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Rodeo was orginally derived from Spanish verb Rodear, meaning "to surround" or "go around". We adopted the name to represent our our business the theme of moving and to be a Rodeo we are strong in will power, persistence and innovation.
  • A 6-man company with vast knowledge in Advertising, Marketing and Technology.
  • Innovative insticts with 2 Industrial Designs registered and 2 pending.
  • Provident track record and have market fit product by executing more than 100 campaigns
  • Strong clientele base serving more than 50 advertisers, recruited more than 5,000 vehicle assets.
  • Strong revenue growth with merely RM10,000 ($2,500) paid-up grown to RM6.8M ($1.7M) in just 4 years.
  • The funds will be used to scale our work force and enhance our current technology by incorporating Machine Learning, IoT and Computer vision for better scalability and growth.

Rodeo Facts & Figures

1) 3 Years of proven track record
Revenue has grown from RM 43,460 ($10,865) in 2017 to RM4.4million ($1.2M) in 2019 with CAGR of 365%, recording profits for 3 years in a row (2017, 2018 and 2019).

2) Strong organic growth
-x437 capital efficiency – Grew Rodeo with RM10k ($2,500) paid up capital to RM4.4 ($1.2M) million cumulative revenue (2017-2020). This year, we already secured contracts worth RM2.39M and it is a record.

3) Market fit product and proven business model
More than just a B2B platform by executing more than 100 campaigns and with retaining clients.

4) Growth opportunities ahead of the new normal
Introducing eco-system utilising inventory

5) Proprietary technology
Our web and mobile technology are built from scratch & 100% owned by Rodeo.

6) Upselling opportunities
Rodeo has designed and submitted design patent for Rodeo Shield. A safety shield which is built to be installed in ride-sharing cars to prevent spread from bacteria, crimes and privacy between riders and drivers. A must-to-have product especially in this current situation to combat COVID-19.

7. Key clients

Alibaba, Airasia, Astro, Shell, Honda, Axa, Dole, Perodua, Malaysiakini, iProperty, FashionValet, KFC, HappyFresh, Avon, Socar,Trevo and many more.

Take a view of the product:-

  1. Typically, vehicle value depreciates 25% in the first year and 15% every subsequent year. It is always perceived as a liability from an accounting point of view but we want to break that stereotype by monetising them as a canvas for advertising.
  2. On the other hand, advertising on vehicles is nothing new as it has been around since the 1990s. Up till today, there is no concrete technology that provides cohesive metrics or deep data to advertisers with impression data, effectiveness of the campaign, campaign in-sights and lot more. To top it off, this problem is also faced by other offline medias as well.

  1. We wanted to create mobility media by influencing people in motion to transform vehicles as a canvas to ferry advertisements covering 3 main drivers for the gig economy which are ride sharing cars, food delivery motorcycles, last mile delivery such as lorry and trucks.
  2. We have developed a proprietary technology by incorporating IoT (Offline) to provide deep data.

    Rodeo IoT now can provide a solution to gauge impression data, in-car ride metrics, population density data and lastly, a platform to provide WiFi to every rider who gets on-board with ride sharing. This deep data will provide better in-sights for advertisers to analyse their campaigns, to activate geo-location based campaign and run re-targeting campaigns using the data.


We have built an online platform that allow us to manage clients’ campaigns in an all-in-one place such as:
a.    Book 
b.    Design
c.    Manage
d.    Measure


We have developed an app that enable us to recruit drivers, publish every campaign and getting interested drivers to bid for respective campaigns based on their liking. The app also acts as a tool to share information related to the e-Hailing industry in Malaysia as the contact point. This app has another feature which is to publish promotions related to this vertical to offer special packages or rates to advertisers.


Measure the impact of high-recall for out-of-home (OOH) with Rodeo. The dashboard is to access campaign metrics in real-time.

  • Attribution
  • Retargeting
  • Impressions
  • Mileage
  • Heat Maps
  • Daily Routes

Every advertiser will be given an access to allow them to monitor their campaigns on real-time and improve transparency.

  1. Executed more than 100 campaigns, onboarded more than 50 advertisers
  2. Onboarded more than 5,000 inventory, mobilised 20 digital screens and 20 boards on Motorcycles.
  3. Moreover, we have humbly contributed more than RM1M ($250K) to our gig economy.
  4. To date, we have generated a total revenue of RM6.8M ($1.7M) in 4 years with combining more than 50 advertisers.
  5. Secured RM2.37M contracts for 2021.


We live with technology disruption but we believe business is about people and trust and that is why Rodeo brings brands together and amplify the gig economy.

Some of our portfolio clients can be viewed on the following links:

https://youtu.be/2kWhnvhhEm0 - DOLE " World Largest Fruit and Vegetables producer"
https://youtu.be/CD4fcye4g28 - Air Selangor "Water Tank Branding"
https://youtu.be/15_7hxZpSfQ - Rodeo Shield "Covid-19 Safety Shield"
https://youtu.be/cP-Ld8ay_qA - Super Coffee "What is morning without a cup of coffee"
https://youtu.be/EnZcpbtk5m0 - SportsDirect "Increase Footfall"
https://youtu.be/e9xY-0UUQ54 -  Kenny Rogers Roaster " First of its kind 3D Mechanical"
https://youtu.be/x_3p_IeCdBo - Tune Protect " 3D Model show casing type of insurance products"
https://youtu.be/Gh1_kw01h9M - Swatch "Rodeo Cycle"
https://youtu.be/-DrFkqdt_0U - AXA " Launching eMedic"
https://youtu.be/DefXBDt434g - Happy Fresh "Fortune Cookies CNY"
https://youtu.be/FhIbH7AJCIg - Lazada "11.11 Festival Season"



We provide an omni-channel advertising solution and each of them will have a minimum media buy. In average, we should have a minimum of 40-50% profit margin from every media booking.


Ride sharing advertising market size alone is valued $245 Million in South East Asia.  In addition to that, based on the latest AC NIELSEN 2019 Out-Of-Home Advertising study it reveals that wrapped vehicle provides 64% highest brand recall-ness compared to any other OOH media.


  1. Unlike our competitors, Rodeo provides a 360 media solution by offering a variety of media solutions and incorporating gamification and augmented data.
  2. We are innovators and currently have 2 Industrial Design Patterns and 2 IDs pending.
  3. Every campaign we execute, we embed creativity with big ideas to create the 'wow' factor. We have introduced the first of its kind incorporating 3D and Mechanical on Car branding for Kenny Rogers Roasters. 
  4. Our target primarily would be SME and Start Ups as we are competitive in business model and flexible on scoping.



We are looking to raise a minimum of RM300K ($75K) to RM1 Million ($250K) maximum at pre money valuation of RM10M to be used for our expansion

The funds will be used for :-

  1. Working Capital - 70%
  2. Improve our current technology by incorporating AI - 22%
  3. Marketing & Branding to capture bigger market share - 8%

We have successfully secured Seed Round funding led by Fidelity Funding Sdn Bhd. A group of company of Eatcosys which lead by Mr. Lih Tham (Founder and Chairman Fidelity Funding/EATCOSYS)



We want to make sure every vehicle is used as money making machines.


Founders shared deep passion towards integrating advertising and technology. The team sharing one vision has navigated the ups and downs of building a business from ground zero and to be one of the leading transit media specialists in Malaysia. 

Infact in the beginning of time, it was tough as being a small company, everyone in Rodeo had to play different cards simultaneously. A marketer, a designer, installer, producer and many more.

But in the end the best thing was to know what Rodeo truly is.


Not your ordinary serving of creatives with aside of rebellion.Why are we behind bars you may ask? Guess we kept defying the norm-and living life on the fast lane.

Be part of this legend. We are here NOT to share our dreams but we are here sharing our factual journey which is happening right in front of your eyes. We bring reality to you.Thank You. Yee-haw!















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  • This issue, offer or invitation for the offering is a proposal not requiring authorisation of the Securities Commission under section 212(8) of the CMSA 2007.
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Rodeo took a spot on Tan Sri Tony' IG Wall

about 1 year ago by Valens


Alibaba in Rodeo!

over 1 year ago by Valens

Our heads are in the clouds right now. Having Alibaba, a global player on-board is trully magical.

Appreciate the full faith you have in Rodeo. This innovative, strategic and award-winning agency for 3 consecutive years saw potential and synergy in Rodeo to take campaigns to greater heights. Thank you, Ampersand Advisory. 

This is just the beginning, exciting times ahead.



over 1 year ago by Valens


Date - 16.6.2021

Time - 8.30pm (Malaysia)

Venue - Zoom Meeting



Rodeo, an up-and-coming AdTech pioneer, has opened up new avenues for vehicle owners to earn passive income! regardless it is a Car, Motorcycle, Lorry or Bus.

Since 2017, we have netted RM6.8 mil (US$1.7M) in revenue repurposing 5,000+ vehicles as mobile advertising space for 50+ companies, growing at an impressive CAGR of 365%.

Propelled by strong organic demand, Rodeo is raising RM1 mil (US$250K) to enhance our proprietary IoT technology that tracks and analyses advertising metrics in real time and creating a new revenue stream using digital platform.

Invest in us.



Perks for Investors

over 1 year ago by Valens


Successfully secured Seed Round funding led by Fidelity Funding Sdn Bhd

over 1 year ago by Valens

We have successfully secured Seed Round funding led by Fidelity Funding Sdn Bhd. A group of company of Eatcosys which lead by Mr. Lih Tham (Founder and Chairman Fidelity Funding/EATCOSYS) 


Honda Boon Siew officiating Rodeo Moto!

over 1 year ago by Valens



RM2.3M Total Revenue and highest revenue in total

over 1 year ago by Valens


Honda Boon Siew Piggybag’s on Rodeo Moto’s delivery bag

over 1 year ago by Valens

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 April 2021 – Malaysia’s fast moving Adtech Start-Up, Rodeo, in partnership with one of the leading food delivery providers, DeliverEat announced the launch of advertisements on delivery bag, Rodeo Moto today.

Through this strategic partnership, Rodeo and DeliverEat are providing a new revenue stream to the gig economy as well as for both companies. Especially during the MCO and CMCO period, the demand for food delivery has skyrocketed. This creates a great opportunity for us to capitalize the situation and start monetising the bag said Valens Subramaniam, CEO of Rodeo. He also said, by having ads on the bag, these riders are technically bringing the advertisements to every doorstep and we are able to disrupt.

DeliverEat is the first online food delivery company in Penang and started operating in KL in 2017 which has more than 4,500 restaurants with more than 1,000 riders. Rodeo Moto is a great innovation and creates disruptions as well by capitalising the amount of exposure that advertisers will gain from this creation said Tan SS, CEO of DeliverEat. On top of that, Tan SS said, “When Rodeo approached us with this innovative idea, we were so excited as this is a great innovation and business model with no brainer as it gives a win-win situation to every stakeholder.”

This media will be the first of its kind in Malaysia and will provide great exposure for advertisers. Every rider is making about 30-40 deliveries per day at selected zones and completing min 1,000KM per month. “We want to make use of “missed opportunity” to our advantage. In Klang Valley alone, there are more than 30,000 food riders supporting the gig economy and we might have 100,000 – 300,000 trips per day based on our estimation said Valens.

Hence, it is a great advertising platform for brands to capitalise its mass reach and its cost effectiveness advantage supported by campaign data and audit report for every campaign executed.

With that being said, being first advertiser, Honda Boon Siew, saw a huge potential which resonates with their market. The campaign with them not only in Klang Valley but at Penang as well to turn heads on the streets added Valens Subramaniam.

Rodeo also has worked with MNC’s and start-ups such as Shell, AXA, Astro, Perodua, Kimberly-Clark, Kenny Rogers Roasters, AFC, Super, Lenovo, iProperty, Happy Fresh, Avon, Foodpanda, Socar, Swatch, UMobile, Tune Protect and lot more.

“Our platform will definitely be an integrated eco–system for this gig economy and we want to champion this industry via our media offerings,” added Valens Subramaniam.


Yee-haw!!! Secured RM69,960 from MisClaire.

over 1 year ago by Valens


Rodeo wrapping Astro

over 1 year ago by Valens

Rodeo secured a campaign to wrap Astro vehicles with their inhouse branding. MCO will not stop Rodeo from executing its task.


Launching Rodeo DOOH by onboarding Al-Ikhsan

over 1 year ago by Valens

Rodeo DOOH disrupting OOH Space by placing digital screens on ride sharing cars. The design is tactically positioned to give better impact in term of visibility and gives eye-level presentation.


Onboarding Astro

almost 2 years ago by Valens

Another client to our account


Another deal locked securing ASTRO Car Campaign

almost 2 years ago by Valens


MCIS on Rodeo Shield Worth RM34,980

almost 2 years ago by Valens

Rodeo executing MCIS Rodeo Shield on Ride Sharing cars mainly Grab. A contract worth RM34,980



Trevo On Rodeo Car "Contract value RM170K"

almost 2 years ago by Valens

Another Good News to share to our potential investors!

We have on boarded TREVO by securing contract value RM170K


Rodeo Trevo Partnership

almost 2 years ago by Valens

Extremely excited to announce that Rodeo have established partnership with TREVO to bring positive impact of Carsharing to communities across all of Malaysia and provide additional income for #RodeoDrivers.

Trevo is a fully-owned subsidiary of Socar Malaysia, while Socar itself is 60% owned by SK Holdings and 40% by Socar Korea


RodeoGO - We can pivot depending on the environment.

almost 2 years ago by Valens

Do you know that Rodeo holds an ability of a chameleon?

In this case, the current pandemic does not stop us for assisting brands to reach out to their targeted audience digitally mobilizing RodeoGO.

From bringing Offline to Online (O2O) digitally by gamifying the advertising world within the comfort of their own home.

As for advertisers, we can provide deep data to justify their investment.

We have successfully on boarded 4,000 players in our platform


Yee-Haw! Rodeo onboarded Honda Boon Siew (Contract worth RM265,254)

almost 2 years ago by Valens

Great news for our new and upcoming Investors, It gives us great pleasure to announce that Rodeo successfully onboarded Honda Boon Siew. Main distributor for Honda motorcycles in Malaysia.

Contract worth RM265,254.

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