The Future of Farming are self-sustaining, independent and fully automated Agrofloats on Water, Wetlands or Land




The Future of Farming are self-sustaining, independent and fully automated Agrofloats on Water, Wetlands or Land


Scarcity of arable land leading to more deforestation, freshwater wars & water price increases limits irrigation, Air CO2 pollution, soil salination (over-fertilization with nitrates), pollution of oceans (fertilizers, pesticides), risk of pest & fungi with up to 30% loss to crops, rare medicinal plant species purity lost (hybridization), a fast-growing population needs to be fed and cared for. 


Development of floating or land-based, enclosed hydroponic Farming Spheres with fully automatic water rain catch, desalination, filtration, irrigation & climate control, to achieve higher quality crops and increased harvest yields

  1. Agrofloats – water of land-based Farming Spheres
  2. Harvests of medicinal plants from own Agrofloat


Working with Farming and Biotech Associations (e.g Malaysia Bioeconomy Corporation), large Farming Corporations as part of their Innovation Pipeline and Carbon Emissions Footprint reduction programs, the WHO, Virtual Expositions, social media, and word-of-mouth

  1. Farming Corporations, Farmers Associations
  2. Companies purchasing medicinal plant harvests
Business Model
  1. We design, develop and build Agrofloats for customers
  2. We out-license the build Agrofloats for customers globally (franchise-type as 2nd phase)
  3. We grow & market to existing & new customers highest quality medicinal plants in our own Agrofloats


Global – countries with an increasing scarcity of arable land, access to water for irrigation and medium-high costs for energy. Countries with increasingly failing crops due to droughts, floods, calamities due to climate changes

  1. Ordinary cultivations of medicinal plants facing huge water, energy, fertiliser cost spikes, and facing a shortage of arable land and climate issues (droughts, floods, storms)
  2. Wild collection – leading to the impurity of species collected, facing a huge spike in costs for labour intense work

RM 400,000 (min) to establish a full scale and fully operational Agrofloat™ prototype on own purchased land for easy access, with 1st full year harvest of minimum 16-20 tons desirable medicinal herb

  1. Long-term Lease and ground-breaking/preparing of 1-2 acre light industrial or agriculture land in MY to erect our 1st AGROFLOAT prototype
  2. Erection of 1 AGROFLOAT prototype – this will become an asset in the company
  3. Costs for permits & certifications
  4. Costs for additional IP Patent development & filing
  5. Costs for lease for the 1st year

  1. Global sales of both Agrofloats and out-licensing of Agrofloat sales across the world
  2. Establishing us as the partner of choice for the highest quality medicinal herbs
  1. Companies with a concern for Mother Nature and our Planet
  2. Private entrepreneurs with a concern for Mother Nature and our Planet
  3. Private investors who want to see a uniquely new Farming platform to be established

Alexander Adolf Lacheta



Agrofloats - a limitless deployability

about 1 year ago by Alexander Lacheta

Our Agrofloat's unique ability to be fully deployed on Oceans, in Wetlands, on dry Land, on Rivers and Lakes has been beautifully visualised in the linked animation. Take a peep....  


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