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  • Woots! is changing how virtual events are conducted.

  • Founded by a team which has a collective 30 years of experience in event management and Internet of Things (IoT), Woots! aims to let more people experience the real fun of virtual events, just like how we used to enjoy concerts and trade fairs.

  • Woots! has proven its value by continuing to generate profits in this pandemic season and forge long-term collaborations with international companies like Tencent.

  • Successful events with Microsoft, Maybank, Hewlett Packard, Petron, Perodua, Sunway College, Pivotal Learning, Mydin, BNI, MDEC, JCI, and Nexagate Sdn Bhd, to name a few. These clients are coming back to Woots! for more long-term engagement after their first projects.

  • Woots!’s forte lies in the ability to produce new creative ideas, solve ad hoc problems effectively and truly engage the event participants from not only Malaysia, but also India, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar, due to the team’s global mindset and deep understanding of different cultures.

  • Woots!’s growth will be supported by an asset-light, scalable business model, diversified service offerings which serve to broaden our appeal, exceptional customer service to fulfill the clients’ unique needs, and an alignment of interests with all stakeholders.

  • Your support will allow Woots! Team to continue to create memorable virtual events and team-building experiences, which would in turn, build more harmonious societies.

  • Ultimately, Woots! will leverage on its expertise to build its own data-driven yet human-centric digital platform that can create hundreds if not thousands of jobs for the virtual event industry across the Asia-Pacific region.


The virtual event industry is in desperate need of modernisation

For decades, in-person events have been pricey with limited outreach. The billion-dollar industry’s online shift is inevitable especially in the New Normal. However, the virtual event experience leaves much to be desired. Nobody wishes to sit through virtual meetings with poor social experience due to outdated text-chat interfaces, boring event flows and limited opportunities to communicate.

Conventional physical events are postponed or called off

Facebook was forced to cancel their 5,000 person conference because of Coronavirus. IBM withdrew from attending the RSA Conference citing the “health of IBMers” as their concern. World Health Organization (WHO) investigated Singapore conference linked to virus spread. Hundreds of corporations have no back-up plans when in-person events are not an option.

Organisers are losing millions in profits on their cancelled events. They need an alternative to reach their audience and potential customers.

Human connection is getting unreal

We all need human connection. With our daily use of email, texting, smartphones, professional and social media, we live in an age of instant global connectivity, yet somehow, we’re actually feeling increasingly more alone. Staff from different departments, remote teams, students and various communities struggle to maintain their camaraderie and unity.

Anyone who has attended a social event or worked in an office before could feel the difference of digital versus real-world interpersonal relationships. For now, we have to bear with the limitations. We want to seek professional help to make our events and meetings smoother, more productive, and more engaging, but do not know how, until Woots! came along.

Save the environment

According to countless reports and sources, in-person meetings and events especially large-scale ones generate tonnes of waste, including plastic bottles, food containers, leftover food and clothing. Low recycling rate results in the majority of waste having to be disposed of at landfills.


Make virtual events and meetings as social as possible

Woots! is the purpose-driven, dedicated and personal virtual event solution provider for all types of organizations and groups that wish to bring people together.

Woots! strives to build genuine connections by creating unique virtual event and team-building experiences. Besides ensuring a smooth flow to save all attendees’ time, Woots! also conducts ice-breaking and energizer activities to allow for more interactions between speakers and audience, and between event participants.

Before Woots! : Event or meeting objectives feel blurry, organizers are stressed, attendees are uninspired

After Woots! :  Event or meeting objectives are crystal clear, organizers are calm, attendees enjoy the event


Virtual event is inherently more affordable than conventional physical event. We do not need to incur costs for the physical venue (charged by hours), food and accommodation.

Moreover, Woots! team consists of a bunch of hustlers who get things done on time, on budget. Our significantly lower price point allows more companies to be able to organize their dream events.


We want to demonstrate our genuine interest in our clients. So we ask lots of questions, both professionally and personally (within reason), to clarify the why’s, what’s, how’s of the events, then strategically customise the solutions to achieve the desired results together as a team.


Online events are less taxing on the environment because they do not require a physical presence. Therefore, there’s no need for attendees to travel and generate physical waste.


Woots! can cater to one-off events (Christmas-themed conference or team-building) and long-term activities (weekly inter-departmental OKR meeting or monthly networking activity).

Woots!’s all-inclusive package will take care of the clients’ needs based on a systematic process. Here’s a quick tutorial:

  1. Pick your objective
  2. Pick your audience and no of pax
  3. Pick your date and duration
  4. Pick your budget

After gathering the input, Woots! would customise a proposal and let the client ‘preview’ the event before the official engagement.


Woots! team designs attractive electronic direct mail (EDM), promotional posters and other marketing collaterals to appeal to the target audience.

Woots! team will brief the emcee and speakers (we can help invite if needed) on the event rundown as well as providing tips to engage the participants (including the script, eye level position and lighting)

Besides, to handle high volumes of online traffic, Woots! also designs automated messages and FAQs to answer participants’ queries. We also have part-timers stand-by for customer service.

During Event:

Woots! provides the IT technical support and related administrative services to ensure a seamless experience for all parties. For example, we had a sign-in issue faced by some participants from India during one of the international events. We troubleshot and solved the issue within 15 minutes so the participants did not miss any important part of the event.

Besides, Woots! acts as the cheerleader and team-builder to brighten up the crowd with ice-breaking and energizer activities.


Woots! compiles the analytics and feedback gathered before reviewing with clients.

Woots! also sends thank you emails to each participant. We love to encourage the speakers to write a personal note for their supporters to strengthen their bonds.


During the first week of MCO when the whole of Malaysia was in total lockdown, Woots! team received an urgent request to manage a 2-day virtual conference for Hewlett Packard exactly 2 weeks from the request date. The event was joined by 6,000 attendees from all over Southeast Asia. Woots! team pulled off the event and received good testimonials.

We ran a total of 15 events in the past 6 months and hosted them successfully. This informed us that we have solid event management capabilities, an engaged client base, and a high-potential business model.

We are currently in conversation with 10 companies that each have 10 events in the pipeline.


Woots! solutions have been receiving strong demand from:

  1. Sales agencies that need to continuously motivate and train their sales team

  2. IT companies that want to facilitate company progress with staff who work remotely

  3. Brands that wish to engage their followers

  4. Educational institutions that want to impart to knowledge to students

  5. Professional bodies that want to unite their members around the country or around the world


We charge per project based on each client’s requirements. Then we prudently manage with the budget given. This allows Woots! to operate with an asset-light model which limits the downside for investors.

We work closely with multiple technology partners to meet our client’s objectives. Our technology partners include Tencent, Voov, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebinarJam, Webex and Swapcard.


According to recent research from Gartner, 82% of company leaders are planning to let employees work remotely, at least some of the time. And a new global study from Lenovo finds that employees expect a similar swing in employer mentality, with 52% of respondents noting they believe they’ll continue to WFH more than they did pre-COVID-19 – even after social distancing measures are lifted.


Most virtual events are self-organized by the marketing or investment ‘gurus’ to upsell their own products and services.

This is a relatively new market that has remained untapped, of which we still hold a first mover’s position due to our quick response to the business environment.

With many conventional event management companies being weeded out by Covid-19, we are confident that Woots! can grab a significant market share with our value-for-money offerings to various types of clients.

In fact, we think that this is not the time to over-analyze the competitive landscape. Instead, we should focus on building win-win collaborations for sustainable growth. We are open to empowering more industry players to serve our growing client base together.


The fund will be used to expand our team to cope with the growing demand.

Besides, we will develop our proprietary mobile app which will significantly increase Woots!’s scalability and profitability.

Last but not least, we will market our services to acquire more clients across Asia-Pacific.


We want to be the bridge to connect people, by the people, for the people without geographical limits, enabling all types of people to learn and bond.

We sincerely hope to build awareness among the public by letting more people experience Woots! event.


Zoey Chai
Founder & CEO

It is Zoey’s passion and burning desire to connect people and transform the way virtual event is conducted. After leading 4 Malaysia campsites for 4 years, Zoey has been the go-getter with crazy ideas that are waiting to be turned into realities Woots!.

Zoey sets the overarching vision of the company and leads the energetic team towards achieving them. She regularly assesses the work of other core team members, so Woots! can operate efficiently. At the same time, she maintains awareness of the competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities and industry developments to stay ahead of the game. Zoey also identifies risks to the company and ensures they are monitored and minimized. Besides, Zoey communicates with all stakeholders transparently.


Meet the hardworking, passionate and talented team who complement each other perfectly and made our achievements possible.

Tan Tong Kai
Strategy Advisor

  • Advise Woots! on future planning and direction
  • Specialised in B2B technology sales to regional clients and facilitate long-term contract deals
  • Spent 12 years with a Malaysia public-listed multinational company, spearheading its expansion into Taiwan, China, Singapore and Papua New Guinea
  • Former Chief Technical Officer for WeGen Energy, an energy startup with presence in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines
  • Currently managing his own investment and management service green technologies startup

SJ Lai
Project Operator

  • An exhibition expert in the past 10 years
  • Tactful in serving even clients professionally

Celyn Chee
Creative Director

Caylie Chee
Relationship Coordinator

TY Lau
Project Assistant

Dickson Ngu
Virtual Solution Coordinator

Kvis Wong
Team Builder

George Chan
Team Builder

Last but not least, the most special part about the Woots! Team, which is what truly sets Woots! apart from all other startup, is that everyone in the company gets sales for the company. All team members share about Woots! with their own network and make every project successful together.

Together, we make your ideas happen!

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