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We curate lunch items for office workers based on their individual profiles and previous buying patterns.

It’s a simple, yes, or no give me more choices. All restaurants are selected for a combination of their offering and proximity to the delivery location. By taking pre-delivery orders, up to a week before the day, we typically offer 3 delivery times for the building. Customers can choose the delivery time and we can use a combination of incentives to get distribution across delivery times, thereby maximizing the utilization of each rider. Restaurants like the limited choice model as they are able to prepare in bulk for fixed pick-up times that don't interfere with their normal lunch business.

Our business model allows us to optimize the entire food delivery business, from preparation at the restaurant, through to delivery to the customer. Our offer of selected lunch items for delivery at fixed times allows us to revenue manage each delivery run, much like a low-cost-carrier airline manages each flight for profitability. In a sense we bring the LCC model to food delivery, allowing us to compete with "on-demand" food providers by not charging for delivery. We intend to disrupt the food-delivery business and become the leading food-technology company in SE Asia.

SmartBite is an MSC status company.


Management Team

Gabriele Fadda

Co-founder & CEO

[email protected]

I started SmartBite in late of 2016, after having worked in Malaysia for 3 years with two startups; Kuazoo – a health and wellness platform and Intuity Lab – providing virtual office services.

My first job after graduation was with Frost & Sullivan in Italy, as Growth Diagnostic Executive and I realized that to see real growth I had to come to Asia.

At SmartBite we started working out of an apartment and only when the team grew did, we get our current office space in 2019. I am very proud of my ability to raise the initial RM2+ million funding for the company and put together this team.

I have a Masters in Science in Marketing Management and a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Università Bocconi, Italy.


Gianfranco Monzini

Co-founder & Director, Strategy

[email protected]

I am APAC Executive Sales Director for Baker Hughes, a GE Company. I lived in 5 different countries (Italy, Norway, UK, France, Malaysia) and led outperforming teams from different regions and cultures. My roles have always been about driving demand and revenue. I am a situational leader driven by entrepreneurial mindset – this is best reflected when dealing with big challenges and finding different ways to connect with customers.

Driven by the passion for business and innovation I am a co-founder of SmartBite and have been actively driving the customer engagement, data analytics and growth strategy on a non-executive basis.


Romeo Bellon             

Co-founder & CTO

[email protected]

Prior to joining SmartBite, I was for 4 years IT Lead for Snowdays, one of Europe’s biggest university sports event organized by students for students.1000+ students are involved every year in three days of sport, activities and parties. I lead the team responsible for developing, testing, maintaining and providing support for the website, the online registration platform and the NFC-capable native mobile application.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy.


Max Holvast               

Co-founder & Head, Product & Supply Chain

[email protected]

Prior to joining Smartbite I spent over 2 years with Lazada, where I was Head of Social Media Marketing and Senior Marketing Manager. At SmartBite, I have overall responsibility for the fulfillment as well as signing up restaurant partners.

In 2014-2015, I worked with Gabriele Fadda at Kuazoo Sdn Bhd, as Marketing Manager.

I have a Masters in Science, Marketing Management from Tilburg University, Netherlands.


Johan Arif       

Head, Logistics & Operations

[email protected]

I have over 8 years restaurant experience. Prior to joining SmartBite, I was on the team that set up Galitos, a new restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Before that I worked for 6 years at Nando’s Chickenland, where I held the positions of Restaurant Manager and Area Manager responsible for the overall performance of a group of restaurants.

I have a Bachelors in Science, Restaurant/ Food Services Management from University Teknologi MARA.


Jeremy Leong  

Head, Corporate Sales

[email protected]

I have recently joined SmartBite to develop the corporate sales market. This is a market I am very familiar with having spent the last few years interacting with HR and other personal In Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Prior to joining SmartBite, I was a Sales and Marketing Consultant with Robert Walters, a leading recruitment company. I have also worked at Ipsos-Singapore, a research company and with Milward Brown Malaysia.

I have a Bachelor in Applied Finance and Marketing from the University of South Australia.

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