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The company owns two platforms namely Shopla365 and Edu365. The two platforms were created with the dream to bring improvement to e-commerce in rural and remote areas in Malaysia. Shopla365 & Edu365 has been collaborating with local government agencies to introduce e-commerce services in locations such as the Kampung Orang Asli throughout Malaysia. Since the platform was established in 2021, the company had secured a few pilot projects in adapting the solutions in areas around Cameron Highland.


Despite the growth of e-commerce in Malaysia, there are still approximately 70% of the locations are yet to actively involved in e-commerce due to logistics challenges, lack of education support and have very less to non on access to e-commerce platform. These individuals in rural and remote areas would have to travel at least few hours off road just to send out their orders or to collect their purchases from online platforms.


Shopla365 worked with locals living in the village to utilize their houses/store as a delivery and receiving points for goods to be send out and delivered to. This is crucial to ensure the gap of the current logistic chain can be filled up. To encourage more e-commerce activities, Shopla365 and Edu365 provide hybrid education to ensure the required information for e-commerce is successfully passed down to the villagers.


Shopla365 had recorded RM 1 million gross revenue to date within 1 year of operations and had seen continuous growth with a few pilot projects secured in expanding rural e-commerce.


Shopla365 operates on a B2B2C model (Business to Business to Consumer) model. Shopla365 provides wholesale channel for businesses to source to large quantity of goods and also variety of goods for end consumer. With the group focus on rural and remote area’s e-commerce activities, there is an opportunity of capturing up to 70% of the remaining locations that are yet to actively involve in e-commerce.


Shopla365 & Edu365 provide monetized services to e-commerce merchants which include:

Sales Commission: 5% to 8% commission from each successful transactions

Service Subscription: RM 69 to RM 4380 per year subscription Fee For individual/corporate clients

Ecommerce Project Management: Customized e-commerce solutions for government agencies or government linked companies

Edu365 Education Platform: Fee per course


E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industry in Malaysia, fueled by domestic demand and innovation.

Shopla365 intends to expand into more verticals and as well as to leverage on its existing growth as part of its long-term plan to be a dominant platform for rural and remote areas in Malaysia.

A study conducted by Google and Temasek revealed that Malaysia’s e-commerce industry amounted to USD3 billion in 2019, USD6 billion in 2020 before leaping to USD13 billion in 2025.


The rural and remote area’s e-commerce is currently a relatively uncontested market in Malaysia with Shopla365 perhaps the first and only company that is providing a one stop solutions from education, e-commerce platform and logistics support to these areas. There are other e-commerce platforms that focuses on rural areas but often face difficulties to fulfil their orders due to logistics challenges. Therefore, we believe that we can compete effectively in this market.



To drives Malaysia’s rural economy development by providing startup environment, education and logistic solutions for the local people.


EDDIE MOK (Founder & Managing Director)

  • Age: 39 Years Old

  • 16 Years of Sales Experience   

  • Founded Parcel365, the first app base parcel locker in Malaysia and is currently operating in more than 80 locations

  • Alumni of Alibaba Global Initiative (Alibaba Netpreneur Training Malaysia Program #3)

  • Opening guest of Alibaba Global Initiative Netpreneur Program in 2019 and 2022

  • Panelist for Rangkaian PAKEJ Workshop Series 1


SY LEE (Co-Founder & Executive Director)

  • Age: 26 Years Old

  • Graduated with Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) in Psychology

  • Co-Founded Parcel365, the first app base parcel locker in Malaysia and is currently operating in more than 80 locations

  • Years of experience in courier operations and management

  • Alumni of Alibaba Global Initiative (Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program 2022)

  • Working Group Member for National Postal and Courier Industry Lab (NPCIL) by MCMC


JAKE LEONG (Co-Founder & Head of Education & E-commerce)

  • Age: 27 Years Old

  • Graduated with Bachelor Degree in Information Technology        

  • Years of experience in e-commerce web development

  • Responsible in overseeing day to day operations of Shopla365

  • Enthusiastic about adaption of rural e-commerce

  • Leading the on going project in UUM and PEDi


SOONG PEI HSIN (Co-Founder & Head of Operations)

  • Age: 42 Years Old

  •  Graduated with Diploma in Graphic Design

  • 18 years of experience in business operations

  • Oversees daily operation and restructuring standard operation procedures for effective project development and management


STEPHAN LAW (Head of Sales & Marketing)

  • Age: 37 Years Old

  • 5 years of experience in distribution of hair care products

  • Distributor of Lisap Asia Pacific

  • Oversees communication and management of merchants to ensure smooth operations

  • An enthusiast person who wanted to assist merchants to go online

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  • Eddie Mok
    Founder & Managing Director
  • SY LEE
    Co-Founder & Executive Director

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