desired look and feel of the event. Once we have understood all their requirements, we will prepare a proposal for them to sign off on.

Setting Up Digital Infrastructure. Depending on clients’ needs, digital infrastructure may include an event website, a hosting platform, a dedicated email address, and event pages on social media.

Promoting the Event to the Public. We will advertise events both online and offline depending on clients’ preferences. Online marketing may take the form of emailing potentially interested individuals on our email list or running paid advertisements on social media and other websites, while offline marketing may involve sending SMS alerts to potential participants or purchasing physical advertising space at high-traffic locations. To ensure adherence to our high standards, all advertisements will be crafted by our team of professional graphic designers, video editors, and copywriters.

Maximising Attendance Through Data-Driven Targeted Marketing. We analyse data to identify individuals who are most likely to be receptive to our message using indicators such as their previous attendance at similar events, their responses to market research surveys, and the pages they engage with on social media. We will then promote the event in question to them using language and images that appeal to their values and interests on platforms that they frequent.

During Event

Enlivening the Event with Interactive Features. Virtual events, like conventional events, can suffer if they only consist of speech after speech, regardless of how stimulating the content is. With virtual events, there is an especially high risk that the audience will simply open another tab to distract themselves if they feel bored, causing them to miss out on parts of the message the event organisers wish to convey. To keep participants engaged throughout, we will assist the client with developing and deploying interactive features such as live polls, quizzes, online games, and Q&A sessions at strategic intervals.


Reviewing Data and Feedback to Evaluate Outcomes. We will analyse participants’ feedback and data collected from the event to identify areas that require improvement. We will also share useful marketing insights e.g. participants’ shopping preferences (from the merchandise they purchase) and areas of interest (from the sessions they sign up for) with our clients to enable them to continue their upselling efforts in the future.

An Encouraging Track Record: 9 Large-Scale Events Organized Over the Last 6 Months on a Lean Staff

Since our inception in March 2020, we have organized events catering to a variety of audiences, from ecommerce experts to SPM students. We are proud that we accomplished this with only 2 permanent employees who were supported by up to 10 interns and part-time workers for each event.

Attendance Numbers
Over 30,000 participants have attended our events thus far, with the biggest event boasting an audience of over 10,000.

Profits Earned
We derive our income from sharing event revenue with our clients. Depending on the agreement, we normally get 20-40%. To date, we have generated RM4.1 million in revenue and around RM3 million in profits from our events.


Notable Clients from Malaysia and Abroad
We have had the good fortune to work with:



We derive our income from sharing event revenue with our clients. This is the preferred arrangement for an increasing number of businesses, which are reluctant to incur expenses upfront before achieving results.


Demand for Virtual Events is Surging Worldwide
In the early days of the pandemic, US-based virtual events hosting platform Hopin saw its waitlist expand by a staggering 1000% - an impressive testament to how Covid-19 has forced many organizations to move their events online to reduce the risk of transmission. According to research from The 614 Group, an advertising consultancy, 71% of media and marketing executives expect virtual events to be the only option for the rest of 2020 – bad news for traditional event venues, but good news for our company. This trend is expected to continue for as long as the pandemic persists, with a majority (55%) of event organisers planning to invest more in virtual events in 2021.

A Bright Post-Pandemic Future
84% of businesses expect to require more virtual event services for 12-18 months after the pandemic subsides, while 70% believe that hybrid events (a mixture of conventional and virtual) will become even more important in the future to save costs and maximise outreach. Their views are supported by market research from Grand View Research: the virtual events market, which was valued at US$78 billion in 2019, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.2% from 2020-2027. In especially promising news for us, the Asia- Pacific region is predicted to experience the fastest growth (CAGR 25.8%) – a wonderful opportunity that we will be sure to exploit.

These massive hits prove that virtual events can be just as engaging as their in-person counterparts! We are counting on your support to realise our dream of hosting events on a similar scale someday

Adobe Summit 2020, 31 March 2020

The annual Adobe Summit, which normally attracts around 16,000 participants seeking to learn more about web design, was moved online this year in view of the pandemic. Due to the unprecedented ease of access – participants could attend from home without making travel arrangements and worrying about venue capacity – over 1 million people attended, shattering previous records by a wide margin.


OneWorld: Together at Home Virtual Concert, 18 April 2020

The virtual concert, which sought to raise funds for the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) response against Covid-19, featured performances from stars such as Elton John, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga. It proved to be a massive hit, attracting 270 million viewers worldwide and raising over US$127 million for the WHO.


We seek RM3 million in funding:

  1. Branding & Marketing [40%]. Better branding & marketing will enable Virtual Level Up to appeal to diverse local and international markets.
  2. Working Capital [30%]. Our clients normally pay us only after a project has been completed – a process that usually takes months. We will require funding to keep day-to-day operations running in the meantime as well as cover costs related to planning the client’s event e.g. marketing.
  3. Upgrading Digital Infrastructure [30%]. We plan to invest in cutting-edge technology to make the virtual event experience a seamless one for all participants. We also wish to acquire advanced data processing software that is capable of parsing data to generate actionable insights.



To become a dominant player in the local, regional, and international virtual events industry.



Vince Tan
Founder & CEO

Vince is a prolific entrepreneur with a dizzying array of accomplishments. As an undergraduate, he was the best student in his software engineering course and was offered a position as lecturer straight after graduation. At 21, he became the youngest lecturer in his university, staying there for two years before resigning to start his own web-based projects.

In the next few years, Vince developed and launched several profitable websites and desktop applications, including POPZ.TV, a celebrity website network which attracted an average of 1 million viewers every month. At one time, he owned over 25,000 web domains covering a total of 1 billion webpages, making him one of the biggest players in the digital marketing and publishing business.

Seeking new challenges, Vince eventually expanded his sights to other industries. In 2012, he founded two companies that have been very successful until this day: eduPOW, the largest online learning platform in Southeast Asia; and Shock Media Studio, one of the fastest growing digital marketing consultancies in Asia. More recently, he ventured into fashion with Oxwhite, a luxury lifestyle brand; and education with World Masterclass, which organises workshops for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses.

Vince is eager for this project to disrupt the event planning industry as we know it with innovative new solutions that reflect the rapidly-changing times we live in.



Wendy Vaz Victoria
General Manager

Wendy comes from the background of marketing and communication and she thrive as a leader since University to every organization she has worked for and companies she has built. She have coached and consulted many individuals and businesses to help them to go to the next level or to expand their reach in the market. In Virtual Level Up, she will be leading the team alongside Vince to ensure the vision gets executed better and faster.



Chong Pak Onn
Senior Finance Executive

Pak Onn has over 10 years experience in accounts and finance. He was instrumental during his tenure in a big multinational company handling over 10 sub-ordinates to massive amount of transactions within short period of time. In Virtual Level Up, he will be handling all account matters and financial optimization to ensure the company operates smoothly from financial standpoint.


Tan Hui Wen
Senior Project Manager

Hui Wen has over 3 years experience with project management and process management. She has sharp eyes for details and procedures. In Virtual Level Up, she helps to manage every event process and execution to ensure a smooth delivery of the virtual event.


Helen Lee
Customer Experience Officer

Helen has a vast experience of over 9 years in event organizing and customer management. She has been organizing from end to end over 50 events with over 10,000 participants. In Virtual Level Up, she helps to ensure customer have the best possible experience be it online or offline.

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