BayaFuel Next-generation FuelFleet Expense Management




BayaPay has envisioned the next-generation FuelFleet payment & expense management solution, BayaFuel. BayaPay issues BayaFuel cards, an SME payment card with credit facilities to pay for fuel and fleet-related expenses.


  • BayaFuel is an open-loop payment instrument to pay for fuel across all petrol brands and all fleet-related expenses where Visa/Mastercard cards are accepted, and supported with limits and controls.

  • With BayaFuel, commercial vehicle operators can save at least 20% in fuel costs.

  • Led by a payments veteran who has launched numerous payments card solutions in the APAC region, and successfully exited a similar FuelFleet payments company via an M&A with a global FuelFleet payments company.

  • Supported by a strong team with over 120 years of collective experience in payments, technology and digital ecosystems.

  • Ownership of knowledge domain and expertise.

  • Sustainable business model through multiple recurring income streams.



Commercial vehicles pay for fuel with cash or closed-loop fuel cards. Paying with cash is convenient but offers zero controls, while fuel cards are restricted by petrol brands.

These expose companies to a high degree of fraud risks through money pilferages and fuel slippages from fake/compounded claims, resulting in losses.


Current payment methods either lack controls or force drivers off-route to pump fuel only at selected petrol brands. These are inconvenient, costly, and unsafe.

Highly administrative

Majority of commercial vehicle operators still use time-consuming, cumbersome and manual administrative processes to manage expenses. These add costs and reduces efficiency for commercial vehicle owners.

Flexible: Cashless and digitized SaaS payment solution

✓ Easy-to-use platform:

  • Approve/Deny payment-on-demand

  • Manage payment transactions

  • Generate insightful reports to optimize spending

✓ Cashless and secure payment solution accepted where Visa/Mastercard payments are accepted

✓ Eliminate paperwork, tracking/matching receipts & dispute with drivers

✓ Reduce tedious, time consuming and manual admin work & costs

Convenient: Pay for fuel at any petrol station and for any fleet-related expenses

✓ Pay for fuel at any petrol station

✓ Pay for any fleet or driver related expenses

✓ Make payment-on-demand for urgent payments/unexpected incidents

✓ No need to carry cash or multiple fuel cards and employers don’t need to advance salaries/cash

Secure: Programmable & permission-based payments, AnyWhere EveryWhere

✓ Set limits and controls, programmable – only legitimate and rightful payments are approved

✓ Exceptional payment incidents are supported by credit and risk assessments powered by big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)

✓ Payments, transactions, locations are tracked in real-time

✓ PCI-DSS certification, fraud deterrence


BayaFuel Card

Bayafuel FleetOps

Comprehensive and insightful backend engine powered by AI and big data analytics to ensure only rightful payments are authorised

Bayafuel Dashboard

Payment Management Systems for clients to manage payments, drivers and cards as well as gain visibility on all payments and spending

Bayafuel Mobile App

One-stop mobile application for drivers to request to pay for fuel or urgent payments


Bayafuel Telematics

Real-time tracking of vehicles/ location, geo-fencing/ location restriction



Logistics Fleet Operators

Mordor Intelligence reports that the logistics market in Malaysia will grow from USD 37.6B in 2020 to USD 55B in 2026. It also reports that the workforce in the logistics sector is expected to increase by 41% from 393,000 workers in 2016 to 554,000 in 2022. As the logistics industry grows increasingly competitive, fleet operators must gain maximum advantage by leveraging on payments technology and big data to optimize expenditure, deter fraud and boost efficiency to stay ahead of the competition.

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) - Commercial Vehicle Owners

According to SME Info, there are close to 1 million SMEs in Malaysia, accounting for 98.5% of all businesses in Malaysia. These SMEs are still mainly underserved or unserved, with the majority of their fleet and business payments made using cash. This represents a big opportunity to help these SMEs digitalize their payments and in so doing, cut costs and deter fraud.

Financial Institutions

Working in collaboration with financial institutions to offer co-branded/own-branded FuelFleet payment cards, and SME credit financing.


  • Interchange Revenue fees – Fees paid by the merchant’s acquiring bank for the implementation of a payment

  • Service fees on a “pay as you use” model

  • Telematic fees on a subscription-based model


  1. Worth of fuel consumed in Malaysia annually

    • RM88 billion

      (Source: World Population Review, link here)

  2. Share of fuel consumed by commercial vehicles

    • 60%

      (Source: The International Council on Clean Transportation, link here)

  3. How much Malaysian commercial drivers travel annually

    • 121,000KM annually/ 10,000KM monthly

      (Source: Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research, link here)


Closed-loop fuel cards

Currently, closed-loop fuel cards offer some level of controls; however, it is only accessible to a restricted/limited network. This means further hassles for drivers having to either hold multiple fuel cards or travel off-route to pump fuel at select petrol brands thereby eating up unnecessary costs. In addition, these fuel cards are limited to paying only for fuel and not for all fleet-related expenses.

Credit cards/ Charge cards

Both credit and charge cards are convenient modes of payments for FuelFleet related expenses; however, these cards lack the necessary limits and controls to ensure that unpermitted payments are not authorized (purchases like cigarettes, alcohol, etc).


Payments by cash are convenient and widely acceptable, but offer almost no controls when it comes to ensuring its rightful and permitted usage. Holding cash also poses risk & inconveniences such as:

  • Losing the money

  • Getting robbed

  • Spending the money on other urgent items

  • Drivers having to keep and track their receipts

  • Potential abuse/fraud with fake and/or compounded receipts

  • Admin hassles (tracking, matching, processing claims) which are time-consuming and costly often resulting in frequent dispute with drivers



To be the leading FuelFleet payment & expense management solution in ASEAN by 2026.


To support commercial vehicle operators in their business landscape by continuously improving payment controls, offering convenience and achieving cost savings.


KK Low (Founder & CEO)

Job Function: Business Strategy Owner & Navigator - Building Business

  • Payments pioneer with over 30 years of experience in the payments/cards industry within Asia Pacific

  • Pioneered one of the region’s first payment cards, the Maestro card for MBf Cards and developed one of the region’s first FuelFleet cards with Cardtrend Systems Sdn Bhd

  • Successfully launched payment and FuelFleet payment cards in the APAC region to multinational Oil & Gas companies and financial institutions

  • Successful track record with a proven exit of this FuelFleet company with leading global FuelFleet payments company, Edenred



Company Registration No.: 202101021154 (1421454-H)

Incorporated on: Jun 11, 2022

BayaPay Sdn Bhd was incorporated in June 2021 and operations commenced on November 2021. Since then, BayaPay has successfully tested its MVP since March 2022. We have also prepared and documented our first edition of the full business processes and procedures on August 2022.

Currently, our full product rollout system development and configuration is in work-in-progress and we target the full rollout in early 2023. The key management and team are ready in place

Brandon Lee

Co-Founder & COO

Job function: Operations & Product Owner/Navigator

  • Over 20 years of experience in marketing, e-commerce, payments, digital and technology startup ecosystems in Southeast Asia

  • Built and led cross-functional global teams focusing on marketing, business development, media, social, product, content, branding, e-commerce and digital

  • Strong experience in digital ecosystems and payments and growing technology startups in the Southeast Asia region


CK Low

Co-Founder & CTO

Job function: IT Development, Business Intelligence/Artificial Intelligence

  • Over 20 years of experience dealing with IT systems, infrastructure, payments and frameworks in the banking, financial services and logistics sector

  • Vast experience in implementing and designing data warehouses and business intelligence for the credit and financial side of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and financial institutions

Senior Advisor

Job function: Business Risk Strategy and Sales Advisory

  • 40 years of experience in the corporate pharmaceutical industry with exceptional sales skills

  • Extensive corporate experience and know-how especially in sales, distribution, licensing and management of supply chains

Senior Advisor

Job function: Business Risk Strategy and Credit & Compliance Advisory

  • 45 years of experience in the ICT industry with a wealth of corporate and executive roles in IBM & Compaq (now part of HP Malaysia)

  • Successfully listed Datascan Berhad on Bursa’s Main Board in 2004 while serving as CEO (now known as Cuscapi Berhad)

  • Former President / Advisor of PIKOM, MDEC Board Member 2011 – 2018

  • Formerly Independent Non-Executive Director of 2 public listed companies

Head of Infrastructure & Network

Job function: Technology Operations & Strategy

  • 25 years of experience in IT operations covering systems, compliance, security, and infrastructure

  • Vast experience in IT project management, IT operations, IT compliance and security

Head, Sales & Marketing

Job function: Sales & Marketing

  • 40 years of sales & marketing experience in the fuel cards industry and was key in driving petrol cards for Petronas

Head, Compliance

Job function: Compliance & Risk Management

  • Seasoned experience in compliance and risk assessment and management

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  • “All brands/brand assets are the trademarks, IP, rights and copyrights of the respective companies and in no way does BayaPay make any claims of any sort on the trademarks, IP, rights and copyrights”

  • “BNM E-money license is currently under negotiations for BayaPay to use from a third party license holder”

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