Comprehensive Dealership Digitalization SAAS Platform



We empower dealerships with a mobile app channel (private label) to create an incredible, frictionless CX in test drive, sales and service (valet, fixed location or mobile service). Our SAAS platform is used by some of the world's largest dealership groups. 


Whip Mobility Sdn Bhd (“WHIP”) is a B2B SAAS platform for automotive dealerships. We provide a complete digital e-commerce ecosystem satisfying the needs of dealerships’ customers and employees. Customers receive an easy-to-use mobile app storefront (iOS / Android private label), while dealership employees use WHIP apps and dashboard to seamlessly manage incoming customer leads, new car sales, after-sales service and all customer communication.

The WHIP ecosystem empowers automotive dealerships to:

  1. Digitally Connect to Their Customers
    Customers, which typically number between 15,000 to 50,000 per dealership, are rapidly migrated into the dealership’s own private-label WHIP ‘dealership-app’. Friction is dramatically reduced in comparison to the current out-moded experience, which typically relies on phone calls and physical visits to the dealership.
  2. Streamline Communication & Improve Customer Service
    Incoming service appointment requests are handled within the app, eliminating most in-bound phone and email traffic. In addition to saved labor costs, customers enjoy a better and easier experience, including in-app reminders, progress updates, in-app payment, and data/document storage.
  3. Get More Leads
    Dealerships capture more high quality customer leads as users explore the dealership’s digital store in the App Store & Google Play, or get introduced to the dealer’s app by referral.
  4. Be More Productive
    Internal dealership staff are empowered by WHIP’s sales and service app and its powerful CX, saving time and reducing customer response times.
  5. Provide Cutting-Edge, Consumer-Focused Experiences
    WHIP empowers dealerships to provide new, unique customer-focused experiences such as at home test drive, valet or mobile service.
  6. Give Drivers Their Car’s Data
    WHIP provides VIN-specific OEM car data to the end-user representing an incredible opportunity for dealerships own and manage the customer’s digital journey.

Launched first in 1Q 2020 with Sime Darby Motors’ Auto Bavaria BMW dealership group, WHIP has quickly expanded across Southeast Asia and now into the United States. WHIP’s existing dealership clients collectively represent 11 OEM brands such as BMW, Mercedes, GMC, Hyundai, and Honda. WHIP’s average customer value (“ACV”) is US$49,000 (RM 205,000) per client per year. It has achieved a remarkable zero churn rate - no dealers have left the platform! WHIP can now scale incredibly rapidly by providing its digital ecosystem to the +120,000 new car dealerships selling approximately 65m vehicles per annum.

WHIP’s founders are Dennis Melka (CEO) and Kaneswaran Avili (Chief Product Officer), who possess a proven track record. Together they co-founded TuneTalk.Com and Tune Protect, building both entities from scratch. Tune Protect was successfully listed on Bursa in 2014; TuneTalk remains private and is a key player in the Malaysian mobile telecom landscape.


There are two enormous interconnected pain-points:

  1. Dealerships do not have private label, mobile-first tools to own and manage the customer’s digital journey.This is a consequence of the legacy operating systems that dealerships use internally to communicate with the OEMs, which are called dealer management systems (“DMS”). These DMS’s are legacy systems from dozens of providers with numerous technological constraints that have delayed mobile-first e-commerce experiences. Very simply, a brilliant mobile customer experience must be fully integrated with the dealers’ respective DMS or it is of no use or practicality to the dealership. And just like dealers need to have their own branded websites, they also need a private-label solution in the app store; however, dealerships mission is to sell and service cars, not to build complex apps.

    The world’s leader in DMS systems, CDK Global, recently created an open API ecosystem called Fortellis.io, making all of the dealership’s DMS data open to third-party ecosystems and creating the world’s first “dealership software/app-exchange”. This represents an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for WHIP to serve +15,000 dealerships with a single one-time integration. WHIP is now integrating with Fortellis and our first Fortellis client goes live in 1Q 2022!
  2. Customers Cannot Access Their Own Car Data

    A customer can spend US$45,000 for a car but cannot spend US$100 to get their own car’s data. This absurd situation arises from the requirement to obtain user consent and the lack of a customer-friendly platform to manage and experience this data. WHIP’s platform overcomes both obstacles. It’s quick and easy for the customer to provide consent within the app, and then the dealership’s app becomes the portal for the car data experience.

    With car data, the dealership is able to more effectively serve its end-user. For instance, drivers understand when and why their car needs service, and the dealership can proactively reach out to the customer at the right time. Not only that, the dealership can create and offer a myriad of useful new products at zero marginal cost, such as digital car certificates. 

Our solution allows dealerships to market the app under their respective brand names and direct their marketing towards a clear call-to-action (CTA): “Download our branded app to access all our products and services!”

The dealership’s internal new car sales team also has a WHIP-branded sales app to immediately process app-driven sales leads. The service team is provided a WHIP-branded service app, and can instantly communicate with the customer with video and photos as service work is performed.


2021 data is proof of incredible end-user traction. The data conclusively demonstrates the high value that WHIP provides to dealerships:

  • Lead Generation for New Cars: Approximately 50% of app downloads are from end-users who DO NOT have a vehicle with the dealer. This proves that consumers will download the dealership app as they explore where to buy their car. This is an invaluable lead source and market advantage to the dealership using WHIP.
  • Primary Communication Channel: Within a few months of launch, the dealership app secures +50% of incoming service bookings. This proves that end-users prefer to use an app rather than call or email for an appointment. This datapoint also proves the stickiness of our solution - once customers begin using the app, dealerships will not want to remove this popular channel from their end-users.

Below is a data set from a luxury new car franchise dealership using WHIP:


WHIP currently has seven clients across Southeast Asia and the United States and we have spent 2021 fine-tuning and perfecting our product. Sime Darby recently profiled our technology platform on page 178 of their Annual Report. The above-mentioned Fortellis integration will bring explosive growth after it is completed in 1Q 2022, as it gives WHIP access to the world’s largest DMS ecosystem globally.

Business Model

We are prepaid (three or six month advance) business subscription with the following additional powerful attributes:


We seek to connect every driver in the world with their car data. This vision is accomplished by empowering automotive dealerships with a customer centric mobile ecosystem that connects the individual driver and their car to the dealership. WHIP expects to launch its car data product in 2022.


There are more than 120,000 automotive dealerships globally. Our immediate path to scale is driven by the embedded DMS systems within these dealerships with which WHIP must integrate.

CDK Global is the world’s single largest DMS system with a 12.5% market share; CDK Global recently created an open API ecosystem called Fortellis.io making all of their dealership’s DMS data open to third party ecosystems and creating the world’s first “dealership software/app-exchange”.  This represents an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for WHIP to serve +15,000 dealerships with a single one-time integration. WHIP is now integrating with Fortellis and will be live with the first client in 1Q. Fortellis is the ideal channel partner for WHIP as they will promote the product (eliminating any requirement for a large scale sales team). Fortellis benefits by charging the dealerships a minor data usage fee on top of their existing CDK subscription and further providing “stickiness” to their DMS system – a genuine win-win for CDK Fortellis and WHIP.


There is currently no similar digital ecosystem offered in the automotive market. Our product has been designed specifically with automotive dealerships, their staff, and their customers in mind. This makes it a unique product targeting a very robust market sector. Competitors exist in certain sub-elements of our product. For example, there are SaaS players who provide “service apps” to shop floor technicians, allowing them to send photos and invoices to customers through email or SMS (players include CITNOW and TruVideo, amongst others).  There are competitors in the sales management app such as CARDTAPP, but this is a nonintegrated standalone product with no app customer interface. 

Potential New Entrants

As with any other attractive and scalable product in any market, we anticipate new entrants that will create competition in the market. However, we have a substantial headstart, as there is substantial lead-time required to design and execute the programming and coding of the software. Just as importantly, once they have developed a demo-ready product, there is still significant time required to sell and market to dealerships. By securing the Fortellis channel in 1Q, WHIP possesses a significant first-mover advantage globally as it has penetrated the #1 DMS exchange globally. Dealerships who adopt WHIP will face significant switching costs which make them unlikely to try competitor products. End-customers will have become acquainted with the WHIP app, and dealership staff will have learned to rely on WHIP for sales and service. 

Potential Risks & Challenges

Demand for coding talent is extremely high in Southeast Asia. Our coding staff are regularly approached by recruiters and other technology companies with competing jobs offers. Our corporate culture and innovate product has ensured that we have not lost any key individuals. After our Fortellis integration is completed in 1Q 2022, our risk of any individual departure is significantly mitigated and we have clear succession plans in place for every key role.


Our founders have an extensive record of successful collaboration:


WHIP has a highly talented team of 34 people spanning technology, product and customer success. We leverage best-of-breed SAAS platforms in out tech stack including: ProductBoard, ZenDesk, Miro, Click-Up, amongst many others.

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WHIP Advances to GAMIC FINALS in Detroit

7 months ago by Dennis Melka

WHIP has been selected as a finalist in the final round of the GAMIC competition beating out hundreds of companies. WHIP will present to GAMIC judges on 4th April 2022.



WHIP to Exhibit at 2022 North American Dealer Association (NADA)

8 months ago by Dennis Melka

WHIP will be exhibiting at the premier global automotive dealership event, NADA 2022 on 11th - 13th March. Please visit us at Booth 1813W as we launch our USA product to over 16,000 dealerships.


GAMIC Challenge USA Selects WHIP as Semi-Finalist

8 months ago by Dennis Melka

WHIP makes it to the semi-finals of the GAMIC Challenge on 24th February. Interested Parties can register here to attend via zoom.

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