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Southeast Asia is set to become the world’s next economic growth hub, and through VOICE OF ASEAN, you have the opportunity to be a part of an exciting new venture that is transforming perspectives, amplifying authority, enhancing influence and building networks through state-of-the-art PR strategies and solutions. 

The first pan-ASEAN digital business networking and information platform, VOICE OF ASEAN aims to tap in to the exciting promise and potential that the region has. This includes:

  • Southeast Asia is forecast to be the world’s 4th largest economy with a combined GDP of more than US$4.6 trillion
  • Have the 3rd largest population in the world with more than 700 million people
  • Have a digital economy worth US$1 trillion
  • Have a large pool of young, highly-skilled and talented workers
  • And be at the crossroads of the global economy – right in the middle of two of the largest emerging economies in the world – China and India, as well as being an economic powerhouse in its own right.

Yet with all this exciting promise and potential, Southeast Asia, as far as the opportunities it presents, is still a relative unknown in the larger world. And while that is down to a number of reasons, the main one is because it does not own its own voice to champion its stories to the world.

“He Who Owns Media, Rules The World”

Never has it been more apparent in the last 2 years where we saw the might of the few - Big Tech and global mainstream media creating narratives and removing narratives - shaping the mindset and opinions of the majority through globally controlled digitalised platforms of social media or news streams.

Imagine having that kind of power among us in Southeast Asia.

To have inroads to the who’s who of top corporate & government echelon of every country in South Asia, thereby amassing a powerful database for internal business opportunities with each other and also attract focused investment from the rest of the world.

A complete ecosystem is needed to penetrate the upper echelons of the shakers and movers of South East Asia.

And this is what VOICE OF ASEAN brings to the table.

Have equity in a game changer that will not just give South East Asia the voice it needs, but will soon be the voice of every emerging market over the next 8 years.


The Lack of a Cohesive Promotion of ASEAN countries as a business

To quote VOICE OF ASEAN Advisory Board member and American technopreneur Ramana Mallysetty, “ASEAN is largely still a mystery to the Western world. In America, we don’t know anything about other countries. The media presents a false representation of your part of the world so people here are generally hesitant to go into the ‘unknown’. VOICE OF ASEAN can undo this stereotyping.”

When it comes to reporting on the region, major international news outlets are usually focused on negative news such as political instability or social problems, with very little to no focus on innovations, positive government initiatives and business opportunities. VOICE OF ASEAN will provide that opportunity to define our narratives, to own our storytelling.

Screenshot from CNBC.com Southeast Asia news. Notice the focus on ASEAN ties with US and China, the US-ASEAN Summit and news on South Korea and India – which are not countries in Southeast Asia,

Silo-Based Mentality

Aside from lacking its own media – its own voice – to tell its stories to the world, Southeast Asia is also facing a connectivity deficit. No, not internet connectivity per se, but the other type of connectivity – the connectivity that enables the seamless transaction of business across different countries and jurisdictions.

Put it in another way; if someone wants to do business in all 10 ASEAN countries, at present they need to approach each country individually to learn more about their own processes and navigate through their bureaucracies and find potential partners. It is time consuming, it is costly, it is a hassle.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.


VOICE OF ASEAN - A Unified Regional Business Networking and News Portal

What do we need?

A single platform that will showcase the very best of the region – from progressive government policies to innovative business ideas to first-class cultural icons – that tells the stories of Southeast Asia from a Southeast Asian perspective, straight from the mouth and views of people in the region, while acting as a connector between those outside ASEAN and those within it, and even between ASEAN itself.

A platform that will boost collaborations and investments across the region.

A platform with the experience, connections and influence encompassing business and government entities.

Vision & Mission & Values

Our Vision

  • To Be Southeast Asia’s First Ever Integrated PR, Communications and Media Powerhouse.
    • Addressing the Information Gap.
    • Championing the Best of Business and Government.
    • Becoming the Heartbeat of the Region

Our Mission

  • To be the platform that connects businesses and governments in Southeast Asia and beyond with one another
  • To publicise, promote and tell the stories and opportunities of Southeast Asia from a Southeast Asian perspective
  • To advocate and champion Southeast Asia as a dynamic hub for business and networking

Influence, Connections, and Experience 

VOICE OF ASEAN has been in operations since September 2021. We draw on the history, the achievements and the heritage of The IBR Asia Group – a leading boutique PR and Communications agency in Malaysia.

And what does that give us?

It gives us INFLUENCE that comes from The IBR Asia Group having carried out PR, communications and media services for more than 1,000 business, government, government-linked, and diplomatic entities in Malaysia since 1997.

It gives us CONNECTIONS through our extensive and ever expanding database of more than 80,000 top corporate and government decision makers throughout Southeast Asia, the greater Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, as well as to international and regional business chambers.

It gives us EXPERIENCE – namely combined 90 years of experience in superb content creation and business-to-business, business-to-government, and government-to-business networking

The Product

By tapping into the aforementioned experience, VOICE OF ASEAN has been able to hit the ground running from Day One to create the assets that will help fulfill our Vision and Mission.

The VOICE OF ASEAN Portal (www.voiceofasean.com)

A web portal that showcases the latest news and developments from business and governments across Southeast Asia, with specialised sections and country-focused pages that offer profiling, branding, advertising and digital marketing opportunities.

The portal has eight carefully crafted sectorial pages; Business, Government, People, Perspectives, Lifestyle, Newsroom, Quotes & Directory. These sectorial pages are specifically designed to maximise coverage of various sectors of the economy and prominent thought leaders in the industry.

These sections are populated through various means, such as:

  • Through write-ups and profiling commissioned by clients
  • Through features written by our in-house editorial team
  • Through content from content partners
  • Through content uploaded by users


Our Digital TV channel featuring

VoiceS of ASEAN Talk Show (www.voiceofasean.com/voices-of-asean/)

VOICE OF ASEAN’s very own talk show, VoiceS of ASEAN showcases interviews with corporate and government decision makers as well as influencers both in ASEAN and beyond. These interviews are streamed live on VOA’s web and social media platforms, while the video recordings of the interviews can be accessed at both the VOA website and YouTube channels.

VOICE OF ASEAN Podcast (https://open.spotify.com/show/3U2dmEmR6a8Ho2AsWHBSVE)

The interviews on VoiceS of ASEAN are also made available in a podcast format on the VOA website and Spotify, enabling for easy download and listening at our audience’s convenience.

Our Partnerships, Our Traction

VOICE OF ASEAN has demonstrated superb traction in the few months we have been in existence. Since our launch on 1 September 2021 to April 2022, we have had a total of 36,396 views and rising… And all that through organic growth! Not only have we secured content and interviews as seen above, but also by forming partnerships and affiliations with a number of local and regional entities.

These include:

The National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM)

The apex business association in Malaysia, NCCIM comprises 5 national trade organisations – the Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (DPMM), the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM), the Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (MAICCI), the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) and the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM).

The ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC)

The ASEAN BAC comprises high-level business representatives from all 10 ASEAN countries and was set up with the mandate of providing the feedback from the private sector to the ASEAN decision making body on how to boost economic integration and cooperation within Southeast Asia.

The ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council (AYEC)

The official voice of young entrepreneurs in the ASEAN policy-making process and also serves as a young entrepreneurs’ network, with direct connectivity with the respective national level associations and the ASEAN Secretariat. AYEC has nearly 40,000 members across ASEAN.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI)

Comprising more than 200,000 members, DCCI represents, supports and advocates the interests of corporations and the business community in Dubai, as well as promotes linkages with other countries and regions with the aim of advancing Dubai’s position as an international business hub.

PR Newswire Asia

PR Newswire Asia (PRNA) is a leading news distribution service provider whose press releases are syndicated on the VOICE OF ASEAN platform, while VOICE OF ASEAN’s original content to be featured on PR Newswire's Media Room. This enables VOICE OF ASEAN to reach out to 8 million unique visitors on PRNA’s site.

Business Model

Revenue Sources

VOICE OF ASEAN has diversified streams of income.

  • Advertising, Advertorials and Profiling on the VOICE OF ASEAN Portal and e-Newsletter

Our excellent track record of offering superb branding and publicity services through The IBR Asia Group’s flagship publication International Business Reviews enables us to replicate that at an ASEAN-level on the VOA portal and e-newsletter. Through this we give organisations the opportunity to expand their brand throughout the region.

  • Advertising and Profiling on VOA TV

We offer organisations and individuals the opportunity to brand themselves to an ASEAN-wide and even global audience through our VOA TV shows such as:

VoiceS of ASEAN
Our livestreamed talk show where we showcase regional, and even global influencers from government decision makers to captains of industry to society’s shakers and movers.

What’s Going On (Future)

Cutting-edge documentaries that take our viewers behind the scenes of businesses and culture in the region. This is the ideal opportunity to showcase how your company is a leader in the industry to a regional and even global audience.

VOA Open Source (Future)

Bringing together varying expert opinions on some of the hottest topics being discussed in the world today so that viewers can hear both sides of the story. VOA OPEN SOURCE is a forum that believes that talk and thought should be free and open

  • Advertising and Profiling on VOA Podcast

VOA Podcasts showcases discussions by experts on issues such as business, economics, health, social issues, entertainment, culture and other hot topics in Southeast Asia, as well as audio versions of interviews and forums from VOA TV, made available on the VOA and Spotify platforms.

Future Revenue Streams

  • VOA Business Plaza

The VOA Business Plaza will offer virtual platforms for:

Business Matching Platform

As a platform that aims to build a network, especially within ASEAN, VOICE OF ASEAN has plans to have its own proprietary business matching network where the users can connect with one another and achieve collaborations and partnerships.

A Community Platform for ASEAN Tech-Start Ups

Southeast Asia is fast becoming the hub for tech start-ups. According to venture capital firm Jungle Ventures, the total valuation of tech start-ups in Southeast Asia stood at US$340 billion and may jump to US$1 trillion by 2025. What many start-ups need is an avenue through which they can reach out to investors from around the world. VOICE OF ASEAN will provide that by being such a platform while enabling them to utilise our reach, our network and our publicity and promotion services. 


Symposiums are forums to spark innovative ideas and gain insights from industry and thought leaders. Hear some of the most influential voices around the world share their views on key issues that are shaping markets, societies and the world at large, while also making connections that will carry you and your business through the coming years.

Investment Brokerage

Bringing businesses and governments together is just one part of the journey in expediting trade and investments in ASEAN. VOICE OF ASEAN also aims to play an active role in helping to secure deals. As such, one other future plan is to set up an investment brokerage system by working closely with investment experts and leveraging on relationships with businesspeople and investors within the ASEAN region.

Business Advisory Services

VOA’s Business Advisory Services will leverage on our extensive networking with governments and corporations in the region to offer advice to companies and investors on how they can set up business anywhere in the region.

Please click on the image above to view a walkthrough of the Business Plaza by our Chief Digital Officer Creedence Dengre

  • Bespoke Digital Newsletter Production and Dissemination 

Our bespoke digital newsletter production and dissemination services enables organisations to reach out to an exclusive audience of more than 10,000 (and growing) top corporate and governmental decision makers all over ASEAN

  • International Business Review Franchising

Our flagship publication - necessarily in print and ezine so that it follows the business model of being able to grace tables of C-level personnel and coffee tables of government agencies and Ministries - will be franchised to SEA countries. Together with VOICE OF ASEAN, the country specific International Business Reviews will open doors to be up close and personal with Governments and Big Corporations and international community of every single country in SEA.

  • International Business Review ASEAN Awards Franchising

VOICE OF ASEAN has acquired the licence to produce the IBR ASEAN Awards across Southeast Asia, making it a powerful on-the-ground inter-connector within the region and an event to look forward to every year for the region and those beyond it.

  • PASSIONS Franchising

A high-end lifestyle magazine, PASSIONS showcases content on property and real estate, home & living, fine-dining, travel, luxuries, culture, adventure, automobiles, art, and humanities. By franchising local language issues of PASSIONS throughout Southeast Asia, we reach out to the who’s who of high society of those countries, giving us reach to the powerful and influential personalities and greatly expanding our network.

  • Video Production Services

Aside from producing our own VOA TV shows, we are also able to offer video production services to organisations seeking to produce their own corporate videos, video advertisements and other publicity materials.

  • Video Hosting Services

With governments and businesses being among our primary target audience, we believe that the VOICE OF ASEAN platform will be ideal for organisations to showcase themselves to potential clients. In particular, for a fee we will offer them a space on our site – a Who Are We space – where they can promote themselves. In addition, we will also offer corporate video production and editing services as additional services.

  • Learning Platforms

Online Courses for Professionals to better their capacity for growth will be conducted by various experts in the field. We help them create their courses, and also market the courses through our platforms to an eager audience. Tapping into much needed training across the region.

  • Head Hunting and High Level Recruitment Services

VOICE OF ASEAN’s growth plans anticipate that we will secure a dedicated audience base comprising professionals and high-level executives, mainly across Southeast Asia, as well as the greater Asia-Pacific region. This will make our platform an attractive avenue for corporations to headhunt and conduct high-level recruitment services. For a fee, we will host these high-level recruitment advertisements on our platform and channel them to the target audience through EDM.

  • VOA Social Media

Our goal for VOA is to create a community where business and government leaders can network and interact with one another. Through our very own VOA Social Media, we will give them the platform to do just that in a secure environment.


Businesses, Regional Governments, and Any Other Organisations

VOICE OF ASEAN is aimed at providing services to businesses, regional governments, and other organisations seeking to promote and market themselves to potential investors and/or partners, both within the region and beyond. The aim is that this would ease the efforts by potential investors and/or partners in determining whether they should go ahead with the investment, partnerships, or collaborations, thereby increasing the value and influence of ASEAN countries on the world stage.

The Masses

As the quality and accessibility of education have increased, certain parts of the public have a penchant for top-quality news regarding ASEAN countries based on positive reporting, absent from political influence. VOICE OF ASEAN aims to provide news obtained directly from the region rather than from an outsider’s perspective. And would be ideal for readers who seek accurate and positive reporting.


ASEAN: A Prime Foreign Direct Investment Destination

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 2020 Investment Trends Monitor, the ASEAN region received the largest foreign direct investment inflow in 2020. There were US$70 billion worth of new investments, in the middle of a global pandemic.

We recognise that there is a need to assist in harnessing the projected potential. This is because non-ASEAN businesspeople and investors require accurate and trustworthy authoritative information on the vast opportunities in this region


No Existing Direct Competitors

We are not a news channel. We are not a video on demand site. We are not a broadcast station. We are not a publishing house. We are not an events company. We are all that and more in a unique hybridisation of Digital & Traditional – the only way to create exclusivity to an exclusive market, and build relationships with powerful influential market leaders in the region.

In this sphere, we can affirm that there is no direct competition as there is no other organisation that offers the portfolio of products and services that we do. After us, the deluge will start. So join us as we build a pioneering concept that has of now, no parallels.

Potential Risks & Challenges

It’s A Marathon

As with most business ventures, it would take some time before VOICE OF ASEAN starts gaining momentum and achieves its vision and mission of enabling the voice of the inhabitants of ASEAN to be heard on a global scale. However, this challenge has been made easier because the ace team behind VOICE OF ASEAN possesses the experience, network, and connections from their time working on The IBR Asia Group. On top of that, the goodwill and influence from The IBR Asia Group has enabled VOICE OF ASEAN to benefit from the ease of establishing themselves, attracting clients, and most importantly, reaching out and touching base with individuals who are the shakers and movers in ASEAN.

Future Plans

Expansion into China, India, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America

Eventually, we aim to take this concept and reproduce it in emerging markets around the world, recreating the networks and connections that will make it a powerful voice for the emerging world.


Valuation, Revenue and Growth Projections

We are currently valuing VOICE OF ASEAN at RM33million – a figure we have reached by taking the Terminal Value (average Perpetual Growth + EV x EBITDA) over five years minus a conservative discount rate of 35%.

Terminal Value (RM50.5 million) – Conservative Discount (35%) = RM33million

Please click here to view and download our valuation report

In terms of revenue, from 2023 to 2026, VOICE OF ASEAN is expected to have a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 65%, rising from RM4,581,250 to RM20,680,998.

Offer and Exit Plan

Based on the above, we are making the following offer to investors

Our Heritage

Of course the proof of the pudding (or the proof of the kueh, in this case, since we are a Southeast Asian platform) is in the eating. And in the VOICE OF ASEAN’s case, our strength is derived from our heritage drawn from The IBR Asia Group.

International Business Review

International Business Review is the leading business publication in Malaysia and has helped bridge businesses and governments with one another since its first issue in 2004.

Directly couriered to more than 30,000 top corporate and government decision makers in Malaysia, as well as to senior diplomats in all foreign missions in the country, International Business Review’s ezine also reaches out to a similar demographics across ASEAN. More than just a magazine, International Business Review has helped enhance the profiles of private and public sector leaders through strategic branding and profiling campaigns.

To know more and to view issues of International Business Review, please visit www.ibrasiagroup.com/international-business-review/

Bespoke Publishing

The IBR Asia Group is a pioneer of bespoke publishing in Malaysia, where we offer our expertise in content creation and publishing to create customised media for clients from on-off publications such as coffee table books and annual reports or periodicals such as newsletters and magazines.

This has enabled them to own their own platforms where they can control and shape the narratives.

Satisfied clients in this area include, but is not limited to, public and private sector giants such as the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), Genting Malaysia, Malaysia Airports, KPJ Healthcare, IJN, The Construction Industry Development Board, The Energy Commission of Malaysia, and more.

To know more, please visit www.ibrasiagroup.com/publishing/


A proprietary email direct marketing platform enables clients to further enhance their brand by reaching out to 10,000 corporate and government decision makers in Malaysia, the Asia Pacific and Middle East, as well as 550 media houses in those regions.

To view CORETEXT newsletters produced and disseminated for clients such as MITI, SIRIM, the Malaysian Rubber Board, and Selangor Maritime Gateway, please visit https://drive.google.com/drive/u/4/folders/1KK8uMCVWfLBs_lvrPhgpIutXlYLS1eah

The International Business Review ASEAN Awards

One of the most prestigious corporate awards ceremonies in Malaysia, the International Business Review ASEAN Awards is a celebration of the very best of the public and private sectors in the region by giving recognition to organisations that have achieved excellence in their performance.

To know more and view the highlights of the previous Awards ceremony which took place in April 2021, please visit www.ibrasiagroup.com/international-business-review-asean-awards/

Event Conceptualisation and Management

The IBR Asia Group has conceptualised, created and executed numerous events from large multi-panel conferences, roundtable discussion sessions, business seminars, Ambassadorial thought leadership sessions, and launches and exhibitions.

We have done so for a who’s who of Malaysia’s corporate and government sectors including, but not limited to, the Selangor State Government (via MBI Selangor), PKNS PREC, the Embassy of Germany in Malaysia, SAP Malaysia, and Gamuda, to name a few.

To know more, please visit www.ibrasiagroup.com/events/

More case studies and samples of The IBR Asia Group’s work can be found at https://www.ibrasiagroup.com/case-studies/

About The Founder, Management Team and Board of Advisors

Our Founder

Dato’ Beatrice Nirmala is a Physics graduate who found her calling in the world of masterful storytelling that transcends media, communications, public relations and powerful networking to execute one thing - transforming perspectives.

With added certificates of publishing from Yale University and media from Cambridge University, her charismatic personality has enabled her over twenty plus years to meet with, talk to, and put top corporate and government leaders at ease.

Dato’ Beatrice has also been named the Chair of DEWI (Driving Entrepreneurship in Women of Indian-origin) of the Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI) comprising 36,000 Indian Business Entities.

The organisation itself is a constituent member of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM) which is the apex chamber of commerce in Malaysia.

Dato’ Beatrice is also a featured columnist for the New Straits Times (www.nst.com.my/authors/datuk-beatrice-maria-nirmala) and New Sarawak Tribune (https://www.newsarawaktribune.com.my/author/datuk-beatrice-nirmala/)

The IBR Asia Group was started from scratch with nothing but a seed of a thought by a young lecturer, so calculated risk taking, organic growth, prudent management and believing in creating her own reality has always been a management style that has served well. The advent of digitalisation makes distance an illusion, and so the eight-year idea to bring the world closer with our own narratives is finally possible.

And with VOICE OF ASEAN, it is the first time external funds are sourced to leapfrog an idea, this time leveraged on solid backing of proven worth in the field, into a super nova of explosion.

To know more about Dato’ Beatrice, please visit  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MlOhYfao0YY2YV8zn5fSSjJFGb4Ij9tC/view?usp=sharing

Our Management Team

Creedence Dengre – Chief Digital Officer

Creedence Dengre joins VOA to take lead of the developing the company’s Digital strategy.

The CDO will lead VOA’s digital strategy, merging tech, strategy and business development.

The CDO will oversee the technical team’s sourcing, development and implementation of software and infrastructure, as well as lead digital strategy for marketing, growth, revenue generation, and the integration of VOA’s multi-faceted offerings through an intuitive and capable platform.

Creedence brings a complimentary breadth of diverse knowledge and experience to the table. With a background including Engineering, Finance, Economics, Information Technology, Digital Media, Programming and Business Development, Creedence seeks to transform the digital experience of everyone whom VOA serves, creating a user friendly experience whilst reducing costs, seeking to incorporate additional income streams to fortify and diversify VOA’s cashflow, whilst reducing expenses and ensuring the interests of VOA’s shareholders are preserved

Our Board of Advisers

Every company needs a good head (or several good heads) providing wise counsel. At VOICE OF ASEAN, we are fortunate to have a team of renowned entrepreneurs, technologists and country experts on our Board of Advisors, who are lending their considerable expertise and experience to guide us on our journey.

Ramana Mallysetty


“I am pleased to be on the VOICE OF ASEAN’s Board of Advisers to help the VOA team create and maintain a digital platform that will enhance and drive business value.”  

Ramana Mallysetty has over two decades of experience in providing Digital Transformation Strategy and enterprise solutions to several large corporations, including: Delta Airlines, Starwood Hotels, Rail Europe Group, Procter & Gamble and American Express. 

As CEO of DigiFyde, he’s bringing a revolutionary technology that delivers a Lego-like plug-n-play approach to web, mobile, data and integrations instead of traditional programming.

As a “trusted adviser” to companies and a passionate technologist, Ramana is driven to empower businesses to make decisions with accurate data, analytics and AI.

Abhijit Lahiri


“I am pleased to be a member of the VOICE OF ASEAN’s Board of Advisers, and I am ready to lend my experience in creating multi-million dollar IT solutions to help VOA achieve its full and exciting potential and promise”

Abhijit Lahiri is an award-winning veteran IT service delivery leader with nearly 30 years of experience and an excellent track record of creating and pushing out technology-enabled business and process improvement solutions to customers around the world, particularly in the telecommunications, manufacturing, BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance), healthcare and retail industries.

During a career of almost 20 years at IT and BPO giant Tech Mahindra, Abhijit was key to the setting up of Tech Mahindra’s Emerging Market Business, which he grew into a US$250 million business in just 5 years.

He was also instrumental in the  development of the company’s award-winning New Age Delivery platform, which has enabled Tech Mahindra to help reduce clients’ operational and capital expenditure as well as development costs, while speeding up time to market and enhancing returns.

Dinesh Nair


“Having founded four start-ups myself, and being involved as a consultant to many others, being on the VOICE OF ASEAN’s Board of Advisers allow me to pursue one of my passions, which is to help enhance the adoption of disruptive technologies by Malaysian companies”

A pioneer of the Malaysian ICT industry, Dinesh Nair has spent close to three decades working in both the private and government sectors where he has helped in the development of technology strategy, software deployment and integration, and cyber security.

Dinesh’s vast experience includes being the Director for the IT Industry Cluster at Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) Malaysia, where he was instrumental in driving the Digital Malaysia initiative. And then later he was the Director of Developer Experience and Evangelism (DX) for Microsoft Malaysia, where he drove awareness on the importance of the adoption of innovations such as cloud computing in the Malaysian ICT landscape.

Aside from being a technologist, Dinesh has also made his name as an entrepreneur having founded and nurtured four start-ups, taking them from conceptualisation to being operational and securing investments. 

Siva Chandran


“I am pleased to be on board as an Adviser to VOICE OF ASEAN, and look forward to passing on my insights and knowledge of technopreneurship and marketing to its dynamic team in order to realise its goal of Advocating and Amplifying ASEAN’s Influence to the World”

An entrepreneur, PR and marketing guru, and technologist with nearly 30 years’ experience, Siva Chandran has worked with and for some of the largest organisations in Malaysia such as PETRONAS, Lexis Nexis , Media Prima, Bioeconomy Corporation, PROTON, and ASTRO.

In addition, he has been an adviser to global brands such as Spotify, Shazam, and MySpace, as a result of him developing Bite My Music Global Awards and VIMA (Voice International Music Awards) Asia, which are two of the largest independent music awards in the world.

Siva helped set up the Malaysia Digital Association, which brings together digital publishers, advertising agencies, creative agencies and digital service providers and was also the Marketing Doctor of the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM), which focused on the development of technology-based industries in Malaysia.  Currently he is a business consultant for a Japanese antimicrobial nano-coating product called Deofactor Casa.


“We need an ASEAN media. We don’t have a single voice for ourselves. Each one does hisown thing. So the world does not listen to the reporting by ASEAN. It would be good to have an ASEAN organisation that speaks for all the ASEAN countries.”  - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Former Prime Minister of Malaysia

Watch the clip!


“Indonesia has been very inward looking generally because of our very strong domestic consumption. Through this collaboration between VOICE OF ASEAN and AYEC, we can let everyone know that we are open for business and we welcome with open arms any new collaborations and tie-ups with friends from across ASEAN and the wider Asia Pacific region. I am very optimistic.” – Hans Lukiman, Head Council Member, ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs’ Council (AYEC) Indonesia

Watch the clip!


"We don’t have a common media that can communicate what we do. And so VOICE OF ASEAN is an important tool in which we can communicate what ASEAN is about and why it is important and what opportunities are there.” – Gavin Vongkusolkit, President, Thailand Young Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce

“VOICE OF ASEAN will help pool the resources and ideas and opportunities of this region and drive it towards its next Renaissance.” – Charmaine Co Leong, President, Philippines Young Entrepreneurs Association

Watch the clip!


  • No shares will be allotted or issued based on this document after six months from the closing of the offer period.

  • This issue, offer or invitation for the offering is a proposal not requiring authorisation of the Securities Commission under section 212(8) of the CMSA 2007.

  • This document has not been reviewed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. The Securities Commission does not recommend nor assumes responsibility for any information including any statement, opinion or report disclosed in relation to this fund raising exercise and makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. The Securities Commission expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the information disclosed.

Please login as an investor to see more information.


VOICE OF ASEAN - Bringing the Region Together


As the Senior Director of the ASEAN Economic Integration Division at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Jamilah Hassan leads the team in, among other tasks, promoting trade and economic ties between Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. 

Jamilah was one of our distinguished guests at our first ever Investor Dinner on 24 June and she gave the thumbs up to VOICE OF ASEAN and how we aim to bring knowledge and information of the region in one platform. 

Watch what she said below

VOICE OF ASEAN will be holding more investor dinners and meet-up sessions over the course of our pre-live period on pitchIN! If you would like to receive updates on our events, do contact us at +6014 968 8849 (WhatsApp) or [email protected] 


VOICE OF ASEAN - Great Potential with Great Opportunities


It was a plesaure having Tan Sri Siti Sa'diah - Duopharma Board Chairman - among our guests at our first ever Investor Dinner on 24 June..  

One of the most highly respected persons in the Malaysian and Southeast Asian healthcare industry, Tan Sri Siti Sa'diah has done extensive business across the region, and she was full of praise for VOICE OF ASEAN and our potential. 

Watch what she said below! 

VOICE OF ASEAN will be holding more investor dinners and meet-up sessions over the course of our pre-live period on pitchIN! If you would like to receive updates on our events, do contact us at +6014 968 8849 (WhatsApp) or [email protected] 


VOICE OF ASEAN - Right Platform, Right Time


"The potential of economic growth for ASEAN is probably the highest, compared to Europe, compared to America, even in China. For VOICE OF ASEAN to be here tonight to talk about how to get up and stand together and make it happen even faster is something that it has done at the right time. The timing is good." 

One of the foremost business leaders in the country, Koon Poh Ming, Executive VIce-Chairman of Press Metal Holdings - the largest aluminium company in Malaysia, was one of the esteemeed guests at our first ever Investor Dinner on 24 June at Novotel KLCC. He commended VOICE OF ASEAN for being a timely platform that will help ASEAN reach its full potential in a faster time. 

VOICE OF ASEAN will be holding more investor dinners and meet-up sessions over the course of our pre-live period on pitchIN! If you would like to receive updates on our events, do contact us at +6014 968 8849 (WhatsApp) or [email protected] 



Saint SPAC Speaks About VOICE OF ASEAN


We are pleased to have held our first ever Investor Dinner at Novotel KLCC on 24 June! It was a night of networking and camaraderie with a turnout of 40 plus guests comprising a who's who of bsuiness, government, the diplomatic corp and private investors...

We are especially honoured to have had Datuk Seri Paul Chong - the Managing Partner of Knights Capital Partners and Venture Partner of ARC Group, as well as a former Executive Director at Goldman Sachs - give the opening remarks. 

Known in the investment world as Saint SPAC for his role in helping to list some of the largest telcos and semiconductor companies in the Asia-Pacific on NASDAQ, Dato' Seri Paul gave an extremely eloquent and engaging speech introducing me and VOICE OF ASEAN to our guests. 

Watch Datuk Seri Paul's speech below! 


A big thank you to all who attended! And do check back for more updates! 

Dato' Beatrice Nirmala

VOICE OF ASEAN will be holding more investor dinners and meet-up sessions over the course of our pre-live period on pitchIN! If you would like to receive updates on our events, do contact us at +6014 968 8849 (WhatsApp) or [email protected] 




A Tour of VOICE OF ASEAN's Business Plaza


VOICE OF ASEAN's Business Plaza is set to become the game changer in business networking, connectivity and deal making, enabling them to amplify their authority and raise their influence. It does this through a suite of services offering discussion forums, symposiums, business libraries and business matching all on one single virtual platform.

Here is our Chief Digital Officer Creedence Dengre to tell you more.

Business Plaza is just one of the many exciting assets we have on VOICE OF ASEAN - the first Pan-Southeast Asian business networking, connectivity and information digital platform. 



Sri Lanka's Top Newspaper Showcases VOICE OF ASEAN


VOICE OF ASEAN founder Dato' Beatrice Nirmala gave a talk to Staffordshire University MBA students from Sri Lanka in a session organised by the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT). 

During the talk, Dato' Beatrice spoke on her entrepreneurship journey and on the VOICE OF ASEAN. Reports on her talk were carried by the Sunday Times of Sri Lanka - the country's leading weekly newspaper. 

Click here to read the article


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