At Valuing IP, We Build IP Software To Make Your Intangibles, Tangible!




Who are we?
Valuing IP Sdn Bhd (VIP) is an Intellectual Property (IP) valuation software and specialist company located in the Penthouse Office at EkoCheras Office Tower. Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced experts in both IP valuation and IP management. Our members are certified IP valuers and industry leaders in the IP domain, with excellent entrepreneurship skills and proven track records. We are trusted by governments, corporations and professionals both locally and internationally.

Built with the best, our founding team comprises of IP valuers certified by MyIPO (Custodian of IP Law in Malaysia), chartered accountants, IP Professionals, entrepreneurs and market analysts, as well as business development experts. Our areas of expertise cover a wide spectrum of industries including semiconductor, biotechnology, FMCG, education, healthcare, aviation, finance and many more.

Why IP Valuation?

Intangible assets are increasingly important in the current digital economy, especially after the global pandemic. In the heat of economic competition, businesses that are less innovative risk being eliminated. Protecting your IP is crucial in securing your ideas, technology, products and brands domestically and internationally.  Nevertheless, it has been proven by Ocean Tomo, an IP merchant bank, that the share of intangible asset market value has increased from 68% up to 90% within 5 years. It is undeniable that the value of companies is now mostly generated by intangible assets and not by traditional assets having the tangible form. There will be an increasing demand on IP Valuation in near future. At Valuing IP, we discover your company's true value and worth.

At Valuing IP, we redefine your assets for your success.


For the past 11 years, we have been actively advocating the importance of IP to businesses. We are happy that most businesses now recognize that IP is a Necessity, not a Luxury.

Now, we want to bring IP to the next level. To complete the cycle of IP protection, we want to help businesses place a value to their intangible assets - their innovation, branding and digitalization of assets.

 You will agree with me that currently, businesses are moving towards digitalization, branding and innovation to stay ahead of competition. Digitalization, branding and innovations are IPs. They are your intangible assets.

Businesses will be increasingly reliant on IP.
Businesses spend money on branding, digitalization and innovation - IP
Businesses earn money through branding, digitalization and innovation - IP
Businesses capitalize on IP to get funding.

Currently it may be so that SMEs are not able to relate to IP valuation because they are still tangible assets-reliant e.g. real estates, equipment, machineries and vehicle.

If companies still want to stay competitive and relevant, IP is the future - digitalization, branding and innovation are the future.

Years ago, this was only a tiny problem if you do not know the values. Where previously you would rely on pricing, quality, cash flow and relevance of products to stay ahead of your competition—now, we are moving towards the future!

It is all about technology, branding, digitalization and innovation.

This tiny problem becomes a problem that you cannot ignore anymore.

Without knowing the value of your intangible assets, people will question you!


IP Valuation Software can help you :-
✔validate your transactions
✔validate internal decisions
✔validate your litigation claims/compensation
✔facilitate funding and financing

Our goal is to help you identify your value creation activities for future cash flow.

At Valuing IP, we build IP valuation software to redefine your assets

At Valuing IP, we make your Intangibles, Tangibles!

What are our short-term and long-term goals?

Our short-term goal is to create awareness to the public on IP valuation

Our long-term goal is to make IP Valuation accessible, simplified and costs effective to SMEs & Start-ups in Malaysia via technology – Software as a Service (SaaS).


What are the services we offer and what does it solve?

Short Term: do it for you model valuation services

Long Term: do it with you and do it yourself model IP Valuation Services

When our company expands our services globally, our services will not only be limited to IP valuation only, but will also include IP advisory, registration, training, buy-sell portal, as well as business analytics software.

The methodologies used in our valuation process are in compliance with International Accounting Standards, International Valuation Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards and Malaysia IP Valuation Model.

With this, our valuation report is international Compliant, Accurate and Reliable.


Financial Forecast

  1. Financial Institutions

    - Avoid bankruptcy

    - Enhance financing and loans

  2. Insurance Companies
    - IP Litigation Insurance: Defend against all claims and disputes
  3. Big Corporations

    Maximise investment in R&D and innovation via:

    - Mergers & acquisitions - sale of company, technology, trademarks.

    - Decision to invest in technology/project.

    - Visibility of ideas’ worth to shareholders and board of directors.

    - Visibility of value creation to auditors. 

    - Visibility of values to investors.

    - Increase total assets with the inclusion of intangible assets.

  4. Start-ups
    - Calculate IP worth to enhance investor funding
  5. Government Organizations (for policy making and budget planning)

    - IP valuation derives accurate value of projects

    - Maximise investment in R&D and innovation

  6. Tax Auditors
    - To determine tax benefits and valuing IP assets
  7. Accounting Firms
    - Enable accurate reporting in calculating IP worth
  8. Investment Consultants
    - IP valuation helps in asset advisory
  9. Corporate Lawyers
    - IP valuation helps in handling mergers & acquisitions


To facilitate litigations, bankruptcy, insolvency, mergers & acquisitions, sales and purchases, or fund-raising transactions and franchise valuation

Franchise Consultants

  • To determine the accurate value of a franchise


  • As many patents in university organisations aren’t commercialised yet, the total IP value needs to be determined before they can decide what to invest in


  • Evaluate bankrupt companies
  • Financing (for SMEs to use IP as collateral)
Business Model

What is the current business model?

While we are developing our software, we will offer our IP Valuation services via do-it-for you business model.

Will there be a change in the current business model?

Yes. We have begun the process of developing our web-based software. Once the software is ready, we are able to expand our business model to Do- it-with-you model & Do-it-yourself model, and not limit to do it for you.


We are in the legal services industry.

What is the size of the industry?

In the ASEAN region, trademark registration itself is estimated worth more than USD 2Billion industry. Therefore, it is estimated to be an over USD 100Billion industry globally for all intangible assets.

During the Pandemic, IP Filings are growing and not affected as shown in the table below.

In Malaysia, our Trademark filings are on the rise every year.

In 10 years’ time, we estimate to achieve at least RM50mil Revenue & 10% profit before tax RM5mil for the group of companies globally.



The list below describes a list of our USPs compared to what is already out there.

  • Specialist IP valuation company vs. accountants
  • Technology company vs traditional business consultancy
  • Reasonably price vs complicated pricing structure
  • Simple process vs complicated process
  • Time efficient vs time consuming
  • Technology driven vs traditional manual assessment
  • Knowledge in IP vs accountants (general understanding only)

Fundamentally, we are trying to democratise the IP Valuation from start-ups to big corporations to cover the whole market not limited to only listed co & big corporations. We are targeting FB, Tesla, University of Harvard, MIT. We want to bring it to next level.

Price, high- technology

Low-traditional IP Company, margin is lower, works on SME, startups.



We will be a Global Digital IP Powerhouse which is reputable, reliable and profitable. We aim to be a consortium of law firms, IP Firms, Software Company, Valuation firm and Platform technology company related to intellectual property globally.

Our client now at Teeip is Top Glove, Petronas, and University Malaya. Through Valuing IP in the next 10 years, we want to target global markets client like FB, Tesla—and not just Malaysia-based clients.


How are you different from other law / account guys?

As an entrepreneur for 11 years and professional for over 16 years, we know how to strategize our business model, branding & marketing tailor made to the market readiness of each country we target.

One of Mr. Tee’s most notable strength is to turn a Boring subject – Intellectual Property to an interesting, scalable, global and profitable group of companies.

Why are you not using Tee IP?

Valuing IP- technology based company – fresh

-TEEIP’s branding positioning is a traditional IP Registration company

-need to use new entity to reach out to target clients

-makes no different with other competitors, and VIP is a fresh and modern company compared to many other traditional IP companies




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