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Sunsiri Development is a team with more than 30 years of experience in property development & building industry. Our mission is to change the development skyline by taking a more creative approach to inexpensive homes.

The Blueprint :
Sunsiri is an enthusiastic team with a knack for creative thinking. Constantly innovating new products is our DNA. Primarily, we will be striving towards affordable boutique low-density range of developments in Klang Valley & Greater KL. Right now, our main focus in the coming 5 years will be on small & medium scale developments thanks to their short construction cycle, low risk, and greater demand from the populace. These developments are currently best sellers with high demand such as landed properties & low-density condominium.

Our Creations :
Our ongoing development is Jendela De Meru, located only 5km away from Setia Alam. This 66 units of 3 storeys Freehold landed “Linked-Duplex” come with Gross Development Value of RM25.08 million. “Linked-Duplex” is a newly innovated landed house primarily for the mid-class citizens who are unable to afford terrace houses and refuses to stay in the high-density condominiums. It is cheaper than Terrace House, yet better than Terrace House.

The Future :
We are constantly working on new housing prototype. We foresee building a house can be like building a car. The “Prefabricate Modular System House” may change the real estate horizon and the entire ecosystem. Our vision is to reduce the delivery timeline, producing modular yet flexible design, enhance product quality, reduce pollution, strengthen public safety & disrupt the mortgage system. The “Prefabricate Modular System House” can be a universal solution in the worldwide context. We hope to contribute to the industry and ultimately build a better world.

"People build houses with stone, Sunsiri builds homes with love"


The Team :
Sunsiri team has strong property development & building industry backgrounds.

Chong Tony 
Founder & Director
Architect & Property Developer
Ex-Senior Project Manager & Product Manager.

Ir Phan Yau Kam PJK 
Chartered Civil Engineer
Ex-General Manager, Senior Project Manager, Senior Resident Engineer & Senior Construction Manager.

Loh Yoke Chai
Entrepreneur & Ironmongery Specialist.

Ong Kay Swee
Ex-Property Developer, Project Director & Property Development Manager.

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