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We are an engineering company led by experienced technopreneurs and specialist engineers with over 60 years of collective industry experience.

Our focus is on innovative, emission friendly, cost-effective, high efficiency powertrain technology solutions for industry customers. This includes clever internal combustion engines, EV propulsion and hybrids.

We are currently developing and commercializing a disruptive IC engine design for aviation, marine, generators, heavy transport & automotive. It is compact, efficient, lightweight, low cost, few parts, multi-fuel capable including Hydrogen and fuels from renewable sources.

Our business model is based on sustainable profitability through manufacturing high value, high margin market-ready General Aviation products on contract, to serve overwhelming order book from the General Aviation market, whilst developing Intellectual Property on new products for the non-Aviation market.

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- Legislators Demand 50% Lower Emissions Across All Sectors By 2030

- Cleaner Engines & Green Propulsion (EV, Fuel Cell) Are Costly

- Rapid Transition To EV Will Strain Natural Resources, Supply Chain & Cost Targets


We have a simpler, cheaper, lighter, engine for all applications, that can also run multiple fuels including from renewables.

This solves the problem for greener IC Engines without high costs, for all sectors – automotive, marine & aviation.



A clever, new 2-Stroke Cycle technology invented by a former F1 engine designer for the General Aviation market combining the benefits and efficiencies of commonplace 4-stroke cycle engines and the cost and simplicity of 2-stroke cycle engines whilst eliminating the weaknesses of both.

This results is significantly lighter, cheaper, multi-fuel, lower emissions, reliable engines appreciated by the OEM.  

Further information and illustrations are in the submitted business decks.

  • General Aviation versions have entered the market with overwhelming demand. Aviation Sales Order stands currently at US$10.7M and rising, with registered customer leads equivalent to US$47M worth of potential sales as disclosed in further detail in submitted business decks.

  • Our company is developing new non-Aviation product & market development with the following initial low volume, premium segment, high performance partner-customers with signed MoUs:

    • Bufori Motor Car Company Sdn. Bhd.

    • Palatov Motorsport LLC

  • We have interests from other high profile niche OEMs - Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus and Brabham Automotive for potential applications in high performance road and race vehicles, as well as interest from other undisclosed mass market OEM.

  • We have received other sector interests including Marine and Waste To Energy prospects.

  • We have had positive interest from the management team of Modenas for 2-wheeled applications.

  • Two local universities, UTM and UTHM have agreed to collaborate on the development of this engine, on future low carbon technologies including Hydrogen propulsion and to support local propulsion design engineering capabilities.

  • Mr Pat Symonds, the CTO of Formula 1 was briefed on this technology and expressed encouragement and interest in our progress. It was widely reported in the press that he believed that clean 2-stroke hybrids may be the future powertrain for F1. Ref: Formula 1's plan for green and noisy engines: two-stroke hybrids, running on synthetic fuel

  • We are currently engaging a prominent public listed automotive component manufacturer on joint venture manufacturing plans to address the high demand currently experienced with the General Aviation orders.

  • Manufacturing supply chain assessment and road map study was commissioned to Ricardo PLC, a prominent engineering firm in the UK for the purpose of establishing end to end engine manufacturing and supply chain capabilities for high value, high precision, low volume, high mix type production in Malaysia.

  • We are in the final phase of the MOSTI SRF Grant approval process. Nonetheless the success of our project is not dependent on this approval and serves only to reduce capital cost.

The financial and revenue projections below are conservative as current order traction has exceeded 2022 & 2023 sales projections assumed below.


We are targeting industrial customers that use engines to generate power.

This includes stationary power generators and propulsion for transportation.

We target customers seeking lighter, cheaper engine solutions with better fuel economy and reliability.    

We offer both lower CAPEX and OPEX with our engine solutions and lower emissions through lighter weight and lower friction. The multifuel design philosophy allows for widespread applications.   

For near term, we are targeting niche, high performance vehicle customers first, due to lower market entry barrier. We have relationships in place thanks to past industry relations.

For longer term, we are targeting mass market OEMs in the transport and power sector. This involves higher entry barriers and longer acquisition period but with high value contract sizes.

Business Model

For products, we will contract manufacture through a Joint Venture with a local manufacturing partner. Total Gross Profit Margin estimated to potentially reach up to 60% with stable production. 35% is the estimated GP based on present batch production process.

Similar model with automotive and non-aviation products with variation in GP margin.

Design & Engineering Consultancy revenues for automotive and non-aviation OEM customers.

IP licensing revenues for large non-aviation OEM customers.


Our TAM is the Automotive, Marine & Aviation IC Engine sector which is valued at over US$150B based on market reports on annual engine sales multiplied by estimated average engine cost.

We are currently serving the General Aviation market and will start to serve niche Automotive, followed by Marine.

Beginning with existing market traction from Aviation we project to capture over US$220M in revenues by 2028, with 80% from Aviation and balance from Automotive and others. This represents less than 0.2% total market share.

For aviation, our focus in the General Aviation which remains buoyant and not the Commercial Aviation which has been in a recession. The primary end-customer markets are USA, followed by EU while for non-Aviation it is the global market namely US/EU initially for niche but with Asia being the ultimate goal for mass market.



We have no local competitors while our competitors abroad are typically specialist design engineering firms while new innovative engine concepts are typically from other start-up firms like Achates Power, Aquarius and others, whose market penetration is questionable. 

We have the advantage of being well received in the General Aviation market and meeting the high standards expected for compliance.  The same benefits can be applied for other application sectors.

Investment Offer





















We are targeting to raise RM5m maximum and a minimum of RM2m in this ECF round for a maximum of 20% equity, to produce a new 8 cylinder variant in a 'X'  cyl layout format for our high-performance automotive launch customers. We call this X8 format the 'AZR8'.  

This fundraise shall be used only for activities related to the AZR8 design and build, with 4 distinct work stage checkpoints. RM2m will fund the 1st stage while a total of RM4.5m raised would fund the entire work scope. Regardless, of total ECF raised, if only the minimum target is achieved, the AZR8 would be completed and with supplementary funds, from either MOSTI grant (which is under process) or follow-on funding rounds already planned (see Funding below).

We are presently offering up to 20% Bonus Shares during the current pre-live incentive offer period. Log into and view the Pitch Info section for more details. 


Our Vision is to be the most innovative & advanced group of propulsion technology specialists in Asia.


The company has been self-funded by founders and have also received RM150k from angel investors

Our indicative fundraising roadmap as follows:

  1. Series Seed Funding Round, 6 months after close of ECF. We are currently enrolled in Newchip Accelerator Programme, a US-based remote Start-Up Accelerator and will be coordinating with their Investor Relations team to match us to prospective international investors for the next funding round. Newchip also holds a Warrant to invest up to USD250,000.

  2. Series A Funding Round, 18 months after close of ECF for expansion and technology asset acquisitions.

Since we have a profit generating business model with orders exceeding capacity, we do not foresee funding rounds beyond Series A or B. Internal funding and/or or debt financing will be used for future capital needs.

With our positive net income projection, we envision investor Exit Opportunity likely via Trade Sale in 7 years. We expect a marked jump in Valuation of about US$1B at conservative 15x multiple thanks to engine certification milestone resulting in Serviceable Operating Market expansion by 5-6x.  

IPO is a secondary exit consideration, subject to capital requirements should we decide on aggressive growth plans amidst suitable market conditions.


  1. Azrai Razuan, Malaysian, 45 years old, is CEO/CTO/Co-founder, 20 years in automotive, motorsport & technology. He was formerly the Deputy Commercial Director of A1 Team Malaysia, a member of the commercial team in Lotus Racing & Team Lotus and Head of Production of Bufori Motor Car Company. He was a also the founder of an energy storage start-up commercialising Graphene ultracapacitors.

  2. Khaidi Kamaruddin, Malaysian, 46 years old, is CMO/Co-Founder, 20 years in branding & marketing where he cofounded PROTON’s Motorsport division, R3 and started a branding & communications agency.

  3. Ruhaidi Rashid, Malaysian, 48 years old, is Engineering Director. He is a graduate of University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Aachen, Germany and has over 20 years of experience in Motorsport as structural specialist in F1 organizations such as Sauber F1, Team Lotus, Caterham F1 & BMW Motorsport. He was involved in engine design projects while in Sauber.

  4. Wan Syazwan, Malaysian, 43 years old, is Business Strategy & Operations Director, with 20 years’ experience in corporate Malaysia and was a Senior VP In MARA Corp and Air Asia.

  5. Zurin Yazmin, Malaysian, 45 years old, is Senior Finance Manager and worked in international MNC’s such as Huntsman Corporation, Friesland Campina, Coty Inc where she handled among other responsibilities, accounting and shared service transactions for APAC and EMEA as well financial reporting to management executives.

  6. Syakiq Samdul, Malaysian, 32 years old, is Project Engineer, a graduate of University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Regensburg, Germany. He was previously attached with PROTON as CAE Engineer focusing on chassis engineering and vehicle dynamics. Later worked with an electric bus start-up.

  7. Datuk Fazlur Rahman is our Corporate Advisor,  he is currently the Chief Strategy and Ventures Officer of a major public listed utilities corporation and responsible for their long-term strategy development & implementation, incorporating energy transition trends and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) agenda.

  8. Dr Nik Rumzi Nik Idris is our Research Advisor, he is currently an Associate Professor and the head of the Power Electronics and Drives Research Group (PEDG) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. His research interests include control of AC drive systems and DSP applications in power electronic systems. He provides the collaborative R&D link on electric drivetrain systems with local universities.

  9. Dr Srithar Rajoo is our Research Advisor, is currently the Director of LoCARtic in UTM and is responsible for managing the centre’s strategic efforts to conduct cutting edge research projects and collaborate globally with industry and academic partners. His research activities involves engines, boosting systems and waste heat recovery, all towards driving down carbon from transport and energy sectors. He received his PhD from Imperial College London.


AZR Technologies Chosen For Newchip's Intensive Global Pre-Seed Accelerator Program:

AZR's Technology Reveal A Huge Potential For Global Markets:

An introduction to AZR Technologies and panel discussion on how we intend to manifest the engine of change:

Ini adalah ‘enjin dua lejang moden’ pertama ciptaan anak Malaysia, perlu bantuan dana awam untuk direalisasikan:

The 2-Stroke Engine Of The Future, Made By Malaysians!:

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MYTEK VENTURES SDN BHD (1343240-P) doing business as ‘AZR Technologies’ was incorporated on 23rd September 2019 and actively trading since Oct 2020.

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