Leading Factory Automation from Robotic Automation Modules to Automatic Warehouse




XTS Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is the leading Factory Automation in Malaysia to deliver HIGH Quality and Cost EFFECTIVE solution in industrial automation. From stand-alone Robotic automation equipment for production plant with cloud platforms which can immediately grab the device status anywhere to ASRS Warehouse and logistic solution to improve the efficiency of picking speed, but can also reduce the time for picking staff to think and judge, improve shipping and distribution logistics efficiency.

The dynamic team specializes in designing, manufacturing, implementing, and marketing. We consistently improve our skills to approach modern manufacturing practice. Industrial automation is now becoming a reality to the industries. XTS Technologies' vision is to be the pioneer of industry 4.0, we are prepared to help the industry from production to warehouse to transform into SMART Factories. We offer the latest manufacturing solution that can integrate automation in manufacturing processes to avoid human error, reduce labor, and increase productivity in the operation process.

XTS implements secure network infrastructure and smart devices for efficient data collection which able to turn data into actionable information between manufacturing module on the production plant floor and the rest of the enterprise. Real-time data allow management to view from cloud platforms and deliver the most impactful manufacturing results on time.



Most of the factories have many labor issues such as Lack of Manpower, Human Error, No Consistency on working, No Tracking on Workers’ performance, No Traceability etc. on the current manufacturing situation- this is especially worse during Covid -19 pandemic. The permit and cross border issues for foreign workers are becoming a serious issue to the factory and warehousing, plus the wages of worker keeps increasing the burden to the company.


Automation is the technology solution with a process or procedure to perform minimal human assistance. Automation or automatic control is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, robot automation, automated warehouse and other applications, and auto guided vehicles to minimal or reduced human intervention.

Automation can cover applications ranging from incoming goods or material to a large industrial control system with thousands of input measurements and output control signals. In control complexity, it can range from simple on-off control automation to a multi-variable high-level algorithms warehouse system.

 All this data can be loaded into the cloud to let the user access the data in any way you located and compile all the information of your automation moving towards industry 4.0

Automation has been achieved by various types which includes mechanical, design, pneumatic, electrical, electronic devices, robot AI, PLC and PC control, and in combination. The benefit of automation includes labor saving, saving in electricity cost, saving in material costs, and improvement to quality, accuracy, and precision.



XTS has the most complete automated equipment production line in the industry, which has included multi-functional robotic arms, module automation, conveyors, shuttles (RGV), and auto guided vehicles (AGVs).

Shaping the vision of industry 4.0 for all the users, XTS has developed a smart factory: FAST, FLEXIBLE, and SCALABLE INTEGRATION from OT to IT. XTS Technologies able to design and build from Modular, Compatible, Flexible, and Scalable automation to reduce complexity and the cost of integration.

XTS uses Technology Products such as vision, gripper, sensor, Control, and etc.


Built from Technology Products to Smart Production Modules that easy to fit into current space.


XTS Industry 4WARD is End to End Solution that combine all the modules become Production Line to whole factory automation complete with warehouse and logistic distribution automation with IoT ready and easy expansion to other system. Year 2021 XTS will concentrates on Automatacic Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) due to E-commerce sales is increase and warehouses is concentrated in Malaysia.


XTS Industry 4WARD start from side Visit ➔ Design ➔ Build ➔ Onboard ➔ Monitor from Cloud.

Company Road Map



3 years of profit track record XTS has a reliable business model.

Revenue has grown from RM3.91 mil in 2017 to RM6.902 mil in 2019 with CAGR of 20.86%

Estimate for RM9.80 mil in 2020 tracking CAGR 25.82%

Gross Profit has grown from RM1.294 mil in 2017 to RM3.259 mil in 2019 with CAGR of 36.06%

Estimate for RM4.98 mil in 2020 tracking CAGR 40.06%

  • 2021 Est. Forecast estimation base on normal sales and in the pending order
  • 2022 Est. Forecast with ASRS project
  • 2023 Est. Forecast with Turn Key Factory Automation

XTS  started gaining customers in the year 2009, most of them were from Hardees and Semicon industries such as Seagate, Western Digital, Texas Instrument, ShimEtsu and etc. In the year 2013, XTS moved into the Automotive industry as the first tier and second-tier supplier in Hicom Diecasting, Hicom Yamaha, Akebono, and even move towards to end-user such as Perodua, Proton, and Toyota. XTS started to venture into Oil & Gas Industry like Aker Solution in the year 2015. In the year 2017, XTS moved towards Food & Beverage Industry; Mewah Oil, Heineken, Guan Chong Cocoa started to look for XTS for automation for this line. In the year 2019, Logistics and warehousing customers started to enquire about automation from XTS. We have delivered our servicing to Kerry Logistic, Agility and etc.

XTS has  built a value-added automation application. Therefore, we can market to international customers.


1) Design & Educate

Many Customers in the factory or commercial lines do not understand how to make their industry towards automation and venture into industry 4. Therefore, we can offer free site visits by capable engineers and designers and come out with a module concept for them. We can guide them to reduce human error and move towards Industry 4.0. step by step.

2) Build

Build Automation from Automation Module can reduce worker from 1-2 people to Automation Production Line from 5-20 workers. By the end, warehouse Automation can reduce a lot of Spaces and Human Error, yet this system also can link up to the server & cloud for monitoring purposes. With our professional services and training to be provided, the user can slowly learn familiar from small scale or area and expand to the whole factory.



3. Maintenance and Services

Monitoring customer production line service by using IoT access.

Service Maintenance for customer production line and warehouse by signing a service contract and expand to another automation system in the premises.



Malaysia’s total automation and control systems market, which will be worth US$409.0 million by 2021, must embrace new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and increase collaboration to add value and growth opportunities like product Industry 4WARD by XTS. 

The economic crisis induced by a pandemic is likely to encourage a surge of labor-replacing technology. This situation is propelling a new wave of automation. Especially Robot Process Automation (RPA) can reduce risk of contamination. 

Government Support

There are several government incentives to aid manufacturing and infrastructure spending as well as an established end-user base of sophisticated automation systems, are driving growth in the region such as:

1) Domestic Investment Strategic Fund (DISF) Grant 50:50 matching grant

2) Industry 4Readiness grant 70:30 matching grant

3) Automatic Capital Allowance (ACA) 200% on the first RM2million expenditure incurred in 5 years.

Loan for Automation initiate by Government

1) Soft Loan Scheme for Automation and Modernisations (SLSAM) 4.0% interest rate per annum for SME's

2) Industry Digitalisation Transformation Fund (IDTF) target sector AI, Robotics, Automation provide a 2% interest rate subsidy.


With this Government initiative on support Automation and IoT 4 program, XTS capabilities to successful growth market in a fiercely competitive ecosystem to the user. XTS embraces new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), collaborates with machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, and improve production capabilities.

The Eleventh Malaysia Plan by the government for the period 2016-2020, is aimed at the development of all the sectors driving the economy of the country such as the services sector, manufacturing sector, and others. It also focuses on the improvement of logistics infrastructure in the country. West Port, the newest port area in Port Klang, plans to increase its capacity by 50 percent to 30 million TEUs per annum by 2040. The development of container terminals 10 to 19 is expected to be finished by the end of 2019. Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) will go on to boost the e-commerce sector in Southeast Asia. The hub is to be launched by 2019 with centralized customs, warehousing, and fulfillment functions. The automatic Storage & Retrieval System become a more important and huge market.



Overseas Automation companies from Japan, Europe, and America offer

  • Standard solution, no customizations
  • A high price which cannot fulfill customer’s special requirement.

The competitors are companies such as Swisslog, Daifuku, Muratec.

Competitive Advantage

1) Design

Imagination is much more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, whereas imagination can embrace the entire world. We design to fulfill customer’s needs from concept to reality.

• Technology-led Design
• Customisations  
• Design & Innovation of Automation
• Present products - Automation Designs 
• User-Friendly Automation

Knowledge of Automation to build an affordable system is the key differentiator.

2) Experience

Accumulated 11 years of professional experience specializes in the whole plant automation equipment until logistic warehouse, in line with the production process of the factory - from Planning, Design, Manufacturing, Quality control, Installation, Service, providing comprehensive maintenance and quality assurance service during the warranty period, to provide high quality and work efficiency. XTS produces first-class equipment to suit your needs.

3) Standardization

Working hours have been shortened due to the automation system can provide consistent works, professional, and experienced On-site construction. We support 24/7 professional service at affordable prices for standard maintenance.



In the past, we have sustained by our existing shareholder’s fund to have organic growth on the initial product development and talent. Subsequently, we grew organically without external funding, with a very convincing result. Invest in Malaysia Leading Factory Automation from Robotic Automation to Warehouse Automation design and build manufacturer.

We are raising RM4.8 million in exchange for 7.41% equity. Funds would be utilized in the proportions highlighted below:


Investment Offering



To Become Leading Factory Automation Solution Provider in the Market to provide Xtra Total Solution to User.


Xteven Teoh Hoe Seong

Xteven Teoh founded XTS after more than 5 years of working experience in Emerson Electric (Branson) & 3 years in the Automation industry.

After graduation, Xteven has his first job in Singapore based Automation company, which involved in Precision Vacuum Handling System and Automation. He used 3 years to gain experience and explore the market of Automation industrial.

Prior to XTS, he has been proven track record of delivering good marketing & sales results during his employment in Branson – Subsidiary of Emerson Electric Fortune 500 Company.

During his employment in Emerson, he has been selected by Emerson to have training in Japan Technical Centre and awarded the Rookie of the year & best sales award in Malaysia.

The Year 2018 invited to KUKA System Partner Summit 2018 by KUKA.

The Year 2019 invited to Brainstorming Workshop 2019 by SFEIA

The Year 2019 invited to ASEAN-Korea Robot Business Forum 2019 by MIDA.


XTS has an Experienced and Productive team. The organization chart states below showed the current organizational structure ensuring the automation in place with excellent condition.


  • No shares will be allotted or issued based on this document after six months from the closing of the offer period.
  • This issue, offer or invitation for the offering is a proposal not requiring authorisation of the Securities Commission under section 212(8) of the CMSA 2007.
  • This document has not been reviewed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. The Securities Commission does not recommend nor assumes responsibility for any information including any statement, opinion or report disclosed in relation to this fund raising exercise and makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. The Securities Commission expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the information disclosed.

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MIDA and XTS mini Webinar about SAG smart automation grant.

over 1 year ago by XTSSB

[Save The Date! 18 February 2021, 10.00 a.m] : Mini Webinar on MIDA Facilitation for XTS Technologies and Partners
For your information, MIDA is actively undertaking Automation and Industry4wrd initiatives among the SMEs in Malaysia. Hence, we would like to organise a Mini Webinar with aim to create awareness to industry on the various government supports available to aid local players to jumpstart their manufacturing facilities towards Automation and  Industry 4.0 technologies adoption.  This programme is also part of MIDA’s on-going engagement to update industry players on the latest policies and facilities that are available to grow your business.   
The Mini Webinar will be held on,
Date :         18 February 2021(Thursday) 
Time :        10.00 a.m - 11.30 a.m 
Venue :      Via Online / Webex 
The agenda comprises of :
1. Brief presentation on XTS Technologies Sdn. Bhd. by Mr. Xteven, CEO of XTS Technologies (15 mins)
2. Presentation on Government Facilitation For Companies Undertaking Automation And Digitalisation Initiatives in Malaysia by Pn. Noorzita Mohamad  Nor, Senior Deputy Director, Machinery & Metals Division, MIDA  (30 mins)
3. Q&A


Meeting ID: 910 8713 1607
Passcode: 796073


Project Awarded by UMW Advancetech Sdn Bhd

over 1 year ago by XTSSB

XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd has been awarded 1 system of Leak Test automotive part which required checking on leak and Laser Marking on part to improve their product performance quality without leak.


Project Awarded by Sapura Industrial Berhad

over 1 year ago by XTSSB

XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd has been awarded 1 system of Auto Cleaning System for automotive Gear Box part which required Cleaning before enter clean room to improve their product performance quality.


XTS move in to educational robotic by educating student robotic before entering working enviroment

over 1 year ago by XTSSB

XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd move in to educational robotic by educating student robotic before entering working enviroment. New series of Educational Robot with advance feature such as collision system on robot itself. Children 9-16 years old can have chance to learn this robot follow by the programing syllabus.

Wide range of model and easy learning step.

You can have a look on our website:

Education Robot

Learn from our youtube:

XTS YouTube Channel

Buy from Shoppe:

Shoppe Online Shop Malaysia


Fight Covid 19 together with Sanitization Mist Machine with Conveyor

over 1 year ago by XTSSB

Sanitization is important during the COVID-19 crisis. To ensure the effectiveness of epidemic prevention, XTS Technologies launches a new Sanitization Machine with Conveyor.  XTS Sanitization Machine with Conveyor is specifically designed for Customer wide manufacturers, online retailers, distributors, and logistics companies that are distributing a vast range of products; from standard boxes and plastic cartons to on-line orders.    It’s also the perfect solution for retailers that need to disinfect returns ready for resell. 

Special Features:


Quick set up


Will not damage items pass through

Easy to operate


Food distribution & logistics

Pharmaceutical distribution & logistics

Refrigeration distribution & logistics

Tech online retailers

Tools & garden equipment retailers

Homeware retailers

Sports equipment retailers

Distressed Load Management

Equipment and tool hire suppliers

Online retailers that want to safely protect and redistribute returned


Sanitisation by mist sanitiser to your incoming product or purchase item before enter or exit your premises by conveyor for mass input and output. To make sure is safe for your worker and your client and customer.  


XTS Pre-Live Investment extend to 18/1/2021

over 1 year ago by XTSSB

To all Investor our prelive offer have extend to 18/1/2021. Please have a look and invest now.


KPI Training and KPI Software Implementation

almost 2 years ago by XTSSB

A great training for KPI. Together we make a difference. Thanks our resource speakers Wilson Ten Kine Hong. XTS team have benefits from this training. We have Implement this KPI software for our team better performance with vision and rewards.


Malaysia Business Angels Network (MBAN) Tiger's Liar November Pitch

almost 2 years ago by XTSSB

Who Are MBAN?

The Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN) is the official trade association and governing body for angel investors and angel clubs in Malaysia. It strives and aims to put forward the agenda of angel investing in an all inclusive manner for the benefit of members, the angel ecosystem and start-ups.


What Do MBAN DO?

MBAN is responsible for the accreditation of individual angel investors and angel investors clubs, creating awareness and training for angel investors, as well as monitoring angel investment statistics in Malaysia.


MBAN is a body that functions like a trade organisation, driving regional and international linkages between angel investors from different countries. Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, through its Angel Tax Incentive Office, acts as the secretariat for MBAN. It is the aspiration to have a private entity manage MBAN in the near future.


MBAN’s vision is to become the official voice of the Malaysian angel investor community as well as a platform for engagement and knowledge sharing for domestic and international angel investors. It also aims to foster the development of angel investing ecosystem within Malaysia.


MBAN is registered under the Societies Act, 1966 (ROS Reg. No. PPM-016-14-03122014).

MBAN have organise with Hong Leong Bank Enter The Tiger’s Lair November 2020 Malaysia Edition. XTS have been selected as 6 startups The Tiger’s Lair to battle each other to secure funding from Angel Investors and to Compete to be in the running to win a spot at MBAN quarterly ‘Angels & Unicorns’ private with High Profile Angels Investor.

XTS Has been selected of Champion of the Month of November 2020.

Facebook Live Video of MBAN Tiger's Lair November 2020 presentation


Project Awarded by TDK (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

almost 2 years ago by XTSSB

XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd has been awarded lifting conveyor using special round aluminium profile project for TDK to improve their assembly process for electronbic component.


Project Awarded by Bunge Loader Croklaan Oils Sdn Bhd

almost 2 years ago by XTSSB

XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd has been awarded Logistic Warehouse Transfer Automation for Pallet move from Ground Floor to First Floor by Special Customised Conveyor with Automatic Lift System and Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) which required System comunication in between Conveyor, Lift and RGV to improve warehouse transfer process to automatic and safety for their warehouse enhancement.


Project Awarded by DRB Hicom Berhad

almost 2 years ago by XTSSB

XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd has been awarded 2 system of assembly Daihatsu Oil Pan automotive part which required checking and screw torque tighten with reading to improve their product performance quality.


Project Award by Akashi Kikai Industry (M) Sdn Bhd

almost 2 years ago by XTSSB

XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd has delivered 5 system of Electronic Automatic Transmission (EAT) casing cleaning, 2 system of special blowing system to perform final clean before EAT assembly and 2 Karakuri Cooling conveyor system for Akashi Kikai Industry (M) Sdn Bhd to improve their Product performance quality before assembly for the high performance and reliability of EAT.

Daihatsu, through its subsidiary, Akashi Kikai Industry (M) Sdn Bhd shareholders consist of Japan-based Akashi-Kikai Industry co Ltd 51%, Daihatsu 39% and Perodua 10%.


Project Award by MAERKS Johor Malaysia

almost 2 years ago by XTSSB

XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd has been awarded the expandable conveyor project for MAERSK acruire company DAMCO Logistic (M) Sdn Bhd to improve their loading & unloading goods to & flo from warehouse and containers.


Project Award by Guan Chong Berhad for Ivory Coast Plant

almost 2 years ago by XTSSB

XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd has been awarded the Robot Palletizing with conveyor system project for Guan Chong Berhad new setup factory at Ivory Coast to improve their output and egornomic issue for staff while carry the high value cocoa butter that required man power and repeated job.


Project Award by Top Glove

almost 2 years ago by XTSSB

XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd has been awarded the high speed vision inspection conveyor project for the top glove acruire company Eastern Press to improve their high speed output line for inspection process that required a lot of man power. 



almost 2 years ago by XTSSB

XTS get approval for INDUSTRY4WRD Grant. For your information, this program also provides a 70:30 matching grant to companies that intend to implement the Intervention Program based on the Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment Report. The total intervention fund allocated is less than RM500,000.


XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd as Official Distrubutor for DF Automation & Robotics Sdn Bhd

almost 2 years ago by XTSSB

We are here to announce we are official distrubutor for DF AGV product.


XTS Invited to attend MIDA's API enabling more local firms to adopt automation

about 2 years ago by XTSSB

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 15 -- The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) launched the Automation Project Initiative (API) at MIDA Sentral here today. 

The government’s principal investment promotion and development agency, which is under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), said the initiative aims to enable businesses to adopt automation and smart manufacturing technologies in their business processes and operations.

MIDA chief executive officer Datuk Azman Mahmud said the automation of activities enables businesses to improve performance by reducing errors and improving quality and speed, sometimes achieving outcomes beyond human capabilities. 

"Automation also contributes to increasing productivity. At a time of lacklustre productivity growth, this would give a needed boost to economic growth and prosperity," he said in a statement.

Among the 11 participating companies and 20 system integrators at the event XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd is one of the System Integrators that invited by MIDA.

The event included a comprehensive presentation from MIDA regarding various automation and Industry4WRD facilitation initiatives offered by the government. 

These include the Domestic Investment Strategic Fund (DISF), Industry4WRD Intervention Fund, Automation Capital Allowance and the Digital Technology Acceleration Programme (DTAP) that are in place to assist companies in their automation journey.

According to the statement, a total of 318 applications have been approved for the automation capital allowance as of this month.

Companies that have leveraged on these facilities have experienced the tangible benefits of automation, MIDA said.

It added that based on the impact analysis of 245 projects approved as of Dec 31, 2019, these companies have invested more than RM430 million in automation, machinery and equipment.

As a result, companies reported an average of 180 per cent improvement in production volume as well as cost savings from the reduction of over 3,600 unskilled workers.

Azman said among the biggest misconceptions surrounding automation are the high cost of adoption and the scale of undertaking that requires the revamping of the entire production line. 

"Companies can start with simple devices to enable data collection, analytics and gradual enhancements to sophisticated machinery and equipment which are adaptable to artificial intelligence and other Industry 4.0 technology. 

“MIDA will do our best to support and facilitate these automation undertakings,” said Azman.








Kuka System Partner

about 2 years ago by XTSSB

XTS-Kuka System parter

We are proud to announce that XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd is Official System Partner for KUKA Robotics.

Signing Ceremony XTS & KUKA

CEO of KUKA Robotic Malaysia - Darren Chan (Left) and Managing Director of XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd - Xteven Teoh (Right) on the signing ceromony.

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