Our commitment is to help everyday athletes, organizers and fans discover awesome ways to play



Every single day there are thousands of everyday people enjoying sports from all walks of life. We believe Huddle can be the platform that elevates the gameday experience of  players in youth sports, recreational weekend warriors and national level athletes.


  • AIRUPTHERE TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD was founded in 2018 by Andri Reza, Rezhan Majid and Ikram Omar bringing together their experience in sports, technology and marketing to design and develop Huddle.
  • Huddle provides a complete operations management suite for sports organisers. In return participants become users of the Huddle marketplace to view events and purchase them.
  • Huddle's vision is to bring everyday athletes together through sports experiences
  • To date we have generated RM480,000 revenue and have 4,100 profiles and 115 organizers on app.
  • Huddle is unique as it is a low cost digital tool that can safely transition the sports industry into the new normal due to COVID-19.
  • With the digitisation of sports content, on-ground sports activities and reach all in one place, it means that we have created a centralised platform for the ecosystem.

Currently recreational and participatory sports are fragmented making it challenging to find the best coach, league or social game within your locality. People only know where to look for these either by word of mouth or stumble upon through social media and search result pages. Ultimately the whole experience can be frustrating.

Furthermore established sports operators and tournament organisers may find it difficult to improve operational efficiency and ways to increase their participation numbers due to the lack of digital assets or the digitisation of their current assets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for sports operators and organisers to digitise their operations and product. This has created a new wave of consumer demand for new virtual products such as virtual runs and virtual coaching.  

Therefore, as sports and sports technology and management head into the near future towards IR 4.0, it brings the following challenges as well for those in the sports ecosystem:


  • Everyday athletes who wants to share their sports experiences online but find solutions available to be found wanting
  • Sports operators who intend to scale up their business and programs beyond their local market but have not invested in digitisation of their business to stay competitive
  • To track and digitise millions of active sports participation in the region for possible applications in IoT and tech wearables
  • To meet the challenges to market and monetise to millions of people in the fragmented recreational and participatory sports market

Huddle is a sports marketplace and community where someone can find a curated list of leagues, coaches and social games all in one place. This allows users to easily search for what they want in the marketplace and purchase them like any e-commerce platform. With Huddle, operators are able to publish their services and events directly to sports-centric consumers on the app.  

Huddle Host: Complete sports program management tool
Huddle Marketplace: A marketplace that curates and rates sports programs for athletes and parents.


To solve these problems, we needed to develop solutions for both sports operators as well as the participants of the marketplace that ranges from the players to fans and parents (youth). So we developed a web app and mobile app for the Huddle marketplace. And an online sports program management tool for sports operators called Huddle Host.HUDDLE HOST:

  • Instant online presence without the need for programming/web design knowledge
  • Instantly enable cashless transactions
  • Create and manage sports programs and schedules
  • Membership sales and management
  • Sports event ticket sales
  • Merchandise sales
  • Competition management, schedule, standings, and stats
  • Team and player profiles
  • Venue booking management
  • Marketing and content for club


  • Rated and curated listing of sports experiences available in the vicinity
  • Access to sports experiences locally and within the region
  • Digitisation of all participation data of sports experiences
  • Instantly view personal online profiles
  • Easily manage all event schedule from leagues, pickup games, and sports camps
  • Online marketplace to be able to purchase an event ticket or merchandise
  • Be a fan and follow other athletes
  • Cashless transaction: Find, signup & pay

EVOLUTION OF HOW YOU PLAY                        
Playing has evolved to include every facet in and around the game itself.  Track experience and performance across hundreds of partner leagues, coaches, and academies and create a career profile just like the pros. Engage and share memorable moments together with other people who love the game.  Huddle creates a seamless experience before, during, and after the game no matter what or where you're playing.  

By uniting communities across the region from school sports programs to local community clubs, grassroots sports are elevated through extended exposure and an exponential network effect. Youth stars and community athletes are brought to the forefront and the next great national hero could be discovered!  Let's give the grassroots coaches and community programs the recognition they deserve.

With Huddle, play goes hand in hand with technology. We aim to elevate the stakeholders within the sports industry into the digital age so that their passion can reach even more people.  Player centric content such as livestream games, real time scores and career and team statistics are all part of sports today.  These features alongside access to curated and rated league organisers, coaches, clubs and communities help to evolve the sports experience for the next generation.  By becoming the on demand marketplace for all sports experiences, whether it be a cycling event or martial arts tournament, Huddle propels the industry forward and provides unlimited opportunities for all stakeholders to grow and prosper.


To date we have already signed up 115 sports organizers on app. And that has generated a revenue of RM478k and 4,100 online profiles on Huddle.



As a 2 sided marketplace, we have to target both the supply and demand side of Huddle.

Our Huddle Host Customers (Supply) are sports organisers and sports businesses who want to reach a bigger market, digitise their business and save cost thru an increase in operational efficiency. These businesses range from:

  • League Organizers
  • Sports Academies/Coaches
  • Venue Operators
  • Sports Clubs

Our Huddle Marketplace Customers (Demand) are a wide range of ages, consisting of sports enthusiasts, athletes and parents of children who are looking for the ideal sports experience. Essentially anyone who's looking to Play Better Together!

Our current Huddle Host subscibers are league organizers in Malaysia from badminton to futsal and basketball. Here are some of their testimonials being on Huddle


Huddle's revenue stream is two prong. We collect an annual or monthly subscription for Huddle Host and earn 10% commission from transaction on Huddle marketplace.

Our onboarding strategy

  • Onboard organizers on Huddle Host
  • Onboard organizers captured market
  • Provide 'stickiness' & engagement with content
  • Cross market and leverage off network effect

The addressable market is focused on users who intend to participate in games (demand) and includes league organizers, operators and coaches (supply) who publish events and services in the Huddle ecosystem. .

Our short term target and the initial focus are to acquire over 70,000 users and 500 organizers in the Malaysian market. This is the market that we have significant experience and visibility as well as home-court advantage to build our foundation to grow across the ASEAN market. From the numbers below, our goals are achievable

Initial sports focus:
Badminton, Football, Basketball and Running

Initial Market size:
50 million people. These 4 sports make up almost 30% of total participatory sports market in ASEAN*
Badminton: 18million
Running: 12million
Football: 10.8million
Basketball: 9.2million

*Excludes Parents and Young Athletes. Total number of participatory adult athletes in ASEAN is 175millionThe numbers shown above are only the numbers of those participating in the sport that's above 18years old. If we include parents of these young athletes and all young athletes below 18 years old, the numbers are at least 5 to 10 times more. 

Our Initial Focus:

Our long term goal is to grow the user base across the ASEAN market and include more sports. This enables Huddle to create sports communities within the sports ecosystem and provide more events and services in the marketplace growing our revenue. We are looking at the market size of 25% of the total participatory sports within the region. 


Comparable companies operating in the market include ROVO a regional player in Singapore and SportsEngine that boasts 120,000 youth sports organizers that was acquired by NBC sports group in 2016. 

Our competitive advantage that makes us different is 20 years of sports experience from creating programs, creating communities and providing sports content.

We are looking to raise MYR600k for our operations. This would provide us with a 1-year runway to onboard more partners and customers and develop our technology further to serve the needs of our market. Therefore our greatest investment portion of 40% is for marketing, 35% is for further sales and backend staffing, and 25% to refine our product offering.


To be Southeast Asia's premier amateur sports technology company by changing the way people play and experience the sports they love and connecting athletes of all walks of life to play better together.


We have secured RM100k in funding from our lead angel investor. Aireen Omar is onboard as well as an investor and advisors to our team. 

Aireen initially joined AirAsia as the Director of Corporate Finance before becoming the CEO of AirAsia Berhad in 2012. Now as President of Red Beat Ventures (RBV), she is responsible for the Digital and Technology portfolio where she oversees group-wide initiatives to transform AirAsia into a global, cloud-driven product and platform company while ensuring synergies between the airline and digital business of AirAsia. Her previous experience includes working for Deutsche Bank in New York and London as well as Maybank, the largest banking and financial services group in Malaysia.

An avid fitness geek herself, when she’s not busy seeking out the next big tech venture Aireen enjoys taking spin and pilates classes to decompress. Her business knowledge across the ASEAN landscape is integral as an advisor and board member of AirUpThere Technologies.


Andri Khusahry

Andri has spent the majority of his life between his two passions: sports and technology. With almost two decades of experience in technology as developer, software architect, project manager and stakeholder, Andri is also the former General Manager of local professional basketball team, the Westports Malaysia Dragons. After working abroad in Singapore and in Brunei as a Head of Passenger Services System for Royal Brunei Air, Andri came back to Malaysia to head the technology initiatives at the Naza Group before co-founding AirUpThere Technologies.

An accomplished coach, having coached basketball at the National level, Andri's drive to help athletes find their best path in sports is the same drive he applies to the building of Huddle's impact and influence in the regional sports ecosystem.

Rezhan Majid

Rezhan has extensive sports and business experience globally including time spent in South East Asia, China and the United States. After starting his career at Motorola in Chicago, he went on to head a RM50 million trading business within the Malaysian conglomerate Naza Group. His penchant for business also includes founding companies within sustainable packaging, import/export in China, and large scale corporate events. Rezhan has been a guest analyst and commentator for the ASEAN Basketball League and has basketball coaching experience on the high school, elementary and adult recreational level. He coached with Jr NBA Malaysia and China and is a certified referee. His vast experience helps in building strong partnerships and a highly engaged Huddle community looking to play better together.

Ahmad Ikram

Ikram’s passion for sports is equivalent only to his passion for website and graphic design. A self taught graphic designer, Ikram pursued his interest and passion for entrepreneurship as a freelancer for years before co-founding a design agency in 2010 that focused on digital marketing strategies and design assets. Although having started his career in banking, Ikram has since amassed 13 years of experience in web and graphic design specializing in creating design systems to improve user experience and high quality user interfaces. He has lent his creative expertise in building digital assets for the past 6 years for KL's premier community sports programs, StatSports League and Sports Bandits.



The Huddle team is made up of a group of passionate, energetic and committed individuals looking to create an impact in the sports world. We come from various backgrounds and expertise to provide holistic solutions for the community that we serve.

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