Mobile Job Search for Gen Y



WOBB is a Malaysian mobile job search platform that helps connect quality Gen Y talent with the right employers, through our mobile app and website. We partner with Linkedin in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Both employers and jobseekers have been looking for an alternative to traditional web-based platforms, which have not evolved for many years, focusing on text, job descriptions and transactional desktop level interface.

We believe this can be much better. WOBB brings mobile technology, rich media employer branding content, and interactivity to the job searching experience for Gen Y talent.

With emphasis on company culture and transparency, WOBB offers jobseekers a simple way to browse jobs on their smartphones and take virtual tours through our Company Profiles. WOBB enables jobseekers to not just choose jobs, but also choose the right companies - saving time for both employers and jobseekers. Employers, regardless of their size, big or small, will also get assess to the best talent by allowing jobseekers to have a peek of who they are, with just a simple tap.

WOBB is funded by both Cradle Fund’s product development and commercialisation grants (total RM650,000) and aims to bring the future of job search to Asia.

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  • Derek Toh
    Founder & CEO
  • CK Leong
  • Sivabala Kumar
    VP of Sales
  • Alyssa Choong
    Head of Operations
  • Shakira Kavanagh
    Marketing Manager
  • YC Cheah
    Relationship Manager
  • Joshua Boey
    Senior Content Producer
  • Fassler Yee
    Assistant Sales Manager
  • Yee Lyn Lim
    Senior Employer Consultant
  • Syahir Muhammad
    Senior Full Stack Web Developer
  • Carissa Bachi
    Employer Consultant
  • Zuheir Zaidon
    Employer Consultant
  • Ruby Balasingam
    Employer Consultant
  • JJ Kew
    Web Developer

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