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Love18 Handmade Chocolates started back in Y2013 as a home base chocolatier and we quickly get a lot of market attention and become one of the pioneer handmade ganache chocolatier in local market. Our delicious and tasty handmade chocolates quickly grab the attention from press media and was featured in over 6 different local press, TV station and radio station. 

In Y2015, we decide to turn our chocolate passion into a formal business name after Love18 Chocolates Sdn Bhd and established our first chocolate cafe at Setiawalk, Puchong. We have slowly grow our product line from 6 to over 100 sku today. Our sales channel include online store at www.love18.cafe; retail outlet in Setiawalk Puchong and Atria Mall, PJ. We are in the middle to launch our new outlet at Beach Street, Penang to capture the growing demand from Northern Region and tourists visiting Georgetown, Penang by this coming Dec 2017. 

The secret formula of our tastefully delicious chocolates hide on 3 key success factors, premium imported chocolates ingredients only use by 5 star hotel and restaurant; freshly made and no preservative added. 

After 4 years of operation, R&D and figuring out our business strategy, we are ready to take our business to next stage where we aim to grow our Love18 Chocolates to become the premium luxury chocolate brand that made in Malaysia. 

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  • Eddie Lee

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