Fee Structure

For Business

Apply to be placed on pitchIN business directoryNo charges
Apply to raise moneyNo charges
Undergo initial due diligence and verificationNo charges
Accepted for full due diligence and hosting processingRM1688 Administrative Charges
Access to legal fundraising documents templatesNo charges
Project goes liveNo charges
Nominee structure to hold and manage shareholdersFree for first year. RM3888 Year 2 onwards
Use of escrow accountFree
Project is successfully fundedSuccess Fees as follows:

  1. For investments confirmed and received during pre-live stage before deal goes live on platform: 5%
  2. For investments raised when deal is live on platform: 7%
  3. For investments raised by Issuer from a Venture Capital Company, Private Equity company or Family Office: 3.5%
Note: Subject to final negotiations
Completion of documentation and transfer of fundsNo charges
Equity Crowdfunding is risky. You are investing in early stage companies which may not do well and could even fail. You could lose part or all of your investment. You may not be able to sell your shares easily. Learn More