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Founded in May 2020, Goceb.com is Malaysia’s leading celebrity shoutout platform where fans can pay celebrities and artists to make personalized video messages. Celebrities on the platform including Khai Bahar (2mil Instagram followers), Intan Najuwa (1.9mil Instagram followers) – sets their own rate, which can range anywhere from RM20 per video to RM800. Users give a brief description of what they want them to say or who the message is for, and within a few days or even hours, a video is delivered.

The unique B2C celebrities-fans model has successfully made the impact to local fans market. Since it launched, Goceb.com grows form single digit booking to 750 monthly bookings with 231 active celebrities onboard. 

In the next 12 months, Goceb planned to launch more new products including livestreaming, 1:1 Voice Chat and Super Stickers to build stronger competitive advantages for the USD6bil digital merchandising market in Southeast Asia.


For as long as there’s been a cadre of the rich, famous, and influential, there’s also been a public fascinated by their every move. Researchers in the 1950s coined the term para-social interaction to describe the perceived relationship people have with public figures. Celebrity obsession may be nothing new, but how we interact with them (and who’s even deserving of that title) has seen a significant evolution. Social media has given the public unprecedented access to their favorite celebrities, while simultaneously creating a new class, aka influencers. 

For example, top 10% of fans willing to pay 3-5x higher for a VIP music concert ticket just to get closer to their idol artists competing with out of thousands of fans. They enjoy having a chance to take better videos or get further interaction with their idol during their concert. It’ll boost their social reorganization by showing these exclusive videos to their friends. 

However, celebrities-fans market has not much changes in the past 10 years.

Comparing to traditional channels like TV, magazine, music concert etc. The new social media including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube give fans a new way to entertain by watching/reading latest celebrities news in order to fulfil their satisfaction, all these channels are limit to just media, there have limited level of interaction. 

Nowadays, hardcore fans hardly find a channel to get personalized interaction with their idol’s celebrities or artists, There’s no easy way like we book hotel on booking.com or book a car with Grab. 


To give everyone a better fans experience, Gigi and her team founded Goceb.com – a celebrities shoutout platform where fans can book 30 – 60 seconds personalized video messages directly from their favorite artists or celebrities. 

Users can access to the company website www.goceb.com to browse the platform’s directory to find celebrities. Celebrities come from a wide range of backgrounds, including actors, DJ, musicians, comedians, and Disney stars impersonators like Snow Queen Elsa, Spiderman and more. 

Each celebrity sets their own price, which starts at RM20 and can reach well into the thousands. A personal shout-out from Mr.Bean impersonator, coming in at RM120 per video, is currently the most popular offering on the platform.

Celebrities on the platform have reviews, star ratings, and recent video examples available on their Goceb page to show customers what they’re getting themselves into. Once a video creator is chosen, the customer is prompted to fill out a form detailing his or her request. Customers can specify whether they want the video for themselves or someone else, what occasion the video is made for, and give any other special instructions for example birthday wish, friends’ graduation wish etc.

Once a request has been made, the celebrity have up to 5-7 days to create the personalized video. Nevertheless, the celebrity can decline to create the video should they disagree with any of the specifications made as easy as like other booking platform e.g. Airbnb, Grab or Booking.com.

As of now, there are 4 types of products available on Goceb.com

1. Livestream Video – where users can book 30min, 45min or 60min video call with their favorite celebrities or mentors. Price range from RM45 – RM1,200.

2. Personalized video message – where users can book a short 60 seconds personalized pre-recorded video from celebrities with price range from RM20 – RM800.

3. Super Sticker – where users can book a sets of exclusive celebrities WhatsApp stickers price range from RM10 – RM30.

4. 1:1 Voice Message – Has limited budget for video? Don’t worry, Goceb provides another solution for fans to book voice call from their favorite celebrities with price range from RM20 – RM300.


In the past 10 months since Goceb launched in May 2020, the company has recorded with steady-growing revenue and bookings.

- Sep 20: RM18,000
- Oct 20: RM23,000
- Nov 20: RM32,000
- Dec 20: RM32,000
- Jan 21: RM36,000
- Feb 21: RM45,000
- Mar 21: RM48,000



Since launch, Goceb have acquired more than 1,200 hardcore customer fans in Malaysia mainly from famous artists Khai Bahar, Intan Najuwa and Hes Hasmi. Goceb customers are willing pay premium for better fans experience and exclusive entertaining interaction. 



Same as Southeast Asia ride hailing giant Grab, Goceb make money by taking a 30% commission from every transaction facilitated via the platform. 



With the fast-growing on global entertaining industry, we seek to understand the global digital merchandising market size is projected to reach USD 34bil.7 by 2025. For Southeast Asia, digital merchandising market size is projected to reach USD6bil by 2025. Looking at digital merchandising market in US alone, similar model like Cameo grows from zero to 300,000 personalized celebrities video in 2 years after started. 


At present, there are some players in Southeast Asia market such as Singapore-based AceVideo and SendJoy, Malaysia-based GetHolla. Based on the recent competition survey, most of the competitors in this regional are relatively small with only less than 300 monthly bookings. 


In order to build a strong competitive advantage across the region, Goceb planned to raise RM6mil seed round of funding. With the investment and funding, Goceb looks to launch more products and expand the market to Indonesia and Thailand. On top of that, the additional resources will help Goceb to increase their sales and footprints.


To bring ultimate fans experience to everyone in the planet.


Gigi Lim, CEO & Founder

Gigi Lim is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with expertise in corporate finance, accounting, fundraising, business management and the expansion strategy. With more than 14 years of finance accounting background, she had successfully empowered more than 3 public listed companies and multiple million-dollar startups to go extra miles. 

The Goceb team is made up of 7 members, all of whom have relevant experience and are subject matter experts. To highlight the management team in Goceb, they comprise of: 

ZiKang, Head of Marketing

ZiKang Tai is a serial e-commerce entrepreneur with expertise in global digital marketing, growth-hacking, branding strategies, and the consumer goods industry. Through his experiences, he has co-founded two lifestyle brands, Fitgear (https://shopfitgear.com/)  and Oxwhite (https://oxwhite.com/) and today, together with Alcosm 

(https://www.alcosm.com.my/) he has helped generate a total revenue of USD 10million in the past 3 years with these brands. The years of hardship being a young entrepreneur it is his wish to continue to grow through immersing himself in the world of entrepreneurship and startups. 

Ali Zhang, Head of Technology

Prior to joining Goceb, he was the founder and CEO fo Moonbird Pte Ltd, a Singapore incorporated software development firm. Ali has extensive 12 years of experience in blockchain, cloud computing, AI and web & mobile app development experience. 


Press links to Goceb https://www.goceb.com


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