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Task2bid is a mobile application developed by Asiatechub Sdn Bhd to help the citizens of Malaysia.

As a revolutionary idea to get daily tasks done or utilize one's skill to generate passive income, Task2Bid wishes to serve the low-income community, especially those aged 18 to 55 years. 

"Get Things Done and Monetize Your Skill"

Much like its alluring slogan, Task2Bid functions on two primary features. 

  • Requesters (who request services) post tasks or chores at their preferred budget,

  • while the Doers (who offers services) monetize their skills in the completion of these tasks. 

Conclusively, Task2Bid emphasizes a Win-Win situation.


Unemployment due to Covid-19 - The main social-economic issue during this pandemic, high unemployment rates, and daily financial struggles.

Absence C2C service marketplace – There is no right platform for individuals to monetize their talents and expertise. Even current gig-economy platforms that are heavily focused on food delivery only focus on a few skills. This limits possible work scopes and opportunities given to the people.  

Too busy to look for the right talent – Professional jobs often consume one’s time and energy, in which they are unable to accomplish their own household chores or errands. And find it even harder to find someone to help them do so.



Any Malaysian can be a Doer or a Requester, under a single roof, called Task2Bid.

Income for Talent - Grant low-income communities opportunities to make an extra buck for livelihood, applying their skills and expertise.

Cost-Effective - By implementing a bidding system, requesters can propose a budget for a particular service and choose the doers, while freelance Doers earn a side income with fewer expenses as per the info from Requestor. 

Escrow Payment & Free Insurance - A collaboration with Allianz and an escrow payment method ensures the security of all our users. 

With this, Task2Bid aims to improve the standard of living for all users on the platform.


Like any other platform, Task2Bid has its uniqueness that contributed to our website and application traffic. Synchronized in between web and mobile, which makes it convenient for people. Task2Bid has become a platform with 100% transparency as we provide escrow payment, online budget negotiation, virtual chat & question section to end-users. To adapt localization, Task2Bid app support Dwi-language so that it is convenient for everyone. On the other side, Task2Bid offers a feature to Find Nearest Doer where we filter every Doer based on segmentation and defined categories. The most prominent part is that Task2Bid covers 131 types of services based on Malaysians' latest trends as we conducted detailed research and put ourselves in their shoes.

Get Things Done or Type, Design, Speak and Teach for Cash. Here's how Task2Bid works :

The best person for the job isn't always who you think. Find the people with the skills you need and get your task done just the way you want, by whom you want when you want. Task2Bid has a wide range of categories to facilitate the daily needs of the users. Here to help designers, renovators, plumbers, personal trainers, tutors, editors who take what they're great at and turn it into a benefit. Task2Bid believes the community has the power to help you with little things and make the world a better place to live.

Hire your local pros whenever you need one at your nearest location with a preferred budget. We set out to make your task easier by providing a variety of services. For instance, We provide our Task Doers with the privilege to bid the assigned budget and Task Requester to choose the best to suit their needs. No Price war as the proposed price by the doer is only visible for the Requester, and the price negotiation can be continued until the job is done Task2Bid is for everyone. Come and join us to nurture your talents with profit.

Be a Requester and Get Things Done with Task2Bid.

Find what you're looking for by outsourcing! Post tasks at your convenience, from house cleaning to logo design, in only one minute for free: tell us about your task. Get offers from trusted Doers and browse the profile to award. Mention when and where you need it done, propose a fair budget for the task; attach a picture and post; it's completely FREE until you award the job. Worry not as we do provide refunds for any implications that got in the way. Requesters can request a refund when the assigned task is canceled from. The amount will be credited directly into Task2Bid’s wallet once the Requester clicks on the “Refund Now” button.

"Get Things Done; Sit back and relax; Review the accomplished task; Pay securely 

- all through Task2Bid."

You are fully insured with Allianz Insurance. This means your task is covered for liability to a third party when it comes to property damage - so now, you can post more and with peace of mind.


Be a Doer and Start Earning for Yourself.

You're the Boss! New tasks are available every day for you. Task2Bid have a wide range of task category. All you need to do is search for the task that matches your skills and passion by filtering the location, distance, and search task keywords. When you find a suitable task, just bid for it. Bid the task, and Let's Duit. It allows the Doer to make an offer to their favorite tasks. It's important to offer a fair price by considering how long it takes to complete the task and what equipments are needed. The bid price can be higher or lower than the task budget but let the Requester know about your offer through the cover letter. Complete the task and get paid. Get as much information from the Requester to understand better about the task. When you complete a task, don't forget to request the payment and give your honest review about the Requester. Therefore, as a Doer, keep your profile up to date by uploading your talents and latest works. A terrific profile definitely increases your chances to get hired. Allianz ensures Task2Bid tasks. Thus, Doers are covered under liability for any unintentional tort such as property damage. This is your best chance to digitalize your business by using Task2Bid; the Only platform that shows real-time nearby Doers (from Tutor to a contractor all based on distance). It's FREE to be a part of Task2Bid DOER. No monthly or annual subscription. Task2Bid is like a yellow page in a smartphone with distance, review, and number of a job done by the Doers.

Task2Bid's secret sauce will be the bidding system where users can post a task according to their budget and service provider to bid for the best price preferred by the requester. By using the escrow payment system with a bidding system, Task2Bid has become one of the first transparent apps in Malaysia.



Task2Bid has flourished more rapidly than anticipated, ahead of schedule. 

With 17 thousand verified talents, the number has grown daily to the extent that it covers every corner of Malaysia.

Task2Bid also has a Referral Program where anyone promoting Task2Bid will be rewarded, a way to #KitaJagaKita. 

We believe we can capture the B40 market soon because our platform is designed entirely with a localized mindset and promotes talents for free.


Task2Bid prima focus is Malaysian men and women between the ages 25 to 55. Task2Bid addresses and attempts to solve problems faced by our Rakyat in their daily lives. This initiative is also to provide opportunities for the unemployed.

Everyone is born with inherent abilities that make them unique in completing specific tasks compared to others. Hence, we are here to provide and support our people, regardless of race, religion, colour, etc.

We believe this will build trust and rapport amongst the people as well.

Business Model

Task2Bid’s revenue sources come from the Task Budget percentage (10% to 18%), which occurs once the task is assigned. Task2Bid easily makes a minimum of 2.7M ringgit monthly if we are the first to catch the fruit...

Market Size


Driven by a relatively high internet penetration rate and the enthusiasm of the people in purchasing, the e-commerce market in Malaysia is rising, and is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 24 percent a year.


Task2Bid believes in digitalization and that anybody with a skill set can be a service provider. Task2Bid innovated the service marketplace by bringing all potential service providers into a single platform by listing them according to 131 categories, locations, and reviews.


Local Service Provider - Niche and local player using conventional method operations. The pandemic has hit them hard; they are now looking forward to digitalization with platforms like Facebook and Task2Bid. Task2bid sees this as an opportunity, and many have joined Task2Bid as a service provider.

Recommend & Kaodim – They are established in several countries across Southeast Asia. They provide services using enterprise services provides to their clients, with an apathetic price and lesser flexibility.

Service Hero – They emphasize serving corporate clients. However, they have a narrow ecosystem of service providers who can only support businesses that require professional services.  

GoGet - They focus on selected services like; delivery & pick-up services to support business enterprises are ruling Klang Valley's service region.

Task2Bid – A visionary player, it focuses on having a broad spectrum of service providers, ranging from essential cleaning services to professional data science & analytics services. In addition, Task2Bid grants anyone the opportunity to showcase and apply their skills for an extra income. Therefore, Task2Bid naturally becomes the best fit gig-economy, readily available in the market.



Task2Bid is currently seeking RM 1 Million for the next 30 months of financing and the breakdown of the expenses as above.


Task2Bid believes that the community holds power to help our Rakyat in their daily life and make the world a better place to live.

We are here to help designers, renovators, plumbers, personal trainers, tutors, editors, etc., who take what they’re great at and turn it into something more significant.

Task2Bid’s vision is all about the opportunity, the hustle, and the victory of getting things done.


Kumaran, Founder - a complete Global Technophile, has served in more than 20 countries worldwide. Passionate about innovating a digital society, he believes that the economic crisis can be solved by getting a job/business for everybody. 

With a bag full of experiences, he knows the ins & outs of problem-solving, which has led to the establishment of Task2Bid in Malaysia.

Murali, Co-Founder - has over 12 years of experience of being in project and program management. With a proven capability to lead and manage profitable and influential organizations in various industries, he has supervised multiple companies at a time and dealt with thousands of employees. Moreover, he holds a vital notion in the GIG economy as a window to solve unemployment and enhance self-empowerment.

Mugheel, CEO - lead overall Task2Bid management since 2018. He is innovative in striking a balance between speed to market and user adoptions.


The crew behind Task2Bid consists of the Developer team and Marketing team.


Task2Bid received a review by Vulcan Post.



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List of the Most Requested Services Through Task2Bid

9 months ago by Mugheelashan Verasamy


We are coming Live for you!

10 months ago by Mugheelashan Verasamy

We are coming Live for you! Get to know more about us.

Date: Dec 9th 2021
Time: 8:30pm
Location: zoom meeting & pitchIN FB Page
FB: https://www.fb.me/e/1y26cZ2FP
Zoom: https://www.us02web.zoom.us/j/86237620695

SAVE THE DATE for a golden opportunity!



10 months ago by Mugheelashan Verasamy

As for our early bird offers, make your purchases before 12.12, where you can get double the free shares directly from pitchIN!




10 months ago by Mugheelashan Verasamy

We are now giving out Redeemable Convertible Shares with a 6% dividend from your investment amount!   Shareholders shall receive a fixed cumulative preferential dividend of Six Per Centum (6%) per annum on a non-compounding basis based on the investment amount.


Task2Bid - eRezeki Strategic Partner

11 months ago by Mugheelashan Verasamy

Task2Bid, registered under eRezeki, a program under MDEC initiated by the Malaysian Government. The eRezeki Programme also has received recognition from several international bodies such as World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) Merit Award for Digital Opportunity Category on 4th October 2016.

Thanks for the Recognition MDEC.



Exclusive 11:11 Promotion! - Get double the reward!

11 months ago by Mugheelashan Verasamy

Fantastic one time offers from Task2Bid up to RM60K worth of FREE share it’s happening exclusively in this section. 

As an 11:11 gift, we have doubled the reward….just for you. Now you can get two times of bonus shares.

Offer stands till Sunday the 14th November! 

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Invest in Task2Bid now!


Your task is safe with us!

11 months ago by Mugheelashan Verasamy

Did you know your task in Task2Bid is protected by the Allianz insurance company?

Yes, we got you covered! You are fully insured, with Allianz Insurance! This means your task is covered for liability to a third party when it comes to property damage - so now, you can post more in peace at mind!


Task2Bid has collaborated with Boost

11 months ago by Mugheelashan Verasamy

An exciting collaboration with Boost will benefit millions of users to book service help from Task2Bid using Boost e-Wallet payment. Task2Bid adopts Boost as an official payment gateway to ease users from making payments through their e-Wallet. Apart from that, Task2Bid successfully made a synergic voucher collaboration with Boost, which are 1. Shop Malaysia Online campaign by Boost and 2. Key Funded campaign by Task2Bid.

Shop Malaysia Online campaign by Boost.
> Task2Bid is one of the official Boost's online partners in the Shop Malaysia Online Phase 3 campaign. Minimum spend of RM 30 in single transaction eligible to get RM 10 cashback. Terms & Conditions Applied.

Key Funded campaign by Task2Bid.
> Task2Bid giving exclusive RM 10 cash discount for all Boost Users. Minimum spend of RM 100 in single transaction eligible to get RM 10 cash discount. Terms & Conditions Applied.

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