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RunningMan.my started by Andrew & Joel in 2015, where we are on a mission to strengthen human bonding with good food, excellent services & pleasant experience:

  • From 2016 to 2021, we managed to grow the annual revenue by 21x, with the latest revenue of RM6.3mil in 2021, we are in place to achieve RM22 mil by the end of 2022.

  • We are a team that focuses on a particular segment of the market, creating growth with minimal resources hence turning it into good profit.

  • We served more than 70,000 individual users & 250+ SME & corporate clients in Malaysia.

  • We are now running 2 brands to capture specific markets from the Food Catering & Delivery industry.

  • We are on a target to achieve 2x growth by July 2022 and become a market leader by the end of 2024.


FoodPlanet by RunningMan

As the food delivery trend is booming, there are a few obvious problems that food merchants are facing but little are focusing on solving them:

  1. Delivery orders came in during peak hours, affecting in-store operation, also many merchants are complaining about high delivery volume but little-to-no profit made.

  2. The Food Delivery platforms are actually competing with their own potential clients as the delivery distance is around the neighborhood areas as well.

  3. The iconic food merchants in town have limited expansion options as the food lovers have to travel a relatively long distance just to taste a bite for the legendary food in the place.

RunningMen Catering

The food catering market in Malaysia has been so behind in terms of the way existing traditional caterers conduct services, dull yet boring events and innovative technology advancement. This is a market that could use some innovative solutions and fresh services. Most traditional caterers are obsessed with providing the best affordable package or ensuring good food quality, but they are missing something important for a food event: human connections. RMC is here to tackle the next level of the food catering industry using technology and new ways to get a food catering event done.

The common problems with the corporate clients when looking for caterers are:

  • Lack of Ability for Long Term Fulfillment

  • Lack of Flexibility and Customization

  • Single cuisine ONLY


FoodPlanet by RunningMan

  • A platform that only delivers the BEST iconic food in Malaysia

  • Delivery distance up to 40x further than other Food Delivery platform

  • Highest quality and customized delivery process for each merchant to conserve the food quality.

  • Focused on providing dine-in taste from the delivery process.

RunningMen Catering

  • A corporate caterer brand that integrates resources from multiple central kitchens to provide multiple cuisines, flexible packaging and customized menu for corporate clients.

FoodPlanet by RM


RunningMen Catering

  • Individual user account: 70,000+

  • Corporate client account: 250+

  • Monthly revenue around RM600k

  • 2016: RM313k revenue with RM31k net loss

  • 2021: RM6.3mil with RM90k net profit


FoodPlanet by RM

  • We are targeting food lovers nationwide, with more food quality and service concerned as we are offering better service at higher pricing.

  • The target audience will be mainly ordering food for group dinner, gifts to friends & families in the other states, etc.

RunningMen Catering

  • Individual clients: mid-high end private party/ event organizer with highly presentable setup and decoration food catering service

  • Corporate clients: companies with employee appreciation budget, one-off meeting, monthly subscription mealbox and festive corporate food gifting.

Generally, we are targeting customers that are willing to pay more in exchange for higher service quality over affordable food options.


  • We operate in the Online Food Catering and Delivery service industry.

  • For the SEA market, the Online Food Delivery market is projected at US$2.6b for 2021, projected to grow into US$4.5b by 2025.

  • While Malaysia is projected to expand into US$458mil revenue by 2025 with 12 mil users.

  • The Next for Food Catering & Delivery

  • Market size is big enough to secure our current market focus and grow into higher market share from existing market conditions

  • For FoodPlanet, we are able to secure another niche market which is very different from the current market player focus

  • For RMC, Big Onion Food Caterer as one of the main kitchen partner, we can focus on growing online presence without worrying kitchen operations


Planning to raise a minimum of RM600,005 and a maximum of RM1,000,061, a pre-money valuation of RM24,368,972.

Series Pre-A round, to go for 2x growth before entering Series A


  • NEXEA Angels

  • WTF Accelerator

  • Cradle CIP 500 Recipient


Andrew Chee - CEO

  • 2017 JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award Top 10

  • 7 years of experience in E-commerce, Food Delivery & Logistics

  • Leading a team of 30 young members, experience in training young talents

Joel Tan - CMO

  • Secured multiple Corporate Clients deals worth more than RM 5mil up-to-date

  • Achieved the first million sales mark for the company with less than RM50,000 Marketing Budget

  • Generated up to 20x return on Marketing Spent

Justin Lee - COO

  • 5 years of experience in Operation Management

  • Capable of handling more than RM6 mil sales volume

Robert Cham - CFO

  • 5 years of experience in Corporate Finance & Accounting

  • Managing an annual budget of RM2mil+


Lucas - Co-founder of FoodPlanet

Zac - Head of Sales

Darryl - Head of Marketing


2021 - Oriental Daily 东方日报

2019 - iLifePost

2018 - ECInsider

2017 - ChineseWeekly


2017 - 88razzi

2017 - Ricebowl

2016 - e27.co

2016 - VulcanPost

2016 - DigitalNewsAsia

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  • This issue, offer or invitation for the offering is a proposal not requiring authorisation of the Securities Commission under section 212(8) of the CMSA 2007.
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